Thursday, August 18, 2011

Remember Me?

Woke up late this morning, slightly dreading work.  We had this crazy storm that came from nowhere around 8am or something this morning.  Storms typically give me migraines, so my Little Darling and I hopped back in bed and slept until 11:45 this afternoon.  NICE!  Those moments are quite rare, as I am sure most can imagine, especially if they have children.
So I started my late day off the right way.... With some sugar cookies and milk!

My local bakery is Off.the.Chain!  It is soooooo good.  These soft, frosted, fresh-baked yummies are a great start to any day..... and unfortunately for me, they just so happen to be a great start to most of my days.  I am a true, bonafied COOKIE MONSTER!  I was a recovering cookie addict, but I have relapsed full throttle here lately.

As I have hinted about in previous posts, I have been preparing to homeschool my Little Darling.  She's 4, too young and too small to start kindergarten this year.  We wanted to do private or homeschooling with her anyway, when she was eligible for school.  I just figured, since she is totally ready and prepared mentally/cognitively for kindergarten that I would just do a year of homeschooling for her and see where she ends up around this time next year.  If she is ready, maybe she could skip into first grade, or if it goes well, I may continue to homeschool her for a couple of years longer.

This little morning board was sooooooooo much work!  I got a lot of print outs from different home school blogs, but then there was the cutting, the mounting, the laminating, re-cutting, etc.  And everything that wasn't pre-made, I had to make on my own.  I am so tech-retarded it's not even funny!  So I am sure some of you are shaking your head thinking, "This is what took you five days?"  It also took more time because it's a bilingual board, with the exception of the Bible verse.  I am teaching my daughter Spanish, or doing what I can at least. I am pretty proud of myself, and I am hoping to get some great use out of this as we go on our homeschool journey.  No worries!  I am not a Homeschool Blogger.  That would be terrible because 1- I'd be bored with the topic and 2- After blogging about schoolwork, I wouldn't have the energy or attention span to blog about arts/crafts, which is more recreational, as is this blog.

Speaking of which! REMEMBER THIS?

I can't even remember when I started it.  I just know that, at some point, I stopped working on it.  I think I got into some project as a gift or something.... Who knows!  Anyway, I had this little basket of hexies that I was supposed to make more of.  In fact, I think I needed about 80 more or something.  Just knowing I wasn't near the end was enough to drive me crazy.  So i just dropped it off into my dark abyss of a craft room.

Then, the magic happened.  Whenever I finish something that I have been working terribly hard on (homeschool planning and morning board) I kind of come off that high and get restless.  You know, after a really long run, your muscles are achey and you are tired and mentally frazzled.... but the adrenaline from the run and the excitement over your accomplishment keeps you from being able to just crash on the couch in bliss.  That was me last night.  After finishing my planning and the damn board, I was like "Now what?  What can I do?  Gotta decompress.  Gotta get my crochet on.  Something. ANYTHING?!!"  I know, I am a little crazy, but I can't stand to not be busy.

So, I picked up some things that I had been working on.  I finished a hat and a cardigan and I thought about working on some baby booties.  I changed my mind because I was in the mood to finish things.  So I walked around my arsenal of craft leftovers...and I picked up this guy again!

I laid all the hexies on my floor, and it was so perfect!  It was symmetrical.  It was just the right size for a baby boy.  And I had exactly the right amount of hexagons!  Not one too many and not one less.  If that's not a calling I don't know what is!

So.... what happened?  Nothing!  LOL. I fastened them all off, put them in the pattern I wanted to attach them in...and then I hit a wall.  I have no idea how to attach them!!!!  I actually only know ONE way to attach motifs.  I know a whip stitch.  So I tried that without a border, but it looked pretty terrible to say the least.

Remember what they looked like with the border versus without?  I most definitely don't want to go back and add the navy border to all those hexies! Not a chance in hell that will happen (angry voice).  But, I think I will attempt to crochet them together or do some research on other ways to connect motifs.  If you know anything-- hook a girl up!
Until then.... the mystery of how to get connected will remain unresolved....

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  1. Hi BumbleBri, I love your hexagons. I always use whipstitch for mine right sides together using a tapestry needle and I think they turn out ok. This of course I think is the worst part joining them together lol but it's going to be one stunning blanket when it's done I just love the colours :)