Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome Back, Autumn!

This morning, my daughter and I went on our daily stroll to the local bakery to satisfy my unhealthy sugar cookie habit.  I have to say that I am going to be ending that relationship with pastries today!  I'm getting out of hand, hahahaha :)
The thing is that when we stepped out to start walking, it was already chilly! Then it dawned on me that August (and summer) is nearly over!  I can't believe it happened so fast. Now, it's on to the next season already!
Fall Colors
When I moved to Kentucky, it was during a year of El Nino.  In February, we got 80 degree weather and my first summer here was well into the 100s Fahrenheit.  It was awesome!  Where I lived in Germany at the time never got that hot, and winter was winter only until about August.  And then it was all over by the end of September.  And for year and years, these super hot, humid summers would start around mid-April and last all the way until about November.  In October, it would get cold in the mornings, but by the afternoon it was back into the 70s/80s and sunny.  I remember sitting under a tree, studying with some friends outside on a blanket shortly before finals...in NOVEMBER!  It was a warm, sunny day.  Over the past few years, however, it's been really cold here.  This past winter was much harsher than before.  It started getting cold in September, and by October, there wasn't any sun the afternoon to warm things up.  So, for the first time in ages, since I have lived here, the winter went from roughly October until April :(  My birthday is the end of March.  It was 80 degrees at the beginning of that week, and literally snowing by the end of that week...

Autumn Tree Leaf
I love the Fall Season.  I am excited it's on the horizon and I hope this year, it sticks around a bit longer before Winter freezes everything over.  What is it about Autumn?  It's the smell of the leaves.  It's the changing of the leaves.  I love the browns, oranges, magentas, reds, yellows.  I love pumpkins!  I love when all the leaves fall to the ground.  I walk the streets, specifically to hear the crunch underneath my shoes.  I love the foods that come around in Fall.  Apples, Pumpkins, Squash...and, for some crazy reason, Pineapples are really fresh here in the Fall.  I love that everyone slows down as weather slowly gets colder and the days get shorter.  I love that the family meals increase and that everything that everyone is doing is in order to prepare for Christmas.  It's a wonderful time of year!

So I started this new project as an Ode to Fall :)   I love it!  I love fall colors :)  In fact, I love a warm color palette in general.

I have to confessions about this new project: (1)  I am doing this instead of the other blanket I was working on. 
BOO! HISS!!!!  Ugly Blanket Disaster!!!  LOL :)  I will rectify this mistake and redeem myself later!
I had a funky feeling about it, and I wasn't all that excited about it, while working on it.  I need to learn to trust my instincts because when I made a post about that blanket and the other one I am working on simultaneously, no one else liked the pink one either.  No one was mean (THANK GOD!) but everyone was very clear that they liked the "OTHER" one and the "DAISYS" was cute.. hahahaha!  I know what that really means, and it's all good because I feel the same way.  So this new blanket with Autumn colors is going to be the replacement for the hideous pink one.  And I will work on this blanket and the daisys blanket simultaneously.

(2)  This color scheme is totally inspired by the yarn that I used for my giveaway project.  *sigh.  It's 90% finished, but I have a problem with getting riiiiiiiight to the end of something and then becoming completely disinterested in it.  SO!!!  I just need to put the finishing touches on the giveaway project, take pictures and post it.  I am giving myself until Friday to buckle down and finish it!!!

The other thing this reminds me of is a beautiful sunset.  I am obsessed with nature and the sky... I used to spend hours taking pictures of trees and the sky during different times of day/night...  This isn't my photo, but it matches my colors, right?
Rhode Island Shore
Crimson sunset
I am so excited about this project that I made 36 squares in less than 24 hours!  (eep!)  I want to make this a little bigger than the other blankets I have finished, so I think I need....72 or 80 squares total. I also haven't made any serious decisions about the background or the color that will be connecting the squares.  All I know is... I love Fall.  I love the Summer Sunset.  And I love my new project!



  1. I see what you mean with the colours being like the sunset. Lovely x

    Leah x

  2. Very pretty - love the colors you're using. :)

  3. I love those colours... sizzling!

  4. I love the sunset too... and I miss Fall in New England, they have the most fabulous colors in the world! Ours isn't as pretty, we sort of just slide into cooler weather and duller colors but nothing quite as striking.
    These are really pretty, as well as the daisies. So how are you going to join those squares, any idea yet? I can't wait to see it :)

  5. Hi again, dear! For some reason my posts only show up on other blog lists a day or 2 later... I had just posted about my finished projects and my new one ;) not too far from your colors!

  6. Oh my, those colors!!! They're amazing!!! :D
    To celebrate this gorgeous blanket, I've given you a Versatile Blogger award! :D Check it out at http://acreativebeing.com!

  7. Hi Bri, I've just seen that winkieflash has already given you an award. If you'd like another one, please come over to my blog :)