Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sneak Peak of the Week

I am sure this is crazy to make a "Sneak Peak"....on a Thursday night, less than an hour away from being Friday.  It makes much more sense for me to do this Sundays/Mondays like I planned.  But nooooooo, my internet has this thing where it keeps cutting in and out whenever it wants, leaving me with a load of ideas to post, but no means of doing such!
So anyway, I have some things that I have started to work on.  After the depressing, whiny post I made the other day, I decided to pull my shit together and DO SOMETHING!  I often come to the realization that, when you are not motivated and don't know what to do, it is best to do something.... anything!  It's the sitting around waiting for something big to slap you in the face that eats away at you and your motivation.  So, I picked up this huge granny that I have been working on for the past two weeks, off and on.

Yea, buddy!  This sucker is getting huge!!!  I am excited about it.  I have never even thought to make a single granny this large before.  It's a little awkward, trying to hold all that blankie in my lap and I continue the rounds.  I always make smaller squares/motifs and then put them together.
I love the way this came along so fast and simple.  I needed an "easy win", considering my little creativity slump.  But, I am BACK and I am happy with what I have done :)  This Mega Granny is about 41 inches so far, bigger than my Little Darling!!!  I am almost done.  I have about 3-5 more rounds, plus something I dreamed up for a border.  And you know how it goes when I start dreaming about things......  I make them happen!
With all this success, I just had to add something else to the mix... a new project.  You ever have that happen to you???  You're working on something and then suddenly inspiration hits...and you start asking, "Well, if this worked out so well, what about....?"  And then your brain starts ticking and you start itching because you just gotta get it out of your system, this new project???  Know what I mean!? 

Well, that's what happened here.  This chemical/creative chain reaction of sorts.

Meet Big Boy Granny...and say Hello to his sister...

Big Girl Granny

 Ok, I get it. I need to put some effort into coming up with better names for these projects.  What can I say?  I'm a no bullshit kinda girl.  I call it like I see it.  This is a big granny for a girl...Big Girl Granny, right???  No?   Ok, fine.  I'll work on the name thing, LOL.  Maybe another chain reaction will come out of the "Name Game".

So there ya have it.  My next Mega Granny!!!!  The same thing in precious girly colors.  When the sun comes up and I get some more rounds on this cutie, I will make another post to update!

And just when you thought your mind couldn't process anymore-- I have another sneak peak coming up later this weekend..pending internet connection!  I need to work on it some more over the next few days.  Although I am excited about it, if I made a post with just a few rounds on it, I am sure everyone would be scratching their heads thinking, "This girl has either lost it .... or her ego is so big, she thinks she can show us 3 rounds of some random project and we are impressed with it!" until then!!!

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