Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shopping Spree

Today has totally been one of those days.  My mind has been scattered.  I am completely and utterly unmotivated and uninspired.  Typically, when I get into one of these funks, I can still pick up my latest crochet project and put a few rows/rounds on it.  I haven't even felt like doing any of that today.  I know, right.  It goes against the laws of creative nature, or something.

So I decided that, since I can't do this in real life, I am going to go shopping.... well, sorta :)

And since it is coming up on the Fall 2011 season, I figured, why not get a head start?

Like, this beautiful coat by Jason Wu
Jason Wu Genuine Ostrich Feather Dégradé Coat $4,595
And then, since I am wearing something fancy on the outside, I should probably put on something classy on the inside and head on out to a fancy place to eat.... alone.  Just a little "me time" to decompress at a nice restaurant with great wine...

I could wear this
Ports 1961 Pleated Jacquard Dress $1,850

With these
Brian Atwood Swarovski Crystal Embellished Silk Pump $4,970
And let's not forget these accessories!
Bracelet:  Pamela Love Fall 2011 Collection
Bag:  VBH Fall 2011 Collection 
Ring: Flutter Fall 2011 Collection

Earrings:  Kimberly McDonald Fall 2011 Collection

I am not really big on accessories at all.... but I guess it wouldn't hurt to also add....

This ring from Kimberly McDonald Fall 2011 Collection....


These necklaces from Flutter Fall 2011 Collection ... which I am sure I can't wear at the same time, but why not?  This is a fantasy, right :)

Well, I don't know about you, but I always feel better after I go shopping.   There is no way in a fiery hell that I would be able to spend $50,000 on an ensemble and some dinner... But a girl can dream right?  I always think like this: 
Dream BIG or Go Home!


  1. sorry about the crazy "words in between pictures thing". i tried to edit it 3 times, and after that, i said, "to hell with it. i'm making some popcorn!"

  2. Hey there i've passed an award onto you for your beautiful blog, just pop over to mine to pick it up :)
    Karen x