Sunday, June 12, 2011

Follow Your Dreams...


I have a small confession, as I assume it's best to be honest upfront...  This post is more so for my personal reference than anything else.  I'm ashamed, but it's the truth!

Normally, I have this sketch book full of sketches, notes about ideas, printed images from online and magazine images.  I also have 100+ photos on my phone of ideas that I have seen while out doing errands in addition to tons of voice notes and sticky pad memos about things that inspire me.  So, here I am working on research for my latest idea, and I thought, "Wa-hao wait a minute!  I should put this on my blog so I can just check it anytime!  Then my poor old phone won't blow up against my brain while I am in the middle of an important phone call and I wont have to lug around my huge sketchbook and my 4,000 bags full of potential projects".  I guess I'll be a tech-savvy lil' lady after all.

I have to explain something.... When I come up with an idea, it usually manifests as a dream first.  Maybe I caught a glimpse of something random...let's say some dead flowers (I love dead flowers!) and next thing I know, I am dreaming of this vampire photo shoot in which the women are wearing these silk, chiffon and organza dresses that literally resemble the dead flowers in regards to the colors, the folds and the overall feel of the garment.  Yes, I am bonkers.  I know.  I have always had the mind and thought process of an artist.... But I will say this.  In the words of Erykah Badu, "I'm a artist.  And I'm sensitive about my shit." 

My latest dreams have been about cupcakes. 

One afternoon, I woke up from a nap.  I have no clue where it came from, but I immediately text messaged my husband at work that I was craving the hell out of cupcakes and ice cream.  He is so used to my insanity, after 5 1/2 years of marriage that he wasn't taken aback in the slightest.  His response: "Ur sexy. <3 U."  That night, I baked some cupcakes.  They were...meh, mediocre.  I've baked much better.  And then BLAM!  Just like that I realized that my craving wasn't that I wanted to eat the cupcakes!  I wanted to crochet/create something using the shape of a cupcake!!!

And so it begins.... Once I have dreamt of something, I usually can't let it go.  I will be thinking of how to accomplish this task until I have completed it....

So here are some ideas/research I've done so far.

This is my original inspiration/obsession!  Gotta love Lily and this ADORABLE lil' bag!

This precious lil yummalicious masterpiece is only about $4,295... Pfft!  Chump change!

Another variation... Equally as desirable!

But let's be clear.  Even if I was magical and could pull something this fantastic out of my armpit or something, I wouldn't because (A) It's not my idea and (B) No Normal Parent in the Real World would give this to their toddler and they wouldn't prance around sporting one of these themselves because they would be beaten and robbed or just plain stared at for being gaudy and ridiculous.  BUT!!!  I can crochet an interpretation of this precious delight.... Or at least I think I can. 

So here are some ideas I found on the web... Ideas for crocheted sugary cuteness...

You can get this here:  Designs by Lily

I grabbed the image from here, but the pattern can be found here.

You can get these cuties at Treaclezoo, on Etsy.  These are a great idea to combine felting, embroidery, buttons AND crochet!  This shop actually has all sorts of goodies. I really love it.
So that is what I have in mind so far.  In my dream, what I designed and created was just as adorable as Judith Leiber's purse.  It was, however crochet/fabric and more kid friendly and affordable.  BUT!!!  Most importantly, it was just a blinged out, although not with sparkly crystals, precious stones, and gold-plated whatevers is on Ms. Judith's masterpiece!  Like, the cheaper, easier to manage, and more practical crystal or seed beads that can be found easily at craft stores.

I'm still in the phase of it all, which means it might be a few more days until I drive myself crazy enough to TRY it out... Until then, I will be hitting up my local bakery for some baked goodies.  LOL!  Thinking of this damn purse has me craving sweets like a fat kid!

Have a great week!

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  1. Hi there!

    Sorry I am late replying to your question on my post. The blanket was sinply stitched together using double crochet along all the edgings. I just made sure that when I crocheted the pieces together , I hooked the two outer parts of the chains so there was a less noticable seam when you turned it right side facing. I'm not sure if this helps! I havn't done any tutorials on my blog, basically because i am hopeless at explaining stuff!!!!! I hope you can make some sense of my explanation!!!!!

    Have a great day!

    Vanessa x