Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sneak Peak of the Week

I think I am on a roll today!  Actually, I am not.  I just learned the hard way this week that I shouldn't procrastinate the way I do.  When I was in college and growing up in general, I would always put things off and wait until the last minute.  It didn't matter much then.  Now I am fully grown with a family, living in the Real World.  All that time that I used to have to spend up all night trying to sort things out that I should have done earlier just doesn't exist.  These days, it's Now or Never.  And unfortunately for me, it's usually Never.

I have been screwing around with all these Ta-dahs that were supposed to be posted in some sort of a timely fashion...and my idea of giving a sneak peak of the week has been thwarted by faulty internet connections and pure laziness on my part.  I should call it "Random Sneak Peak", so that no one gets the false impression that I am on top of things and remotely capable of keeping with some sort of schedule.  I am not.  I have never really been much of a "scheduled" kinda gal.

All of that changes in about 36 hours.  I am starting to unofficially homeschool my Little Darling.  She is too young and small for Kindergarten this year, despite the fact that she is so very ready for school.  So I figured I should homeschool her.

Perks: I can go at her accelerated learning pace.  I can control what she is learning and how.  I can see how this goes and decide better if she should attend "regular" school next year.

Downfalls:  I have to be consistent, stick to a schedule, and be unwaveringly dedicated to her education on my own.  Sounds better than it is.  It really goes against my natural state of being.

With all of that said, I figured I should start making my posts a part of my regular weekly routine.  I am going to get better at this blogging thing if it kills me!  Hahahaha!

This week.........  I just have one question for you:

What do all three of these balls of yarn have in common.  Clue:  No, they are not going to be used on the same project, or any project at all......  Stay tuned to see what the answer is, and leave a comment if you have a guess.  It may be worth your while :)


  1. The yarn, well, let's see... They're all the same brand. They're the same weight. They're all multi-color. They look like they might be featured in a giveaway of sorts ;)

  2. that's a great idea!!!!!! They are from Spain, and I think I will give them away!

  3. :) where did you find Spanish yarn in the USA?! Don't tell me you were right next door and didn't stop over for a visit... ;)
    I know all about procrastinating, my dear... we should start a club! lol

  4. Ha - am I mad to think you are going to lace crochet some rings for the fall??
    Thank you for the sweetest comment you left for me Bri!!

  5. My guess is that you got them from the thrift store - I honestly can't think of anything else. :)

    P.S. Like the colorways.

  6. I'm glad I can bring you a bit of our sunshine... I know you always make me smile and feel good!
    If you ever feel like snail mailing again, let me know :) nothing beats the postman ringing the door downstairs and running down to find out what it is!