Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Despite the fun I had typing that title in ALL-CAPS, I now realize that's not the right name for the group at all.

Anyway, this ADORABLE person, Angie, writes this ADORABLE craft blog: Le Monde De Sucrette, and she has started this fun Challenge about making a huge granny square.  I wanted to post some pictures of the largest grannies I have made, and I will later on, but I was excited that I got started on the Giant Granny Challenge and joined the Flickr group :)  Mind you, I have had a Flickr account forever, but I never felt like uploading pictures.  I got it so I could view and *Like* others' pictures.  So I am pumped to finally be adding my own pictures to the mix for the first time on Flickr!

But.... uuhhmmmm... it's gonna have to happen tomorrow because The Hubs just walked in with Blizzards from Dairy Queen!  Yeeaaaaahhhhyuuuuuhhh!

 You always run this risk of trying to capture the true colors of the yarns, when you use a camera.  It's white, light blue, medium blue, blue, turquoise, and navy blue.

So I am trying to get it closer so you can see

Here is my Giant Granny so far.  It will be another baby blanket.  For a Boy.  My goal is at least 50 rounds.  The most rounds for a single granny square that I have ever made is... I think 28 or something!
So far, I have 12 rows on this square by now.... I guess I have quite a ways to go!  But I plan to have some fun all the way.

I definitely want the blanket to be lighter, so I will be adding more rows of the white, the light blue, and the medium blue than the darker colors.  We will see what pattern I come up with in regards to the rows, but I am not too worried about the logistics now.  Now, it's all about the thrill of adding rounds and rounds and rounds to grow my baby granny blankie!


  1. Aww. Thanks. I was worried that I am being boring in comparison to all the rainbow blankets being made in the group. Are you in the group??

  2. I am not in the group I just started hearing about it a day or so ago. With that said last year I made a big granny square as a baby blanket gift. I can never get the right colors to create a color fade effect like it! here is link to my big granny

  3. Love your granny, the colors are beautiful, all those dreamy blues, not boring at all :)