Thursday, September 8, 2011

High Fashion...Right? -- Part Deux!

Sorry I have been missing!  I guess I don't even have to say anything about my terrible internet issues anymore.  At this point, I am guessing that it's assumed- if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I had no way to make a post.

As far as "work" goes, I am still finishing about 3 projects.  Every time I get near the end, I start working on something completely new.  I started working on a give-away that I have been thinking about doing for at least 5 months.  Almost finished, hit a wall, and then started my autumn color's blanket.  Finished that, and then I needed to connect it, but got bored, and went on to something for my daughter.  My entire apartment is so blank, bland, plain, boring.  I want to make it more of a HOME.  I also want to start with my daughter's room :)  So I started a giant granny blanket for her bed.  I stopped working on it because my wrist was killing me (yikes!) and I started to decorate paper and work on jewelry!  Ha!  Sadly, that is how my crazy brain works.  I am only interested in projects for short spurts of time...and then ON TO THE NEXT ONE!

But this post is about something I found in Elle Magazine October 2011.

Yes, this is Gwyneth Paltrow.  You are probably thinking:  Doth my eyes deceive me?  NO!  NO, your eyes are perfectly fine.  She is so totally rockin' a Granny Square Sweater (for $1100, mind you)  I love it!!!  I know that grannies were in high fashion back in the 70s or something... but I have to be of those ensembles looks like a hot ass mess!  For serious, you couldn't pay me to purchase or wear any of those colorful and uncomfortable looking granny square crocheted items!  For me, the important thing is that it looks CHIC and elegant.  I don't want to see someone wearing a woolly, frumpy, hot mess of a granny square.  I love this sleek wool sweater.  Love-Love it, to be exact. 

Just more proof that hookers can really get somewhere.  I would never attempt to make a sweater, but if you think you might, or could, I would sure love to hear about it!!!



  1. This looks awesome! I would give it a shot... but with the extra pounds I have I'm not sure if I wouldn't look a bit more like a huge cushion on the move than a sleek fashion model ;)
    It does seem to have regular sleaves and probably back, doesn't it? (stil trying to see if I could squeeze myself into something like this... lol) I have been thinking about this one, though:
    By the way, I'm a lot like you. That's why I try to set myself a deadline and to stick to small projects so that I can't get bored. You have 5? I have no idea how many I have :( ...sigh...

  2. Looks like a nice sweater. I don't know if I'd be able to pull it off though. :)

  3. Hi I just found your blog through Teresa, and I have to say Gwyneth looks awesome in that sweater. I agree with you, some crochet looks well for lack of a better word tacky, but other items are amazing.
    Have a great day,

  4. I just love that it's so sleek, not bulky and clumpy. but hell, when you are rich, you can wear garbage bags and tuna cans, but still be fabulous!

  5. I love that sweater! I am a bit dubious about wearing crochet but I'd wear that if I had a spare $1100.