Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oooh La La -- TA DAH!

HELLLLOOOOO!!!!  I guess I don't have to tell you that I am totally a few days late in my post.  All sorts of crazy-town things have been happening.First, a few days ago, I lost internet connection.  I have no idea how or why...and I also have no clue how The Hubs got it back together.  All in all, I am happy to be back online and connected to the world out there.

Also, over the weekend, I found out that my dryer broke because the outlet it was plugged into basically scorched itself.  When they brought the new dryer, I was told that I was lucky the whole building didn't burn down.  And then the guy pulled out the cord.... It was basically melted.  So I had to wait until the other day to get that sorted and now, I can do laundry!!!  So excited!  I have been hauling wet clothes to the nearest laundromat for weeks!  Oh, and yeaaa... My arms are getting some definition!

Then, over the weekend, somehow, my air conditioner was cut down to the lowest, which broke it.... Considering that we have been experiencing heat indexes up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, a broken AC is soooo not what I needed.  They fixed it promptly, but the water spilled into the hall and the carpet basically smells like funky, mustard, onion mothballs.  GROSS!  I am working on getting the smell out.

Now, I just have to worry about the boil-water advisory that we were placed under due to a main water line that spontaneously burst.  We were lucky that our water was never cut off.  And we were lucky that we weren't affected by the floods, but it was pretty terrible.  Now, I am just trying to find things to eat/drink that don't have me boiling water so I don't run the risk of turning into a cyclops overnight due to drinking infected water.  More importantly, I am praying for those who got the worst of the main water line breakage and for those who didn't know about the boil-water advisory and drank the water, like my younger sister.

So....... Now, I am out of the crazy-town moment, and I am back in the Land of the Carefree & Happy, here to bring you some photos of the latest completed project.

I have to warn you-- these are not the best pictures.  The best light that I could find to really show the colors was outside.  You lose so much without natural light.  Colors start to fade and turn into different colors.

I chose the picot edging.  I just learned how to do it, and you know how it goes when you learn how to do something for the first time.... you just can't help but to do it again and again and again... You know, just to get better at it, to see how many different ways you can do it.  

But for serious--- I am loving the picot edging.  It's so cute and frilly.  Perfect for little girls items.  So get prepared to see lots more of this....and to see some things that work and some things that really don't work, as I try out as many options as possible with the picot edging.

I will admit.... I am sort of in love with this blanket.  I want to keep it forever and ever, but I have to stick with the plan that I created for this little delight that I made.  It's a part of my super-secret surprise.  I have about.... 5-6 more projects to finish and then I will tell what the surprise is and I will show it as well.

I took the pictures outside between the sidewalk and some grassy areas on a bedsheet in front of my apartment.  48 squares.  All different.  All cute.  All working together happily framed by this pink & green.

I'm excited to hear what anyone thinks about this.  I love it.  I hope others do too!

Tomorrow, another finished projects and/or an update on my Mega Giant Granny Square group thing that I am participating in!

Have a blessed day :)


  1. I love it, too :) Without seeing this pictures, I wouldn't have thought that a pink-framed square blanket would work, but it does!! Very, very good job!

  2. Wow this is absolutely beautiful, love the pinkiness of it :)
    Karen x

  3. Beautiful! just love it. :)

  4. Hi Bri- awesome blog! I love this blanket! Can't wait to see what else you're working on!

    Thanks, too, for stopping by my blog and following. :)

  5. Thanks for the sweet comments. I am new to getting comments, so it is taking me a second to figure out some sort of easy way to respond to everyone.... I'll get it sorted though! Thanks again. I am currently doing a Happy Dance around my apartment, laptop in hand :)