Friday, June 10, 2011

Feeling the Rainbow

Wellps, it's been 4-5 weeks since I have been staying home.  Time really flies.  Aside from some small accomplishments, I haven't done much at all.  In fact, I get more done when I am working and trying to maintain a social life. Ha!  Knowing I will be home all day makes me think, "Why work so hard right here and now?  I have tomorrow and the next day and the next day...."
The funny thing about all this is that at one point, I used to think to myself: "All these beautiful blogs that I love!  Who's writing them all?  Oh, wait.  Stay at home moms and single women and college students.  That's what makes them so great!  These people have so much time on their hands!!!"  Well, here I am now, with just as much time....and well, the truth is the amazing authors of the blogs I enjoy are just plain phenomenal, interesting, and inspiring individuals, despite their situations.  So!  That is what I have learned in the past 4 weeks or so.  Now, we can talk about what I have DONE!'

I finally finished the 48 squares I needed for the baby rainbow blanket...but now, I am constantly pep talking myself into putting them together.  This blanket is HUGE!  It nearly takes over my dining room table.  Ha!  I have to learn to gauge my measurements better.  One square always seems so small, so I feel like I need a lot....but then I get a lil' crazy! 

It's like Crochet Gone Wild on my dining room table!  I will be so pumped when I finish it!

I have only finished connecting two and a half rows.  But now that I can see the layout, and I stopped fretting about what order to lie the squares, the connection just got a lil easier.  These squares are so colorful, it's nearly impossible to make sure that each row and column just has one color or one order... So, I am letting go and just putting the damned things together already!

In the mean time, so that I don't go bananas with square placements, I started a project inspired by a glimpse of something I saw in a booklet, while shopping for yarn.

I saw this in a book for baby accessories.  It wasn't this color, but it was a huge hexagon blanket.  I loved it.  Since I am really obsessed with working with LOTS & LOTS of color right now, I made it a rainbow blankie.  Mine also won't be gargantuan.  Ha!  Definitely not after the rainbow monster blanket on my dining room table.  I am having thoughts of serving dinner on my balcony at the moment.  I pity the fool who DARES move those squares from the table! 

I started this last Sunday.  I am almost finished with it.  There are 12 colors in it.  It's for a boy... I have so much blue and green in this lil blankie.  I have an idea about the edging.  I am so excited about it.  I hope what I have in my mind is something I can re-create.  I have this crazy habit of dreaming up sensational ideas that are waaaay beyond my skill level!  This is the first large Hexagon blanket I have ever made.  I'm so happy about all the colors!!!  I am going to make one in the girlie colors too, with the pinks and the purples.  And I am terrified of this reality.... but I am also going to make a Rainbow Monster blanket for a little boy too.  I'm seeing nothing but pretty rainbows ....  It's really great not to be tied to one color scheme!

And I hit a wall with my dining room design.  My table cloth is finished.  I need to go to the fabric store for a plastic cover.  Now, I am concerned with the walls.  I want to add some art!  I was all about the pears & eggplants.  Then, my husband brought me this calendar full of flowers in bloom and bouquets.  I really love flowers and birds, so now, I am thinking of changing things.

This would be the logical choice.  It has the purples and the greens from the table cloth.  But, I have no idea what those flowers are.  It's an interesting composition, but I dunno.... It seems uninviting somehow.  Like the flowers are some version of Venus fly traps with hidden teeth.  Ok, that's my crazy imagination taking over, but I'm just sayin....

I love lilies!  This is really pinkish though.  I could always paint it to have more of a purple hue.  This is so much more beautiful and inviting than the other, I think.

This one is my favorite.  I don't know why, but I am really drawn to it. I am not interested in the roses particularly, but I just love the composition and the color pallet.  Since I was born without that "Make A Homey Space" gene, I have no clue if it will go well with the eggplant and green table cloth that I have.  It's just so warm and inviting.  I love to cook and entertain, and I feel like this would encourage people to sit, eat, and kick back a while....Maybe I can infuse some yellows in the seat cushions that I make.  Hmmm.... And maybe some yellow table runners and a yellow vase with some green, purple, and yellow fake flowers....  Thoughts, thoughts...decisions, decisions....

All righty!  It's nap time for me and my Little Darling!  Have a great weekend!  I know I will!!


  1. The colors of your afghan are gorgeous! Keep trucking with the granny squares, I'm working on a granny square afghan right now and I need proof that it's possible! ;)

    Also, I love the lily print, and the rose one is beautiful. Maybe if you have lots of gold toned things in the room it will help them mesh...but I'm a bit deficient in the Homey-ness department, so don't quote me on that!

  2. I'll be reading the other posts later... a lot to catch up on! But for now--I completely love this afghan, the colors are so great and cheerful! I probably would never think of crocheting something with an orange or yellow background just because...I'm too boring! But it looks so fantastic I have to give it a try someday :)
    About the pints--it really depends on what you're looking for! But purple and green are 2 glorious colors that look awesome together--think grape vines, water lillies...

  3. Hey! Thanks... I don't know what happened. I am a crazy person, and it took me forever to ask Blogger what happened to my posts. When I did, the fix was very easy. Network Blogs didnt work and I also couldn't leave any comments, but I fixed it now :)