Saturday, August 13, 2011

Oooh La La -- TA DAH!

I am not sure if I have been naming my Oooooh La Las or not.  I'm assuming not, since I am not all that great with coming up with names for my projects.  I'll change that soon though.  You just watch!

Anyway, I planned on  making this post uhm.... what?  Like, 3 days ago or something?  I totally can't remember.  Everything has been such a whirlwind!  I meant to take pictures of this blanket Thursday, but my husband surprised me with another day off from work.  You don't even know what that means.  He works so much, we never get time together as a whole family, so I was like "Yeeeeaaauuuh!  HOLLA!!!"  We all went swimming all day on Thursday and then I went to hell.... I mean work.

Work has been off.the.chain.  I have this special routine that I do when I am going to work:
Shower.  If my hair is braided, then I make sure the stray hairs aren't too wild.  If my hair is in an afro puff, then I wet it a little, product-it a little, and then pull it back.  If my hair is flat ironed, I brush it out and then pull it into a pony tail.  Hair routine for crazy day: finger-comb hair into tight bun so it doesn't get pulled out of my head by angry children.

Then I get dressed in something nice, yet comfortable.  I like dresses in the summer with leggings underneath.  It's easy and cute.  Since it's hot, I like sandals.  Attire for crazy day: 1 of the 3 pairs of jeans that are baggy enough for me wrestle in without making me look like a box-shaped lezbo.  A shirt that I am not particularly attached to emotionally that doesn't show ANY skin, plus another super long tank top underneath that I tuck waaaaay down into my jeans (you never know how your clothes may shift or get pulled when in a "situation" at work) a belt, and some closed-toe shoes so I don't break a toe.

Then I like make-up.  I have crazy acne, sensitive skin and I scar easily.  That means, on any given day, I am either broken out from some hormonal rampage that has chosen to seize my face rather than impair my ability to function as an emotionally stable person.  Or, I am broken out because someone touched me too much and my skin rejects oils of any sort, including my own personal home-grown right from my own flesh natural body oils.  If I touch my face throughout the day, I will go to bed fully broken out.  Or, when the coast is clear, you see the aftermath of whatever insane breakout has left on my poor, little face.  In short.  Make up is essential.  Nothing touches my actual skin that I can't wash off, and I don't touch my face because I don't want to smear anything.  I like eye make up.  It's fun to play around with.  Make for crazy day:  foundation, mascara, chapstick, MAYBE blush.  I stick with the basics so that if someone does touch my face, I can easily wash it off without experiencing the damage.

Anyway, that's been my week.  I have fantastic family time, and then I shower and rush into work, where I chase and manage children who could otherwise choose to behave so that I don't have to dress like a boy and they don't have to be bored with restrictions.  I love what I do-- NEVER MISTAKE THAT!
So...  Here we are on Saturday, my day off.  I wanted to get out and take some pictures of my blanket, but then all hell broke loose!  The sky went black and there was rain, winds, thunder, lightening. It was straight up outside my window!

This is some of the aftermath.  My sister was out driving around and she came to have me walk the streets, looking at the damage.  There was more as we continued walking through neighborhoods.  A friend was unfortunate enough to be caught driving in it as trees were literally being uprooted and falling across the street!

So I had to, despite the terrible lighting, take these photos indoors.  I am pretty gutsy, but I never fuck with Mother Nature.  N.E.V.E.R.  But, I have been thinking about things, and I have got to set up some sort of a lighting system for photos.

43 rounds total, with 6 rounds for the border

I am really pumped about the spike stitch border.  I have experimented a little with the spike stitch before, but I have never made it a part of a finished project.  I will most definitely be using this interesting and fun stitch more often....and, by "more often", I mean within the next week for some new projects I have planned!

The only thing I am not super excited about is how the edges curl a little.  I have to sort out how to get that under control LOL.  I plan to make 2 more giant grannies. One with the pinks, that I showed you a while ago, and then another one with browns, off-white, and maybe a light orangey sherbet looking color...  I haven't worked out the kinks on the last one of the trio.  I will have different borders on all of them, and I am hoping that I can get it right so the corners don't curl.

After some thought, I think I have have answer to the curled edges problem, but I am not even going to attempt to work out this issue until I get over my blanket blues!  I need to work on something other than blankets, and after rounds and rounds and rounds of blue hues, I need to get away from that color too!!! 

Sucrette.  If you are just blog hopping and have some spare time after my long rambling, you should definitely check out her blog!!!  She has all these free patterns on there and tutorials.  Nothing makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside as when a person offers something to the craft community for free!  So THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Sucrette for coming up with the idea and giving me the opportunity to come out of my shell and try something new!

Happy Hooking!

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  1. I like your giant granny blanket - very pretty.

    P.S. I was just going to say 'I like your giant granny' but I don't think your granny is a giant. lol :)