Friday, August 19, 2011

Shopping Spree

I am assuming that some of you thought that my shopping sprees were related to my random bouts of depression.  Not really.  I just have this thing about dreaming.  My dreams are always filled with beautiful things....usually of the high fashion sort!

Last night, I went "shopping" for some things in the 2011 Fall/Winter Ready to Wear Collections (F/W RTW).  I normally hate clothes for cold weather.  Back when I was so into fashion, it was all I ate, breathed, and dreamed, I was always sad about F/W wear.  I was also really skinny and looked better half naked, or so I thought. So I was obsessed with the hot pants, cocktail dresses, and beautiful flowy gowns of the spring/ summer. 
Needless to say, my life and body are quite different now.  I can't just shimmy into some belly shirt and skin tight mini skirt with some thigh high boots and a peacoat.  No way!  My mom boobs would come out the bottom of the belly shirt.  My gut would jiggle until I toppled over because it wouldn't be restrained behind two shirts.  My thighs would rub together and start a fire, but that would be only in the event that my daughter didn't run up under my skirt, causing a "Britney Spears moment" where everyone would see my "pushi-shminka".  And then I would fall on my face because the heels would be too high and my feet aren't used to walking in them anymore.

That is all a very serious and dramatic scenario.  The real point is that I have GROWN UP.  Real Women need to be, in my opinion only, sophisticated.  They need to be well-groomed.  They need to wear clothes that compliment their bodies and their skin tones.  They need to be fully-functional!  Why do I keep thinking of Michelle Obama????

Because she's gorgeous, style-wise!
Harper's Bazaar
Not flashy...and if she had one, she could pop them heels off and chase a little one right on the spot if need be.

Anyway, I am not The First Lady.  I am a little more "interesting" than that,.  And I can be, since no one will be photographing me.

My Faves of the season:

Alexander McQueen 2011 F/W RTW Collection
  I admit that some of these items may look a little uncomfortable, but think about it like this:  You wouldn't style it this way, right? But, I have a confession.... The coat on the top right corner... I would wear that sucker to bed every night!  I love it!

Burberry Prorsum.  Top 2: Pre-Fall Ad campaign.  Bottom 2: 2011 F/W RTW runway
I have completely fallen in love with Burberry Prorsum. Growing up, I was always bored with Burberry ads.  They were always in black and white.  All the clothes had some form of plaid.  Unless I was invited to a naughty school girl party, I didn't have much of a need to be decked out in that many squares!  But now, look!  I love how sleek everything it!  I love a slim paint.  I am not one for fur, but there's something interesting about the fur sleeves on these shirts that can either be dressed up for the evening or worn like it's nothing on top of a pair of jeans.  And the gold bag?  Yeap.  I'm a bag lady!  I could fit my four year old in that one, so, for me, it's perrrrrfect!

Top Left:  Fendi. Top Right & Bottom two:  Gucci.   Both 2011 F/W RTW
I love how "grown up" these clothes look from Fendi & Gucci.  Again, I am not a fur person, but there is something so elegant, yet playful about the colorful fur accents in the Gucci collection.  And, I am reminded of how women in the past always wore hats and gloves when they were out.  I would rock these outfits on the days I am expected to wear my big girl panties :)

Valentino 2011 F/W RTW
I have always been a fan of Valentino.  I love how feminine everything is.  Talk about a Man who really gets Women.  He could make the hardest-bodied, tomboyish, dyke man-lady look gorgeous, soft and lovely.

Top Left: Ann Demeulemeester Top Right & Bottom Two: Louis Vuitton. Both 2011 F/W RTW
Call me crazy.... But I really want a coat this winter that makes heads turn.  I know these look a little..... Intense... but, again, I think it's all about the styling.  Don't think it's about the ensemble as it's presented.  That's just for show. 

Louis Vuitton 2011 F/W RTW
Keep that same concept in mind when you look at these favorites of mine.  The jacket on the bottom left would be hot on top of some skinny jeans on a night out....or on top of a pencil skirt if I were heading into an important meeting.  I am also excited to see pantyhose!  I rarely wear them because they itch, but they are so lady like.  I feel like a woman in a sleek, sophisticated ensemble with some hose underneath has some sort of a naughty secret...

Anyway, just dreaming again....  This whole fashion craze was set off by this picture of Sarah Jessica Parker in the September 2011 issue of Marie Claire. 

 I love SJP and I'll at least read any article with her in it, but I bought this because it had so many cute coats!  Isn't this skirt wonderful?!  I like it better on her, while she is sitting down.  When I saw it in Christian Sariano's 2011 F/W RTW collection, I didn't like it as much.  But it made me want to look up more collections and styles and see what's happening in the fashion world.

What do you think about high fashion?  Do you have favorite designers?  Are there certain things that you would just DIE to have?  Are you daring enough to wear something that seems off the wall?

If I had a limitless budget for shopping, I would need less than half an hour to rack up every item out there that sparks my interest...every item from today aaaaalll the way back to 1997, when I was 100% sure that the fashion industry would be a part of my life forever, whether I was a model, designer, or an envious on-looker....  Just Thirty Minutes!


  1. I don't really think about high fashion. I'm more of a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. Sometimes I wish I was more fashionable though... Oh well you can't have everything. Wishing you a happy week. :)

  2. I completely understand :) I just love to look at fashion items. I would love to be a designer, but I am sure most of my time would be spent in jeans, a tank top, and some sandals!

  3. Valentino, definitely... gorgeous, wearable things (if only I could afford them...erhhh and they fit!!! lol) and 2 Portuguese designers, check them out: Jose Antonio Tenente and Fatima Lopes.

    Have fun ;)

  4. oooh you could try it!! (it being design) i've seen those winter scarves you had on your facebook and you talked about making an online shop and you could get super funky with it...maybe not add fur as much as these designers :P cute but unique and yet functional things are what people seem to be getting into. everyone's tired of wearing the same dresses from forever 21! ;P