Saturday, July 30, 2011


I am really hoping this "Mission" is possible, at least!  Some time ago, I am guessing a few weeks at this point, I started this:

Then, I got into some other things....and then my "Creative Block" happened...and then I looked at my calendar, and BLAM!  I just have a week to finish this gift!!!  This blanket is just a small portion of what I have planned in total!  And to make things a little more complicated.... I also have to conjure up some birthday gifts for my twin brother & sister's birthday coming up this next weekend too!!!  CRAZY!

Now, I have this:
My apologies on the terrible picture quality! 

This is meant to be a smaller blanket accompanied by a cardigan, hat, booties, a larger blanket, and a little amigurumi something or another.  UHHHHM... yeap.  But now?  I have No Idea!  (wiggles with discomfort)  I am looking at this, and thinking that I might go bald and lose a wrist in this endeavor.  But you know what?  I can't show up with a hand made gift and it not be adequate.  If I am going to make something, I have to bring on the WOW-factor, especially because I won't know anyone there.....  Oh goodness!  Why the hell am I even making a post??  Gah!  I should have my hook in hand, working even now!

I don't know how Agent Ethan does it without sweating bullets.....

Photo from: Here

This post will self-destruct.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sneak Peak of the Week

I am sure this is crazy to make a "Sneak Peak"....on a Thursday night, less than an hour away from being Friday.  It makes much more sense for me to do this Sundays/Mondays like I planned.  But nooooooo, my internet has this thing where it keeps cutting in and out whenever it wants, leaving me with a load of ideas to post, but no means of doing such!
So anyway, I have some things that I have started to work on.  After the depressing, whiny post I made the other day, I decided to pull my shit together and DO SOMETHING!  I often come to the realization that, when you are not motivated and don't know what to do, it is best to do something.... anything!  It's the sitting around waiting for something big to slap you in the face that eats away at you and your motivation.  So, I picked up this huge granny that I have been working on for the past two weeks, off and on.

Yea, buddy!  This sucker is getting huge!!!  I am excited about it.  I have never even thought to make a single granny this large before.  It's a little awkward, trying to hold all that blankie in my lap and I continue the rounds.  I always make smaller squares/motifs and then put them together.
I love the way this came along so fast and simple.  I needed an "easy win", considering my little creativity slump.  But, I am BACK and I am happy with what I have done :)  This Mega Granny is about 41 inches so far, bigger than my Little Darling!!!  I am almost done.  I have about 3-5 more rounds, plus something I dreamed up for a border.  And you know how it goes when I start dreaming about things......  I make them happen!
With all this success, I just had to add something else to the mix... a new project.  You ever have that happen to you???  You're working on something and then suddenly inspiration hits...and you start asking, "Well, if this worked out so well, what about....?"  And then your brain starts ticking and you start itching because you just gotta get it out of your system, this new project???  Know what I mean!? 

Well, that's what happened here.  This chemical/creative chain reaction of sorts.

Meet Big Boy Granny...and say Hello to his sister...

Big Girl Granny

 Ok, I get it. I need to put some effort into coming up with better names for these projects.  What can I say?  I'm a no bullshit kinda girl.  I call it like I see it.  This is a big granny for a girl...Big Girl Granny, right???  No?   Ok, fine.  I'll work on the name thing, LOL.  Maybe another chain reaction will come out of the "Name Game".

So there ya have it.  My next Mega Granny!!!!  The same thing in precious girly colors.  When the sun comes up and I get some more rounds on this cutie, I will make another post to update!

And just when you thought your mind couldn't process anymore-- I have another sneak peak coming up later this weekend..pending internet connection!  I need to work on it some more over the next few days.  Although I am excited about it, if I made a post with just a few rounds on it, I am sure everyone would be scratching their heads thinking, "This girl has either lost it .... or her ego is so big, she thinks she can show us 3 rounds of some random project and we are impressed with it!" until then!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I finally got my internet back!  Something keeps happening with our router, and the internet "blacks out" for 5-7 days and then comes back.  It doesn't bother me too much.  Aside from some research online and planning my Little Darling's homeschool for the coming year, I don't need the web much.  I can always find other things to do.....

But lately here, I have been REALLY unmotivated :(  Really. Really. Unmotivated!  I keep thinking of all these great projects, but they are always WAY beyond my crochet skill level.  And then I keep trying to sew.  Luckily these patterns and fabric don't cost much because I have blown through a lot of both lately.

I have about 5-8 crochet projects that are incomplete.... But I have no interest in finishing them.  I want to do something new.  Something different.  Something more interesting.  I am tired of granny-this, and motif-that.  I want to make Clothing!  I want to make Jewelry!  I want to make Accessories!  I want to make something Unique!

But for now, I am just going to sit and sketch out my frustrations in my journal and continue my search for something that will satisfy this hunger I have more something Bigger...that is on my skill level.

Frustrated. Bored. Searching. Until next time.

Friday, July 22, 2011

High Fashion...Right?

Ok, so I am all about fashion.  I will admit that I always choose comfort over something that looks amazing.  I also must admit that I have "collections" of awesome things that I will never wear: shoes, clothes, jewelry.  Just because I love fashion...interesting things.

And because I have always been into fashion, since I was about 11 or so, I have always been into high fashion magazines.  Man, I would rip out all the pages and put the trends together in these Lisa Frank folders.  I would draw and sketch and try to predict trends on my own.  I applied (and was accepted) into a bunch of art schools because I was sure that the fashion industry was for me.  Needless to say, that is not the path that I pursued.  I am happy with my life now, and I am happy that I chose this life instead of life in the fast lane. 

But then I saw something amazing!!!  No, really, I am not being dramatic at all.  I have to be honest, I always dream and think about all the "what-ifs".  But I guess I don't really have to dream anymore.

Check this out...

Sorry about the wrinkled paper.  I ripped this out of the July 2011 of ELLE magazine.... I had to do it on the low... I was waiting on my gynecologist.  When I heard her coming, I ripped out the page and shoved it into my purse.  I just had to take it right then and there.  I was so excited.  I admit, I am a loser and I hate being dishonest.  So for everyone who is worried I stole this page and ran out of my gynecologist office..... I didn't  I pulled it out and showed it to her and asked if I could leave with the ripped page.  She told me it didn't matter to her whether I took the whole magazine.  I didn't want to do that.  Who knows what other woman might come in and leave with a pap smear and a new take on fashion :)

So  JUST LOOK!!!!!!  This "High Fashion" ensemble is totally all about this skirt.... and this skirt is a what??  GRANNY SQUAAAAARE!!!!  Ok, I might be a little over-excited.  But this is where I am coming from.....  We, crochet lovers, make all grannies ALL the time!  It's so simple!

But seriously....This is what took my breath away:

This little skirt ... is $1300!!!!  Wh-what?!  Crazy, right.  This is a skirt by Christopher Kane by Johnstons of Elgin.  I rushed to tell The Hubs about it.  I was like, "Babe, I have one of those in my closet!" 

Remember this?

Well, almost...  I am pretty positive that the designer one was made of all silk cashmere... Hell, for $1300, it better have some gold & silver threading woven into the yarn.  Anyway, I googled and searched all over to find more details about the skirt, but I couldn't. 

The point here is that Something as small and simple as a granny square can still totally work in a the world of overly-sophisticated, overly priced High Fashion. I love this!

It reminds me that....
Anything is Possible!  Never Forget the Simple Things in Life!....

And of course, my new objective is to make one toooooo!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shopping Spree

Today has totally been one of those days.  My mind has been scattered.  I am completely and utterly unmotivated and uninspired.  Typically, when I get into one of these funks, I can still pick up my latest crochet project and put a few rows/rounds on it.  I haven't even felt like doing any of that today.  I know, right.  It goes against the laws of creative nature, or something.

So I decided that, since I can't do this in real life, I am going to go shopping.... well, sorta :)

And since it is coming up on the Fall 2011 season, I figured, why not get a head start?

Like, this beautiful coat by Jason Wu
Jason Wu Genuine Ostrich Feather Dégradé Coat $4,595
And then, since I am wearing something fancy on the outside, I should probably put on something classy on the inside and head on out to a fancy place to eat.... alone.  Just a little "me time" to decompress at a nice restaurant with great wine...

I could wear this
Ports 1961 Pleated Jacquard Dress $1,850

With these
Brian Atwood Swarovski Crystal Embellished Silk Pump $4,970
And let's not forget these accessories!
Bracelet:  Pamela Love Fall 2011 Collection
Bag:  VBH Fall 2011 Collection 
Ring: Flutter Fall 2011 Collection

Earrings:  Kimberly McDonald Fall 2011 Collection

I am not really big on accessories at all.... but I guess it wouldn't hurt to also add....

This ring from Kimberly McDonald Fall 2011 Collection....


These necklaces from Flutter Fall 2011 Collection ... which I am sure I can't wear at the same time, but why not?  This is a fantasy, right :)

Well, I don't know about you, but I always feel better after I go shopping.   There is no way in a fiery hell that I would be able to spend $50,000 on an ensemble and some dinner... But a girl can dream right?  I always think like this: 
Dream BIG or Go Home!

Sneak Peak of the Week

I have always wanted to post things that I am working on and give a little "sneak peak".  So I think I will start to do that from now on :)
This is a little something I am working on for a baby girl who is set to debut in this world a few months from now.  I am really excited.  I love her Mama already, so I am sure this little girl is gonna be awesome as well!

The lighting in my apartment is terrible!  No wonder I am nearly blind and have headaches all the time.  LOL.  Since it was long after dark that I took this photos today, I couldn't run outside and do the sidewalk trick.

So I raised the flash.  I made some squares using a mix of a puff stitch hexagon pattern I learned some time last year.... and the granny square pattern I recently learned...

I can't wait to finish it and find some fantastically precious edging to put around it.  You will have to wait until next month to see everything put together.  I don't want to spoil things for Mama.  This is, after all, part of her baby shower gift set.


Friday, July 15, 2011


Hey, hey!  I guess I should have made this post yesterday, or something.  If you have read any two posts of mine in a row, you should know by now that I just do what I want each day-- no real plan, no real commitments other than being a good person and doing right by my family & community.  With that said, sometimes I make a post when I should...and other times, like yesterday, I watch Heroes.
Ooooh, which makes me think of an Amazeballs post to make one day!  I am obsessed with super heroes and vampires and things like that.  I know, I know.... how could just a cool/savvy woman who is capable of making such cute creations just be a *GEEK* in reality?  Ha!  I fooled you!

But more on that later...

For now, I am all about this mega granny group that I joined.  I can't remember what the group's real name is.  In all reality, I have so many different projects at any given time, I usually forget that I joined something or that I am working on something specific.

While losing brain cells on watching prime time television on DVD, I sat and spent the day working on this.  I am not a zombie, by any means.  I totally took breaks in between to play with my Little Darling and to eat.

This is my "sidewalk" view.  I can't tell which I like better, but I guess both shots of the blanket are valuable. 

Here is my plan for the pattern.  I wanted it to be for a baby.  So I think the colors should be light & bright.  However, at some point in the future, I do want to experiment with darker colors for baby items as well. 

I am really on a mission to change the look of baby items.  I am tired of the pinks for girls and blues for boys.  It's such a boring way to think about things.  And really, it's such an "American" way to think about things, being all locked away in gender-specific stereotypes and all.   But I am also tired of all the "baby colors".... the "baby" blue and the "soft" greens, and the "baby precious" pinks.  Babies are just mini people. Would you want to be washed out in pastels all the time?  Uhm-- NOOOOO!!!  "Big People" usually like to live wild and live in vivid, living color.  Free to wear whatever suits them.  There is no "Grown Man" navy or "Adult working woman" brown....  so why not grant the same colortastic liberties to babies?

I am on a mission to liven it up.  Change up the norm.  Every time someone sees a project that I am working on, someone sooner or later always mentions, "Hmm.  I would have never thought of those colors for a baby" or "I would have never come up with such a color combination". 

While I would love to, I can't say that I take all the credit for this.  It's just inspiration that I reinterpret into what I think works and fits.  I read sooooo many craft blogs (Holla @ Google Translate!!!) and I am always on etsy and always on flickr just to see what the possibilities are.  And although I usually can't figure out how to do the vast majority of what I see out there myself, all these creations that people pull out of their amazing imaginations, I can still use this...even if in the end it's just a reminder that:
there are no limits when it comes to creativity, only the ones we place on ourselves.

So thanks, all my fellow crafters worldwide.  Thanks for being an inspiration :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oooh La La -- TA DAH!

HELLLLOOOOO!!!!  I guess I don't have to tell you that I am totally a few days late in my post.  All sorts of crazy-town things have been happening.First, a few days ago, I lost internet connection.  I have no idea how or why...and I also have no clue how The Hubs got it back together.  All in all, I am happy to be back online and connected to the world out there.

Also, over the weekend, I found out that my dryer broke because the outlet it was plugged into basically scorched itself.  When they brought the new dryer, I was told that I was lucky the whole building didn't burn down.  And then the guy pulled out the cord.... It was basically melted.  So I had to wait until the other day to get that sorted and now, I can do laundry!!!  So excited!  I have been hauling wet clothes to the nearest laundromat for weeks!  Oh, and yeaaa... My arms are getting some definition!

Then, over the weekend, somehow, my air conditioner was cut down to the lowest, which broke it.... Considering that we have been experiencing heat indexes up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, a broken AC is soooo not what I needed.  They fixed it promptly, but the water spilled into the hall and the carpet basically smells like funky, mustard, onion mothballs.  GROSS!  I am working on getting the smell out.

Now, I just have to worry about the boil-water advisory that we were placed under due to a main water line that spontaneously burst.  We were lucky that our water was never cut off.  And we were lucky that we weren't affected by the floods, but it was pretty terrible.  Now, I am just trying to find things to eat/drink that don't have me boiling water so I don't run the risk of turning into a cyclops overnight due to drinking infected water.  More importantly, I am praying for those who got the worst of the main water line breakage and for those who didn't know about the boil-water advisory and drank the water, like my younger sister.

So....... Now, I am out of the crazy-town moment, and I am back in the Land of the Carefree & Happy, here to bring you some photos of the latest completed project.

I have to warn you-- these are not the best pictures.  The best light that I could find to really show the colors was outside.  You lose so much without natural light.  Colors start to fade and turn into different colors.

I chose the picot edging.  I just learned how to do it, and you know how it goes when you learn how to do something for the first time.... you just can't help but to do it again and again and again... You know, just to get better at it, to see how many different ways you can do it.  

But for serious--- I am loving the picot edging.  It's so cute and frilly.  Perfect for little girls items.  So get prepared to see lots more of this....and to see some things that work and some things that really don't work, as I try out as many options as possible with the picot edging.

I will admit.... I am sort of in love with this blanket.  I want to keep it forever and ever, but I have to stick with the plan that I created for this little delight that I made.  It's a part of my super-secret surprise.  I have about.... 5-6 more projects to finish and then I will tell what the surprise is and I will show it as well.

I took the pictures outside between the sidewalk and some grassy areas on a bedsheet in front of my apartment.  48 squares.  All different.  All cute.  All working together happily framed by this pink & green.

I'm excited to hear what anyone thinks about this.  I love it.  I hope others do too!

Tomorrow, another finished projects and/or an update on my Mega Giant Granny Square group thing that I am participating in!

Have a blessed day :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Oooh La La -- TA DAH!

I am happy to be on such a roll with finishing things that I start.  I wanna do a Happy Dance and yell, "Waahooooo-hhhhuuuuhhh Yeaaaaauuuuhhh!"  I will have to hold on that because it is nap time for my Little Darling.
I am all about Rainbows right now.  I think they are really sweet and make everyone feel happy.  I don't think that rainbows are just for little girls.  I am all about a color-revival for little boys.  Why not?  Seriously, all the black, white, brown, green, grey, and blues gets to be a little BORING!!!  There's no life to something that looks like a jungle...or a storm gray evening...  They will enjoy all the brightness too!  Rainbows get everyone excited!!!

As usual, the camera doesn't do it anywhere near enough justice.  There are.... I think 12 colors on this blankie. It is about.... nearly 40 inches from point to point and about 101cm.  Pretty large for just one hexagon!

I am still undecided about the edging.... I keep thinking about these popcorn stitches... I don't know if I like them very much.  Also, I made some small mistakes in the rows with the popcorns (hmmm, that sounds fantastic right about now for lunch!!!)  I can't tell you where the mistakes are....but just know they exist and it is making me question whether I should figure out how to fix them (and they are easily fixable!) or whether I should just take the whole 3-4 rows off and just go with a stripe instead...
I may change my mind and just make it a solid blue stripe!

**Sigh! I just wish I knew something more interesting for finishing off blankies for Little Boys..... Hmmm.... I guess that means you can stay tuned for an "Ideas/ Inspirations" post. I'm gonna crack the code on what edgings work well with Cute Little Boy Blankies!

What do you think???  Popcorn edging?  Solid blue stripe edging???

Until then...... Have a great Friday!  Tomorrow, another TA-DAH moment will be shared and then yet another on Sunday!  I'm on a rolllllll :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Despite the fun I had typing that title in ALL-CAPS, I now realize that's not the right name for the group at all.

Anyway, this ADORABLE person, Angie, writes this ADORABLE craft blog: Le Monde De Sucrette, and she has started this fun Challenge about making a huge granny square.  I wanted to post some pictures of the largest grannies I have made, and I will later on, but I was excited that I got started on the Giant Granny Challenge and joined the Flickr group :)  Mind you, I have had a Flickr account forever, but I never felt like uploading pictures.  I got it so I could view and *Like* others' pictures.  So I am pumped to finally be adding my own pictures to the mix for the first time on Flickr!

But.... uuhhmmmm... it's gonna have to happen tomorrow because The Hubs just walked in with Blizzards from Dairy Queen!  Yeeaaaaahhhhyuuuuuhhh!

 You always run this risk of trying to capture the true colors of the yarns, when you use a camera.  It's white, light blue, medium blue, blue, turquoise, and navy blue.

So I am trying to get it closer so you can see

Here is my Giant Granny so far.  It will be another baby blanket.  For a Boy.  My goal is at least 50 rounds.  The most rounds for a single granny square that I have ever made is... I think 28 or something!
So far, I have 12 rows on this square by now.... I guess I have quite a ways to go!  But I plan to have some fun all the way.

I definitely want the blanket to be lighter, so I will be adding more rows of the white, the light blue, and the medium blue than the darker colors.  We will see what pattern I come up with in regards to the rows, but I am not too worried about the logistics now.  Now, it's all about the thrill of adding rounds and rounds and rounds to grow my baby granny blankie!

A Few Laughs- Why Not?

Well, some funny things have happened to me in the past 24 hours.  I just want to toss this disclaimer out there:  I am the Goddess of Embarrassing Events.  No, seriously, I could write a book about all the hilarious moments that comprise my life.
The difference between me and other goofballs is that I am not afraid to make my little mishaps and adventures with Shame known to the public.  The way I see it, there are so many people out there who have these terrible days.  Why not share something that you know is HILARIOUS in an effort to make someone feel better?

So this is what will happen after this post... One of these things:
1-- Someone is having a horrible day, and they will read this and fall out laughing so hard that they forget whatever was troubling them, if only for the moment.
2-- Someone will be grossed out and decide that I am not lady-like.  Well, the best embarrassing stories are the ones that are 50% shame 50% comedy 30% inappropriate 20% icky and 100% humiliating!  Ok, that's like 400% or something, but you get the idea..... in the end, someone will be offended.
3-- Someone will be snooty and leave a comment about how, if it was so embarrassing, why I made it public knowledge.  My reply:  Who gives a Fuck?  A laugh is a Laugh, even if it is at my own personal expense.

With that rambled.....

Funny Thing #1:
Last night, while eating dinner, The Hubs and I were talking about having another baby.  My Little Darling casually asks when.  I casually respond with, "Whenever Daddy will give me one".  Of course this leads to the question of how Daddy could give me a baby.  The Hubs turns about eight shades of red and begins to mouth "No, no, no!!!"  to me...because he knows that I am always under the belief that you can explain things to kids.  Why not?  I would rather my child learn everything from me in a loving, moral, safe environment than gallivanting the streets falling prey to whatever ridiculous insane thoughts, values, and behaviors are out there.  In a nice, pleasant voice, I say "Mommy & Daddy are in love and we are married.  We want to grow our little family and have another little baby that we can love so very much.  That happens when Daddy puts his penis in my vagina and sometimes a baby comes from it.  A baby won't come every time Mommy & Daddy make love, but sometimes there is a baby.  That's how Mommy got you inside her belly, when you were a baby".  The Hubs all but falls out.  No color to his face for  a few minutes.  What brought him back around was my Little Darling's yelling, "Bwwwaaaaah! Hahahahaha!  That's silly!  Daddy puts his pee in Mommy's pee and we get babies?  Hahahahaha!"  Needless to say, my first attempt at the Birds & the Bees was a FAIL. The Hubs, on the other hand was not amused.  He was mortified and declared no more sex talk with our four year old for another 10 years.  I got some odd sense of satisfaction from watching him struggle to finish his dinner as our daughter grinned at him like she had just found out his precious little secret!

Funny Thing #2:
I have been in and out of town on several road trips, here and there this past 6 weeks.  On this last trip I went on, I decided that I worms.  I am crazy, and I won't even get into why or how I thought my intestines were ambushed by worms, but I was convinced.  Since I couldn't bare looking in the toilet knowing that there could be little squiggly things having a pool party of sorts, I didn't use the bathroom.  I wanted to, but I couldn't!

So, here it is, going on two weeks later and I still feel.... erm.... congested.  So I found these "Women's Laxative Pills".  I had no idea what exactly that meant, but I figured how bad could it be?  They are for women.   I am a woman.  There's not some creepy name "Plyo-polypoopapill" or "Hemroiditisblowoutfungal syrup". They are pretty pink little pills.  That's always promising.  And the best part is they are off-brand grocery store pills, so they couldn't be too terrible on my stomach.  The dose said take 1-3 pills at once.  I figured I would take'd been a while, and they weren't even brand name, so I might need the extra help........

Then my stomach made this gargle noise... and it bubbled... and then it made a "blahuuuurp" sound, and next thing I know -- MY BUNGHOLE EXPLODED!!!!  Without going into the gory details, I can assure you of this:  It was Baaaaaddddd!

As if that wasn't enough, my allergies are on a serious He-Man level madness.  It rained and that makes my high allergy to grass and trees off the chain.  So I am coughing and sneezing like a crazy person, all the while trying desperately trying not to poo my pants.  And to put a cherry on top of the disaster.... I had to explain why my stomach was violently growling at my Little Darling during our homeschooling this morning and why I kept holding my arse as I ran at top speed to the bathroom over and over.  Needless to say, I spent the whole day inside.  Not necessarily because of my bowel disturbances, but because my daughter would totally be telling everyone about it!!!  Kind of the way she walked into the bank this morning as we deposited some cash and proudly announced to all the tellers, "My Daddy mix his pee with my Mommy's pee for babies!"

Before this ends.... I just wanted to share at least one image:

I am happy to announce that I have finally finished putting at 48 of these squares together for what turned out to be SUCH an awesome blanket.  I need to do an edging before I make another "Oh La La TA-DAHHH" post showcasing all the colorful wonderfulness of this baby blanket.  And I am so very looking forward to the little boy version of this same pattern/layout :)

Too-da-looooooo to youuuuu!  And if you were having a shitty day (get it--hahahaha shitty day??) I hope reading about my little embarrassing moments helped brighten things up for a moment.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Remember what *Matters Most*

I am finally getting some time to sit and blog, although I am not in peace one bit.  I guess some neighbors decided to let their dysfunctional misfits of children begin their Independence Day partying a little early.  There is literally a gang of about four to five 8-10 year olds outside blowing firecrackers unattended by adults.  I want to go out there and yell at them, but I am largely out-numbered and I am too busy with a flow of thoughts for this post to be bothered with putting on my surrogate mother cape and doing some super hero parenting from my balcony.  Ahh well... that's the way it goes sometimes!
I have been so busy lately-- in and out of town, visiting with family, holiday weekends (like this one!) and, of course, working on projects and projects and projects!!!  I can't even wait to show what I made yesterday, but I will have to because it is a surprise for a friend's daughter whose birthday party is tomorrow!  I hope she likes it.

I was just thinking that some time ago, when I first started to blog, I would blog about whatever I wanted to.  Then, I asked people to critique my blog.  You know, tell me what they liked and hated about it.  The most common response was:  "Well, it's definitely very you".  Whatever that means.  And then there were a few people who mentioned that they just didn't know what it was "about".  I should have thought about WHO was giving that critique.  They are the sort of logical, tight-wadded, no-fun-havers that I cling to as friends so that I don't completely float away into a word of total imagination and child-like bliss filled with art, dreams, and possibilities.  Ha!  In my opinion, who wouldn't want to live there?!  Just sayin!  But I do hold tight to my "Reality Check Police".

So I took this information as "Fact", and I made it "Important" to me.  I needed to decide what this blog should be "about".  That's when I started to predominantly blog about crochet.  That's what I have the most time for because I can take it any and everywhere...and believe me, that is what I do.  But then, people who really know me started saying how "boring" I've become.  Really, I'm the same crazy, free-spirited, wild woman, with 30 trains of thought tangled into my artsy fartsy brain.... I just chose not to blog unless I was working on something or was finishing something. 

That's Bullshit.

Yes, I love art.  Yes, I love to blog.  Yes, I love to share.  But I am tired and bored with only sharing that part of me. Crochet is fantastic.  I am not a great one-track minded blogger.  I can't even think of enough reasons to bother blogging about one topic alone.  And I am not a Happy Holy Homemaker type either.  This girl right here has Pizazz!  Spirit!  Funk & Spunk! I care about and love so many different things with equal passion!  So....  I am announcing it formally now that, from this day forward, I am going to blog about WHAT MATTERS MOST ... to me, that is!

1-  ART!  In case you missed that part.  I love art.  I remember being my Little Darling's age, just 4 years old, and spending hours and hours drawing stick figures.  I have no idea what the hell I was really drawing, but in my mind today, I have these vague memories of some seriously amazeballs artwork!  And I realize that's unlikely for me as a 4 yr old, but whatever.  I used to only know how to express myself via art.  I had a rough childhood and I felt abandoned a lot.  I remember my 4th grade teacher was someone I felt really cared about me, but she betrayed me by showing favoritism to some kid over me one day.  I don't know if I even had a real reason to be angry with her, but I drew her as a nasty witch with nappy hair, a warted face, boogers coming out of her big, long, bumpy nose and rotten teeth.  I posted it on the bulletin board in rebellion.  And as I grew older, I drew and drew and drew...into what evolved eventually as a degree in art...that I use for.... oh, yea.  I don't!  Nevermind that!  The point is--Art is my Heart.

2-- FOOD.  Man, do I love to eat.  I have always enjoyed trying new foods, but with this economy, having a family and all, I find that it is too much to try and find new restaurants or travel to new countries for the sole purpose of sampling their native cuisine.  Rather, these days, I cook!  I loooooove to cook!  I love making menus that are fancy and elaborate.  Sometimes I am pulling a recipe out of my ass that I know will taste great from my experience with flavors and prior recipes.  Other times, I am in my tiny kitchen like a mad scientist, with 3-4 cookbooks open and lots of gadgets and whatnot.  Sometimes, a meal turns out to be a catastrophic FAIL, but usually, I'm pretty right on the money when it comes to a good meal!  I am also really good at sorting out how to make my favorite restaurant meals at home.  I want to share some of these "Home Remedies for the Hungry" with you all.
Like this awesome cake that I almost ate alone in its entirety...because, even though I am skinny-fat, I CAN EAT!

3-- MUSIC.  I love music.  I have listened and enjoyed every genre there is out there in the world.  I was all over Euro-pop & techno growing up because I was raised in Germany.  I love hip hop, r&b, and rap because.... these days it influences every sort of music there is out there right now.  I love country, more the newer artists, but I also love Johnny Cash.  I love everything!  I mostly listen to electronic music and Indie-sounds, when I am working on a project...which is like almost all the time!  Basically, if I can sing to it, bob my head to it, dance to it, cry to it, and work on some art to it:  It's In my i-pod!

4-- MOVIES/BOOKS:  I know these aren't the same thing, but honestly, with the total lack of originality that is happening in the film world these days, can you tell me what movie wasn't derived from a book?  Either that or a documentary...which, at some point, the way anyone can come out with a cheap-shot, horribly written biography about absolutely nothing and how they became famous for all the nothing...even the documentary is probably based on that auto-biography.  Just sayin...  I try to be pretty critical of movies and who I love as actors...but sometimes, dammit, I just wanna be entertained!

5 -- IDEA SHARING!  I am always searching the Google-net for inetresting photos.  I am on the look for ideas, projects, patterns, cool people....  I want to start sharing some of these awesome findings.  And let me tell you, I'm all over it!!!  I am checking out sites in Europe, China, Japan, in stores all over the world, Flickr, Tumblr, Etsy.... If there is a place on the web, a little corner in which someone has chosen to share a photo of some inspiring ideas--- I'm on it!  Don't worry, I'm not boosting ideas, and I will always give credits.  I just like the idea of sharing what the magical world of arts and crafts really has to offer us all!   I look at it this way:  Art is Everything.  No, really.  Someone designed your apartment that you live in, or your house, whatever.  Someone designed and created all your furnishings, your clothing.  Some engineer probably made your make up and all the fancy mechanical gizmos that you have in your life, but I know for a fact that is was an ARTIST who put a colorful, sleek, or sexy spin on that device to make you want to buy it.  When I think of those who hate art and/or "don't get it", I wonder why they aren't wearing burlap potato sacks, living in the ruins of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.  In reality, it's those haters that are always rockin' the newest gear... they are closet art lovers!

WHOA!!!!  this is longer than I planned.  What can I say?  I am passionate about life!  And I can't wait to share some bits and nibbles of my favorite things that *Matter Most*

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