Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inspiration: Little Girl's Rainbow Wonderland

GAH!  My internet just went out, right as I was editing photos to get this post going.... So, I decided- SCREW anymore editing!  Let's get this post rolling or I may not be able to!  You know how you take things for granted (like fully functional and dependable technology) and then when you have it snatched away from you, suddenly you realize what you had?  Well, I am experiencing that with my wonky internet service!  And the tecky helpers are either 1- Mean, as though the whole world should understand technology (but then they would be unemployed, right?) 2- From some foreign country.  And I seriously could care less about out-sourcing, but I just need someone who speaks good, clear English because I already am confused with the basics, when it comes to computers 3- My least favorite:  An automated menu!  "Please push #7 if this doesn't work, press #5 if that does work....."  With no option to speak to a human.

Anyway, enough ranting about that. The truth is my wrist was hurting too bad to spend much time on the computer anyway!  My laptop is the reason I couldn't crochet (bummer!)  I guess I hold my wrist at a weird angle.  But thanks to MereKnits, I had the Hubs buy me a brace to wear at night when I sleep.  Thank you so much for your wonderful advice, because it has me back with my hook in my hand, ready to put a hurt on some of these projects I've allowed to pile up!  Check out both of her blogs Mereknits and The Flower Bed!

Lately, I have been inspired by children's clothing.  I want to redecorate my daughter's room.......and I have wanted to decorate her room since we moved here THREE YEARS AGO!  Hahahaha :)  But I am actually finally making some progress towards creating a themed space.  My first project is this:

This is  but a quarter of the blanket. It's another giant granny, 40 rounds.  It will fit across her twin sized bed, but I will need to do another giant granny to fit the entire length of her bed.  Can I let you in on a secret?  It's already done *Smiles*.  But I didn't want to post too much about it because then the completed project won't be as interesting.  I really like dramatic reveals.  Like, you see a pile of squares or hexagons and then someone reveals this elaborate pattern of squares that's been put together perfectly with an edging that's to die for!  I am not saying that I am that fabulous, but I definitely strive to make it to that point.

Here's a close up of the rounds.  The second one actually doesn't match this one.  I was too lazy to go to the store to find more yarn.  I was determined to use up what I already had.  And it actually looks pretty righteous together!  Now, all I have left is 1/2 of the blanket.  It's going to be a super large, super warm project.  The first I've ever done!!!  I would give myself another week or so to finish it completely...*doing a happy dance now :)

In fact, I have been inspired by children's everything lately.  I love the freedom of imagination.  I love the playful spirit of the clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.  I can't help but get this whimsical feeling that anything goes and everything will be Ok at the end of the day!  My Little Darling has recently had a growth spurt, so I have to buy her all new winter clothes.  I was excited about it until I realized that she is no longer completely in the "baby section".  She is in the "girls section" now.  If you have female kids, you know that the "girls section" spans from 5-14 years of age!  I keep finding things that mirror the terrible shows on the Disney Channel (not so much appropriate for my kiddie!) or worse, the clothes are mini versions of adult clothing.  I don't care what others dress their daughters in, but my Little Darling isn't going to be caught in a pair of skinny jeans.  She's a CHILD!  She doesn't need low rise panties, skinny jeans, mini skirts, or "baby high heels".  NO, NO, NO!!! 

Now, I am on a mission to either locate or create some looks for her that I feel comfortable with.  I am all about the preservation of innocence and imagination in our youth!  They don't need to feel pressured to grow up, because when they get to that point, the pressure turns on them to be "younger".  They don't need to be oversexed because they don't understand it, and these days, there is no money left in our social welfare account to help these babies having babies!  ****End.SoapBox!

But look at these precious finds from Gymboree

I could buy her some "normal" jeans and then embroider hearts on them or whatever design!
How precious are these buttons on the bottom of the corduroy???  I love them!  And it's easy to accomplish!

And you already know I am going to be making MANY crochet accessories for her now that the season has turned :)  I am really excited about the ideas to embellish a simple hat!

I think I have taken enough time today!  I'll be back tomorrow or the next day to show off some things that I have finished.... At least, that's the plan!  And we all know that I am soooooo not into "sticking to a plan"!  Hahaha :) 

I would love to know:  What inspires you, when you create?  Who is your audience?  Your muse?  What/Who are you creating for right now?


  1. I love your giant granny - very bright and cheerful. I agree with you about the little girls clothes - waaaay too grown up. :)

  2. Though provoking questions! I've mainly been crocheting for friend's children. I'm incredibly inspired by my fellow bloggers and lately, Pinterest (addicting!). I do have my huge ripple blanket that will be mine, all mine, when it's done, though- and that's the project I'm looking most forward to completing!

  3. I only have a boy--boys are no fun when it comes to buying cute clothes. No frills, no bows, no flowers, no pink, no cuteness :( well, not exactly like that! There were some really cute boy things that he wore--yes, because now he's into the just-turned-18 wave of black t-shirts with some band name on it and jeans...
    But I'm getting rapidly excited about making some cute things for my friend's 6 year old daughter :) just started a little handbag yesterday! Plus a half circle shawl for myself...
    Your giant granny is great and I love the pieces you've chosen--you can also get heart or flower shaped buttons to put on the jeans, sideways, it's easier than embroidering ;)

  4. very nice decoration on the clothes, beautiful large Granny
    Greetings Crissi

  5. beautiful colors in your new blanket!
    I like tthe hat! I think it is a great idea.
    have a nice weekend!


  6. Thanks for following my blog, I'm really glad you did as now i've found yours. I'm totally loving the colours in this blanket. I have a love of crochet and knitted blankets (some might call it a bit of an unhealthy obsession, but hey-ho) and I love this one. Have a great day. Em x