Friday, July 15, 2011


Hey, hey!  I guess I should have made this post yesterday, or something.  If you have read any two posts of mine in a row, you should know by now that I just do what I want each day-- no real plan, no real commitments other than being a good person and doing right by my family & community.  With that said, sometimes I make a post when I should...and other times, like yesterday, I watch Heroes.
Ooooh, which makes me think of an Amazeballs post to make one day!  I am obsessed with super heroes and vampires and things like that.  I know, I know.... how could just a cool/savvy woman who is capable of making such cute creations just be a *GEEK* in reality?  Ha!  I fooled you!

But more on that later...

For now, I am all about this mega granny group that I joined.  I can't remember what the group's real name is.  In all reality, I have so many different projects at any given time, I usually forget that I joined something or that I am working on something specific.

While losing brain cells on watching prime time television on DVD, I sat and spent the day working on this.  I am not a zombie, by any means.  I totally took breaks in between to play with my Little Darling and to eat.

This is my "sidewalk" view.  I can't tell which I like better, but I guess both shots of the blanket are valuable. 

Here is my plan for the pattern.  I wanted it to be for a baby.  So I think the colors should be light & bright.  However, at some point in the future, I do want to experiment with darker colors for baby items as well. 

I am really on a mission to change the look of baby items.  I am tired of the pinks for girls and blues for boys.  It's such a boring way to think about things.  And really, it's such an "American" way to think about things, being all locked away in gender-specific stereotypes and all.   But I am also tired of all the "baby colors".... the "baby" blue and the "soft" greens, and the "baby precious" pinks.  Babies are just mini people. Would you want to be washed out in pastels all the time?  Uhm-- NOOOOO!!!  "Big People" usually like to live wild and live in vivid, living color.  Free to wear whatever suits them.  There is no "Grown Man" navy or "Adult working woman" brown....  so why not grant the same colortastic liberties to babies?

I am on a mission to liven it up.  Change up the norm.  Every time someone sees a project that I am working on, someone sooner or later always mentions, "Hmm.  I would have never thought of those colors for a baby" or "I would have never come up with such a color combination". 

While I would love to, I can't say that I take all the credit for this.  It's just inspiration that I reinterpret into what I think works and fits.  I read sooooo many craft blogs (Holla @ Google Translate!!!) and I am always on etsy and always on flickr just to see what the possibilities are.  And although I usually can't figure out how to do the vast majority of what I see out there myself, all these creations that people pull out of their amazing imaginations, I can still use this...even if in the end it's just a reminder that:
there are no limits when it comes to creativity, only the ones we place on ourselves.

So thanks, all my fellow crafters worldwide.  Thanks for being an inspiration :)

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  1. Hiya!!! Your's awesome too!! Love the colours! There's such a variety in the challenge!