Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sneak Peak of the Week

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I have some serious posts to crank out before my internet decides to pack its bags and leave me for a week.  I have to admit that there have been several times here in the past week where I found myself asking and asking, "Why the hell did you go to school for art??"  I totally should have suffered through years of grueling classes and books with no pictures so that I could major in Information Systems Technology or whatever.  At least then, I could fix all my broken things around my apartment.  I also wish that I could go back in time and marry McGyver.  Do you remember that show?  He could find his way home from a stranded island that's being bombed by terrorists with nothing more than the wings of a dead locust, a paper clip, and the wrapper from chewing gum!  He was amazing!  I miss shows like that.

Once again, I have been feeling nostalgic...which leads me to my first sneak peak.  Yeap, you're getting TWO for the price of one today.  I was going to work on one, but I had this idea and I started to get the pieces out of the way on that... And then I remembered Sucrette's blog (which is great, so check it out!!!) and how she recently finished two projects at once that she worked on simultaneously.  I thought to myself-- "Uhm, Yea!  I can do that!!!"  I am always starting something and never finishing because I get distracted.  Well, what if I made the effort to work on two things at the same time? 

I went back to thinking of when I was a little girl in Berlin, Germany.  I used to always play behind the building we lived in.  There was a picnic table and it was surrounded by daisies and clovers.  I would spend forever searching for four leaf clovers.  I would play in the daisies every single day and never get bored with their ordinary beauty.  I think it was then, when I was just 5 years old, that I realized how much I appreciate the ordinary.  The simple things in life.  The natural, unenhanced beauty.  Daisies became not only my favorite flower, but a symbol of how I feel about the perception of "pretty" and the value I find in the "mundane".

I started these African flowers last winter.  I was going to make a scarf.  I realized, after making several of them in different patterns that I hated the way a scarf made of hexagons looked.  It seems funky to me somehow.  But, as usual, I kept the pieces I made...and I came back to them.  This time when I looked at the African flowers, I was brought back to a place of happiness and serenity in my childhood.  You know how you remember the crazy things that happened as a child?  Or your mind automatically drifts to your favorite vacation, first kiss or the first time you did something truly amazing all by yourself in your childhood?  My mind always goes back to a time of peace and quiet.  Happiness and Beauty...which is what i was surrounded by in my small patch of daisies around my picnic table.

This will be a rather large project.  Seven or Eight flowers across by nine flowers long.... Sounds like a lot.  I better think of something else before I scare myself away from this blanket!!  Ha ha! 

I am connecting them one row at a time as I finish them.  Nothing is more discouraging that sitting with more than 100 little motifs to connect.... hence, my heap of nearly finished projects!

The second project is inspired by some random thoughts back to romantic fashion ad campaigns.  I am thinking of almost a fairy tale...or maybe bohemian chic, but not the trashy one.  I am thinking of the beautiful florals and the long hair blowing in the wind, only retained by some whimsical, flimsy, flowery head dress.  That is what happened when I started to throw this together:

I like it and it looks much better in natural light...but I am not 100% sure about the colors... I think I mixed too many cools and warms together.  I think I should have picked one color palette and not gotten so crazy.  But on the other hand, there is something sweet and calming about it. 

For now, I am working two rows of each when I get the time.  I have no schedule.  I just work here and there and when I am done with two rows from one afghan, I switch and do two rows of the other.

Oh!  Goodness!!!  Iam falling assleep while typing andmaking some seriously HORRIBLE spelling mistakes.  That means it's time for me to hop in bed.  but not before editing this post!!!

  I left that unedited as a testimony to my exhaustion!  Just these two lines are crazy.  Imagine how hilarious and grammatically insane my entire post would have been!
Good night!


  1. Love your crochet daisys x

    Leah x

  2. you are working in two crochet blanket at the same time ?!
    I like specialy the first one!
    Have a great time crocheting!

  3. THANK YOU!!!!
    I think I love the second one more too....hmmm...but now I dont know what to do with the squares of the other one, which I am not too crazy about... I will figure something out! it won't be the first time that i started something and then changed my mind about it completely :)