Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh Baby!


It has been more than a month since my last blog post. I was really on a roll with things, but then I got stuck. The problem is that my laptop battery is dead. I am too lazy to plug it in and then wait for everything to start up. I can check my facebook, skype, and email all on my phone. I can send longer emails and web search while I am at work. I just recently realized a way that I can blog from work, since I have no way of getting pictures from my laptop to my work computer. I just have to email images to myself. I am hoping this is a solution to what has become a serious block in my updating this blog. We shall see!

The art show? Well, I try to always see the good in the bad. I didn't get a call for the show until a few days before. At that point, I agreed to pick up an extra shift at work since I didn't know if the show would even be taking place. I made $100 for sure during my shift, but I missed out on a chance to experience an art show.

I worked on a lot of things, but then I lost sight of the purpose as the weeks went by and I didn't get a call.

I realize now that I have to work towards some serious short term goals. Creating for the hell of it does nothing for me. I have to have a specific, nearby reason that I am creating crafts. The idea that one day I will be in a show or sell things online when I get enough inventory piled up isn't cutting it for me.

This realization came to me this week as I finished several projects! I am proud of myself! I even took my creepy craft room from this...

To this...

I have space to sew and a place for all my artsy how-to books.

I have space to store my huge bags of yarn and my easel.

This canvas will soon be painted with some vegetables and fruit for my dining room. I have this entire theme of aubergine colored purple and a green. This painting will be complimented by a table cloth and matching seat cushions! That's the plan at least. Until then, I am happy to finally have a SPACE to paint!

A few weeks ago, I was inspired to create something for a friend of our little family. They have been watching my daughter overnight for free while I work. I would never ask that someone provide a service without compensation, but let me just say that a reasonable amount of our income was going into childcare. One of the biggest portions we were paying was for a place our daughter could sleep. Yes, a spot for our kid to be unconscious for a night was putting some serious damage on our pockets.

This family, with their new baby girl, was really good to us for the past month. I wanted to repay them with some hand-crafted gratitude!

I started and finished this afghan about three weeks ago. I thought I was finished, but when I laid it out, I realized that I needed to add another row. I was totally bummed by coming so close to being finished with something (for the first time in a long time) that I have taken all this time to finish the final row.

I am making a point to finish the last damn row TONIGHT! No more procrastinating! This couple has just agreed to keep an eye on our daughter 3-4 times per week for basically the price of a value meal! I am definitely finishing the baby basket for them. This blanket will be part of a little ensemble of items: a smaller blanket for the carrier, a sweater/cardigan, a set of mary jane slippers, and a hat. As of now, I just have ... what you see!

This is my first afghan made out of hexagons. It's also my first *anything* made out of African flowers. I love making African flowers. They are so cute! I will be posting some crochet tutorials in the next 3 weeks or so. I have to decide how I want to do them (video/words/photos) and then...of course... DO THEM!

That baby blanket led me on a rampage. Apparently there is something that is going around in the water. Several friends of mine are pregnant and/or about to pop! I love babies. I also realized that my favorite source of motivation is creating for babies and children. You can be a colorful and creative... and maybe even get a little kitschy and crazy if you like, but it won't matter! Kids look adorable in everything!

Someone mentioned they thought that I was being a little "tacky" with all the colors for this blanket... Well, look at it now that it's all come together!

I started this project about 2 weeks ago for a friend whose baby shower is coming up soon.

This is the larger blanket. Again, this is part of a baby basket. I am really enjoying expanding my horizons and seeing what I can come up with as gifts...

I don't have much time left. This week, my priority is to finish the embroidery for the onesies, sew the bib, and finish the cardigan, hat, and slippers. Sounds like a lot, right? WRONG! When you create for a little person, everything goes really quickly!

It just took me one day to make this cute's too large to be used as a carrier blankie, but I think it's too small to be considered an afghan. Either way, it's for a precious baby boy that will be born this summer.

Not bad for a day's work!

I guess this week will be quite interesting. I have a small checklist of items to knock out!

Baby shower gifts:
*Embroidered onesies
*Small carrier blanket

Babysitter gifts

Baby boy gifts
*Jacket (cardigan, but that word seems a little feminine!)
*Sippers (booties, for boys, I guess!)

I am also working on some sewing projects for my daughter. The first to sections are the most important to finish this week by Friday. After that, I am focusing on everything else as well as seriously hunting down some inspiration! I am doing a little experiment with African Flowers... I want to see just how creative I can get with them! That will all be revealed some time at the end of next week!