Friday, July 1, 2011

Remember what *Matters Most*

I am finally getting some time to sit and blog, although I am not in peace one bit.  I guess some neighbors decided to let their dysfunctional misfits of children begin their Independence Day partying a little early.  There is literally a gang of about four to five 8-10 year olds outside blowing firecrackers unattended by adults.  I want to go out there and yell at them, but I am largely out-numbered and I am too busy with a flow of thoughts for this post to be bothered with putting on my surrogate mother cape and doing some super hero parenting from my balcony.  Ahh well... that's the way it goes sometimes!
I have been so busy lately-- in and out of town, visiting with family, holiday weekends (like this one!) and, of course, working on projects and projects and projects!!!  I can't even wait to show what I made yesterday, but I will have to because it is a surprise for a friend's daughter whose birthday party is tomorrow!  I hope she likes it.

I was just thinking that some time ago, when I first started to blog, I would blog about whatever I wanted to.  Then, I asked people to critique my blog.  You know, tell me what they liked and hated about it.  The most common response was:  "Well, it's definitely very you".  Whatever that means.  And then there were a few people who mentioned that they just didn't know what it was "about".  I should have thought about WHO was giving that critique.  They are the sort of logical, tight-wadded, no-fun-havers that I cling to as friends so that I don't completely float away into a word of total imagination and child-like bliss filled with art, dreams, and possibilities.  Ha!  In my opinion, who wouldn't want to live there?!  Just sayin!  But I do hold tight to my "Reality Check Police".

So I took this information as "Fact", and I made it "Important" to me.  I needed to decide what this blog should be "about".  That's when I started to predominantly blog about crochet.  That's what I have the most time for because I can take it any and everywhere...and believe me, that is what I do.  But then, people who really know me started saying how "boring" I've become.  Really, I'm the same crazy, free-spirited, wild woman, with 30 trains of thought tangled into my artsy fartsy brain.... I just chose not to blog unless I was working on something or was finishing something. 

That's Bullshit.

Yes, I love art.  Yes, I love to blog.  Yes, I love to share.  But I am tired and bored with only sharing that part of me. Crochet is fantastic.  I am not a great one-track minded blogger.  I can't even think of enough reasons to bother blogging about one topic alone.  And I am not a Happy Holy Homemaker type either.  This girl right here has Pizazz!  Spirit!  Funk & Spunk! I care about and love so many different things with equal passion!  So....  I am announcing it formally now that, from this day forward, I am going to blog about WHAT MATTERS MOST ... to me, that is!

1-  ART!  In case you missed that part.  I love art.  I remember being my Little Darling's age, just 4 years old, and spending hours and hours drawing stick figures.  I have no idea what the hell I was really drawing, but in my mind today, I have these vague memories of some seriously amazeballs artwork!  And I realize that's unlikely for me as a 4 yr old, but whatever.  I used to only know how to express myself via art.  I had a rough childhood and I felt abandoned a lot.  I remember my 4th grade teacher was someone I felt really cared about me, but she betrayed me by showing favoritism to some kid over me one day.  I don't know if I even had a real reason to be angry with her, but I drew her as a nasty witch with nappy hair, a warted face, boogers coming out of her big, long, bumpy nose and rotten teeth.  I posted it on the bulletin board in rebellion.  And as I grew older, I drew and drew and drew...into what evolved eventually as a degree in art...that I use for.... oh, yea.  I don't!  Nevermind that!  The point is--Art is my Heart.

2-- FOOD.  Man, do I love to eat.  I have always enjoyed trying new foods, but with this economy, having a family and all, I find that it is too much to try and find new restaurants or travel to new countries for the sole purpose of sampling their native cuisine.  Rather, these days, I cook!  I loooooove to cook!  I love making menus that are fancy and elaborate.  Sometimes I am pulling a recipe out of my ass that I know will taste great from my experience with flavors and prior recipes.  Other times, I am in my tiny kitchen like a mad scientist, with 3-4 cookbooks open and lots of gadgets and whatnot.  Sometimes, a meal turns out to be a catastrophic FAIL, but usually, I'm pretty right on the money when it comes to a good meal!  I am also really good at sorting out how to make my favorite restaurant meals at home.  I want to share some of these "Home Remedies for the Hungry" with you all.
Like this awesome cake that I almost ate alone in its entirety...because, even though I am skinny-fat, I CAN EAT!

3-- MUSIC.  I love music.  I have listened and enjoyed every genre there is out there in the world.  I was all over Euro-pop & techno growing up because I was raised in Germany.  I love hip hop, r&b, and rap because.... these days it influences every sort of music there is out there right now.  I love country, more the newer artists, but I also love Johnny Cash.  I love everything!  I mostly listen to electronic music and Indie-sounds, when I am working on a project...which is like almost all the time!  Basically, if I can sing to it, bob my head to it, dance to it, cry to it, and work on some art to it:  It's In my i-pod!

4-- MOVIES/BOOKS:  I know these aren't the same thing, but honestly, with the total lack of originality that is happening in the film world these days, can you tell me what movie wasn't derived from a book?  Either that or a documentary...which, at some point, the way anyone can come out with a cheap-shot, horribly written biography about absolutely nothing and how they became famous for all the nothing...even the documentary is probably based on that auto-biography.  Just sayin...  I try to be pretty critical of movies and who I love as actors...but sometimes, dammit, I just wanna be entertained!

5 -- IDEA SHARING!  I am always searching the Google-net for inetresting photos.  I am on the look for ideas, projects, patterns, cool people....  I want to start sharing some of these awesome findings.  And let me tell you, I'm all over it!!!  I am checking out sites in Europe, China, Japan, in stores all over the world, Flickr, Tumblr, Etsy.... If there is a place on the web, a little corner in which someone has chosen to share a photo of some inspiring ideas--- I'm on it!  Don't worry, I'm not boosting ideas, and I will always give credits.  I just like the idea of sharing what the magical world of arts and crafts really has to offer us all!   I look at it this way:  Art is Everything.  No, really.  Someone designed your apartment that you live in, or your house, whatever.  Someone designed and created all your furnishings, your clothing.  Some engineer probably made your make up and all the fancy mechanical gizmos that you have in your life, but I know for a fact that is was an ARTIST who put a colorful, sleek, or sexy spin on that device to make you want to buy it.  When I think of those who hate art and/or "don't get it", I wonder why they aren't wearing burlap potato sacks, living in the ruins of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.  In reality, it's those haters that are always rockin' the newest gear... they are closet art lovers!

WHOA!!!!  this is longer than I planned.  What can I say?  I am passionate about life!  And I can't wait to share some bits and nibbles of my favorite things that *Matter Most*

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