Friday, July 8, 2011

Oooh La La -- TA DAH!

I am happy to be on such a roll with finishing things that I start.  I wanna do a Happy Dance and yell, "Waahooooo-hhhhuuuuhhh Yeaaaaauuuuhhh!"  I will have to hold on that because it is nap time for my Little Darling.
I am all about Rainbows right now.  I think they are really sweet and make everyone feel happy.  I don't think that rainbows are just for little girls.  I am all about a color-revival for little boys.  Why not?  Seriously, all the black, white, brown, green, grey, and blues gets to be a little BORING!!!  There's no life to something that looks like a jungle...or a storm gray evening...  They will enjoy all the brightness too!  Rainbows get everyone excited!!!

As usual, the camera doesn't do it anywhere near enough justice.  There are.... I think 12 colors on this blankie. It is about.... nearly 40 inches from point to point and about 101cm.  Pretty large for just one hexagon!

I am still undecided about the edging.... I keep thinking about these popcorn stitches... I don't know if I like them very much.  Also, I made some small mistakes in the rows with the popcorns (hmmm, that sounds fantastic right about now for lunch!!!)  I can't tell you where the mistakes are....but just know they exist and it is making me question whether I should figure out how to fix them (and they are easily fixable!) or whether I should just take the whole 3-4 rows off and just go with a stripe instead...
I may change my mind and just make it a solid blue stripe!

**Sigh! I just wish I knew something more interesting for finishing off blankies for Little Boys..... Hmmm.... I guess that means you can stay tuned for an "Ideas/ Inspirations" post. I'm gonna crack the code on what edgings work well with Cute Little Boy Blankies!

What do you think???  Popcorn edging?  Solid blue stripe edging???

Until then...... Have a great Friday!  Tomorrow, another TA-DAH moment will be shared and then yet another on Sunday!  I'm on a rolllllll :)


  1. I love the popcorn rows. They add such a fun element to the huge hex. Rainbows are so much fun- the blanket looks fabulous!

  2. Hi Bri,

    thank you so much for your nice comment on my post about my grandma's crochet - I'd really love to see pictures of your mom's work! In these days, when people from all over the world can connect, it would really be a pity when the old stuff would be forgotten!

    Hey, some thoughts about your blanket: It looks great and I really like the popcorn edging! I'm always looking for the "perfect" edging, too. I like it simple, but not boring. Something that looks nice but doesn't draw the attention away from the blanket itself. For my last baby blanket I've tried the Bobble-shell Edging I've seen on Attic24, here's the link:

    I'm quite happy with it and might use it for the next blanket as well.

  3. I just love your hexagon blanket, it puts mine to shame! such lovely vibrant colours. I think that the edging is just fine the way it is :)