Saturday, July 30, 2011


I am really hoping this "Mission" is possible, at least!  Some time ago, I am guessing a few weeks at this point, I started this:

Then, I got into some other things....and then my "Creative Block" happened...and then I looked at my calendar, and BLAM!  I just have a week to finish this gift!!!  This blanket is just a small portion of what I have planned in total!  And to make things a little more complicated.... I also have to conjure up some birthday gifts for my twin brother & sister's birthday coming up this next weekend too!!!  CRAZY!

Now, I have this:
My apologies on the terrible picture quality! 

This is meant to be a smaller blanket accompanied by a cardigan, hat, booties, a larger blanket, and a little amigurumi something or another.  UHHHHM... yeap.  But now?  I have No Idea!  (wiggles with discomfort)  I am looking at this, and thinking that I might go bald and lose a wrist in this endeavor.  But you know what?  I can't show up with a hand made gift and it not be adequate.  If I am going to make something, I have to bring on the WOW-factor, especially because I won't know anyone there.....  Oh goodness!  Why the hell am I even making a post??  Gah!  I should have my hook in hand, working even now!

I don't know how Agent Ethan does it without sweating bullets.....

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This post will self-destruct.


  1. Your blanket is beautiful! Just get on and wrap it! They'll be thrilled with it. xxxx

  2. the blanket will be perfect! I love he colors.