Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Unnecessary!

Well, I am going to have to take a break from crochet.  My wrist is killing me.  This happened before, and I stopped for about a week or two and then everything was fine.  I am not entirely sure what I did to myself, but it's pretty painful to continue right now.  No worries.  I have plenty of projects that need to be pieced together and I am also going to dip back into other venues of artistic expression.... I also love drawing, making collages, making jewelry and making things from paper.  Sadly, crochet is the funnest and easiest out of all of those, but the good news is that I won't be left without some way to be creative.

**Major sad face** I was literally smack in the middle of a project for my daughter's room too!

In other news, I have been really getting into the idea of granny squares in fashion.  I think that it's really hard to make a granny square look chic.  I mean, grannies are great for blankets, scarves, hats, cushions, purses and maybe even house shoes.  However, when you have made a dress out of's usually scary!  Not chic.  Not sleek.  Just a clumpy, colorful, itchy-looking hot mess!

So check this out.  This is some recent research that I have done on how true-blue designers have tackled the question of how to translate a granny square into something anyone with even a modicum of fashion sense would bother wearing. 

I found this. It's from the 2002 Fall/Winter collection by D&G (Dolce & Gabbana)

This is the warmest, chunkiest, but also still very chic granny square shall ever!  I love the tennis shoes. I also love that this would look cute if I were wearing a dress and wanted to go on an early-autumn walk with my family.

Then there are these sexy looks from Christopher Kane (F/W 2011 collection) I have absolutely no clue how he did some of these things, but I love them so much!  I am a huge fan of pencil skirts.  I have some hips, so it's a good look for me!  I don't know how he made the v-neck swearer, but I love the black pants and the trench. 

I do know that he used a granny square PRINT on leather!  Smart, sleek, sexy....expensive.  Both expensive looking and cost! LOL.  If only I had an unlimited budget!  If only I were a more skilled crocheter!  I would super-LOVE to figure out how to make these some of these items.  I also really love the drape of it.  I hate the chunky-itchy look for crochet apparel.  I think you have to find the right (likely also expensive) yarn in order to get it to flow right.

Now, let's take a small look at the bad..........disclaimer:  Everyone has different ideas on style.  This is just my opinion and personal preference.  And I think these looks are a little questionable fashion-wise.....

These are from the Paul Smith F/W 2010 collection.  I don't know what to think of the .... granny square sash?  I just think the whole ensemble is terrible.  The weird colored skirt, the beige corset, the arm warmers, and then the chunky sash-thing just took it to a whole other level of "Oh No!"  I think the dress could be kind of cute.  I have seen some really cute knitted chunky dresses.  I just don't think that all the random colored grannies look all that great.  They look chunky and tacky to me.

And now....for the UNNECESSARY!  I have seen these pictures in sooooo many blogs and everyone is really excited about them.  Dude, I just don't know about this at all! 

House of Holland F/W 2011 collection was a super BUST in my eyes!  I am not excited about any of these uber-tacky looks, but I especially would ban the chunky hideous scarf thing from my wardrobe!  I am actually convinced that it's really a blanket that was rolled into a scarf and then secured by a belt.  NO NO NO NO NO!!!!  I am very curious, however, if these are all tiny crochet granny squares shaped into ensembles, or if this is a print onto some other fabric.  Either way- this is a scary attempt to bring back the gaudy retro hot mess ensembles made from crochet squares.  To me, if you can't update/upgrade a retro look and make it modern and sexy, just leave it in the past!

Yes, I do realize that I am a little blunt in delivery when it comes to my opinions, but I am not closed minded by any means.  If you read this post and disagree, TELL ME!!!  I so very much would love to hear what others like in regards to fashion.  Were you inspired by the tacky color option?  Do you like the "idea" of the House of Holland collection, but you want to challenge yourself to improve the looks?  Are you bored with the Christopher Kane collection?  Do you think he should have taken more risks with colors?

For me, I am inspired by D&G and by Christopher Kane.  I like very sleek and simple clothes.  I like interesting, but not over-the-top accessories.  I am very reserved with my colors when it comes to clothing and when it comes to most of my crochet projects. I am venturing out in the project world and trying to add more color to things, but you won't catch me rolling up a blanket and wearing it as a scarf any time soon!

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  1. I agree with you for the most part- too much granny in too many colors can be T-A-C-K-Y!. However... I do love the mini dress from HOH's 2011 F/W collection!

  2. I like the "idea" of the mini dreass, but I think it's too colorful. i'd love a more monochromatic print, but the cut is super cute!

  3. I'm with you - the items in the last 2 groups of pictures do not look nice at all. Definately adds fuel to the tacky fire. :)

  4. Did I see Gwyneth's sweater in this post? Sorry about your wrists, this happens to me from time to time, rest and a wrist splint on while sleeping usually does the trick. Good luck,

  5. I prefer the less random colored items too... like the brownish colored shawl (it looks so yummy and warm!) and the blue / grey outfits. And you're right, the sleek swing-y fabrics do help! And Gwyneth's sweater the other day was gorgeous! I just don't think I could pull it off with too much bulky "granny-ness", so for myself I prefer the accessories section...
    In Portugal crochet has been (for the longest time) THE Granny "sport", most of the time translated into home things like doilies, tablecloths and mantel pieces made of white and off white cotton. Very seldomly do you see it around here in yarn cushions and afghans--maybe because we're a warmer country. This year however I started to see it on clothes too... but if it's overdone it's like you say, it seems like you're wearing your favorite tablecloth out! ;)