Thursday, June 26, 2014

Distractions... Lovely Little Distractions

Well, today is one of those days, where I reeeaallly don't want to do anything.  This week has been completely strange for me anyway.

I had headaches and migraines for the first half of the week, but I tried to work through them.  For me, I think pain is a mental thing.  I think if you can find distractions from the pain, you don't notice it.  If you are a busy housewife like me, there is always plenty to be done!  So this week has been 100% about staying distracted!

Tuesday, I walked SIX miles!  Woo hoo!  That's the most miles I have done in one outing.  It felt great.  I went out to walk, as I was feeling under the weather, so it took me forever, but I am proud of myself.  I like to stay fit, even when I don't feel well.

Yesterday was all about doing things I don't like to do.  I cleaned.  I combed my hair...which I hate.  I have a lot of hair and it takes so much work to make it look presentable.  I cleaned more.  And then I cooked a HUGE meal.  We have so many fresh produce that are going to spoil, so I cooked and baked a lot yesterday.

Then, I forced myself to make some post cards.  I hate to measure out perfect squares and rectangles.  I have actually never made postcards before, so this was a new experience.  I have so many letters that I have to write to pen pals!  I am falling completely behind.  So, for those I owe some short letters, I will send post cards. 

I love the ones I made.  I will need to take some pictures and then show them off.  I am proud of them!  Some are fancy.  Some are cute.  Some are hand painted... Yes, I went from "I hate this" to "Let's make this a challenge and see how creative I can really get!"  I like games and I like to make things into games, whenever I can!  The postcards turned out great and I will show them another day :-) 

I have put in a LOT of work on my friend's baby boy blanket....and then something terrible happened...

I realized I didn't like what I did!!!!  Has that ever happened to you?!  I didn't have a sketch or a clear plan.  Everything was very spontaneous.  That's always a risk, when you don't have a plan about how the finished project should look.  Well, now, I have a big decision to make...  Do I take away the work that I have done and start over? I REALLY don't want to think about that!  Or do I just keep going even though I am really not happy with the way the blanket looks...

Honestly, I know I will have to remove all the work I did and start over.  I am a perfectionist, and I need to feel proud about the work I do, especially if it is a gift for a dear friend.

I just can't seem to force myself to start taking things apart just yet, so I have started an alternative project.  Sometimes, I need to let things sit for a little while before I make a final decision.

I made these squares for a backpack I will make for my Little Darling.  I am thinking that it will make a nice surprise for her.  I love all the purples and pinks.  Very girly.  I love little girls!  SO much fun!!

These three light purples are so similar, but they are all three different colors of yarn... Actually there are even three different KINDS of yarn!  But they are all very close in the same weight, so you can't tell they are different.  I love how soft these different yarns are. And I love that the squares seem as though they have little purple flowers coming out of them :-)

I found this purple fabric, sitting in my mass "collection" of fabrics.  I have soooooooo much sewing stuff for someone who doesn't know how to sew!  I told myself that before this year ends, I will make at least ONE attempt at sewing something...  Just ONE THING!  For my confidence.  Sometimes, all you really need is One Small Win....  Then you will have the confidence and the know-how to keep trying and get better at something new.  That's all I need with sewing.  I need to make One Small Thing and I will be able to try new projects without fear!

Although I think I prefer either a darker purple or a pink on the inside, I think this fabric will be fine for lining the bag.  And it's a cute floral print, which my Little Darling will love.  I am very nervous about this.  It's a fairly advanced project for me.  I have never sewn a lining into a crochet bag before.  I have also never sew zippers!  HA!  I will be learning all kinds of new things with this project., and I couldn't be happier!  It' time for me to break away from making so many baby blankets all the time.  I need to be brave and try new things, right?

The plan:  backpack with a front pocket for smaller items.  I will work on this over the weekend, rather than the little boy blanket.  I hope I can figure everything out easily enough to finish it this weekend.  I want to fill it will all sorts of school supplies and little doll clothes for my Little Darling.  She's been working so hard in order to prepare for private school in the fall.  She isn't getting much of a summer break, as we have lessons all day.  It's hard for her to hear and see other kids playing, but she has to study.  She has been very diligent and very positive through the whole thing...  I want to give her something to show her that Mommy knows how much work she's done and that Mommy is So Very Proud!

I also got these yarns...  I am excited to work on projects using a lighter weight yarn.  I love my thick and chunky yarns for the winter.  I love my worsted weight yarns for everyday projects, but I have really been inspired to create some items for clothing.  I have been seeing some cute ideas on Instagram and Pinterest.  I want to design and attempt to create more of my own personal clothing.

These are for some projects I want to work on for my Little Darling.  A couple of years ago, I bought several yards of various jersey knit fabric.  I wanted to make her some pajama pants.  Well, I never did it... obviously.... but now I am left with too little fabric to make her any pants with.  Plus, it's so hot here.  Instead, I thought about making some dresses, tops, and maybe some shorts...

Yes, these are some very colorful patterned fabrics.  I think they would make cute dresses and shirts. I can't wait to give this a try.  I find that it is easier to learn a new skill on something smaller.  It is easier to learn to make something for a doll or a child first.  If these projects go well, then I will be making some interesting adult shirts for myself !  Well, that is the plan at least :-)

For now, I am heading to watch the last half of the USA vs. Germany game for the FIFA World Cup.

I am American and grew up in Germany.  Either way, it's a win for me.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love the colours of your granny squares. The pinks and purples are so sweet! Yes, just start with a small and easy sewing project and mve on. to bigger projects as your confidence grows. Good luck! x

  2. Sorry to hear your still getting migraines, is there not something you can get from your doctors? It can not be nice putting up with headaches.
    I see you are starting a new project the fabric and wool look yummy. I like your latest granny squares x

  3. Those granny squares are very pretty! Great colours.
    Marianne x

  4. I've been in a situation to unravel / undo a project if I find I don't like it so you are not alone in feeling like this :)
    Love the grannies (they are my weakness) and I can't wait to see the bag you make.

  5. I love the fabric and yarn combinations at the bottom of your post - they look so good! Looking forward to seeing pics of the postcards you made!

  6. Love these colors match
    Miss xx