Thursday, July 17, 2014

Full of Memories, Not Regrets

WOW!  Has it really been weeks since I have blogged?  I don't understand how the time has gone by so quickly.  I have been working and working on things.  I can't really show any of the projects I have finished until tomorrow, after I know my friend has received her package.

But I feel so detached and left out from Blog-Land.  I have been with hook in hand for weeks now, and I haven't even picked up my laptop except maybe once or twice.  I checked Pinterest for some ideas and I skimmed through a few blogs while I was online. Otherwise, I have been tucked away inside of a small world of making things. It's crazy how I get so lost in what I am making that I don't realize time passing right in front of me!

Lately, I have been going to play a lot and meeting with friends.  I love a good play date!  My Little Darling gets to meet up with her friends and the children occupy themselves, while the adults chat away.  It's the best, especially for a stay-at-home mama like me.  I only talk to children all day long!  Sometimes, I miss having a conversation with an adult...about adult topics...infused with adult humor.  I miss the laughs I would have with my co-workers late at night, after our shift had ended.  I miss it dearly.

But something else has been tugging at me, too.  I miss family time!  I have been so embedded in projects and summer homeschooling.  The Hubs has been working so much lately, staying late at his main job and picking up hours at his second job.  It seems like we haven't had much time, the three of us, to connect.  With those thoughts, I found myself looking though these pictures of when we went to the Falls of the Ohio Park about a month ago. 

We needed this family trip so badly......  aaaaannnnd cue onslaught of mass photos!  LOL!

I think, by now, it goes without saying, that I LOVE me some flowers!  I could photograph flowers all day, everyday for the rest of my life.  They are beautiful and they smell wonderful.

 I love all the deep colors in these flowers.  They feel so rich and elegant to me.

Somehow, these strange flowers remind me of Dr. Seuss....  I always thought he made up those weird fluffy flowers... Apparently, his inspiration can be found in nature!
I kept standing there, waiting for these flowers to open up and bloom.  So pretty!

The Hubs was so worried that I would get stung by a bee.  They were all over the place.  I just love observing insects in their natural habitats.  It was worth the risk!
I have never photographed a dragonfly before.  They are beautiful, but they fly around so erratically that I usually just capture a blur.   I am happy this one took a small break :-)

The beach there was so unique. I have never seen anything quite like it.  Of course, there were families who were out for the day to go fishing, but I like to think of my small family as "adventurists".  We like to climb, hike, dig, and explore.

I took this photo, while standing on top of a hill.  The beach had so many branches, sticks, and driftwood that had been washed ashore.  I loved the light color of all the wood.
 All these branches stretched for at least a mile....
We wanted to be closer to the water, so we ventured out past the branch-covered beach to the rocks that were upon the shoreline.
 We spent two hours, climbing over rocks along the beach. 

We saw these beautiful fossils, stories of nature and animals of the past, carved into several of the rocks we climbed.

Eventually, after our legs and arms were so exhausted from climbing across rocks, we saw a path in the woods, and climbed up to see where it would lead.

That's when we found a little snack!
We each snacked on a few mulberries.  They were sour, but delicious.  I prefer sour to sweet flavors actually.

I just needed this time with my family, and it was amazing!  Looking through these photos and reliving the memories of this fun little outing reminds me of what's important in my life.  I love my little family.  I love nature.  I love being healthy and fit enough to get out and really enjoy nature!

^^^ These two are my Heart and my World.  It's time we got back out and did this again before the summer is gone. 

Time flies by so quickly.  Take time to enjoy the moments when they come your way.  And if you, like I am now, realize that it has been too long since you have spent time with loved ones doing what you love--- Then I say, MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW!  Life goes by in a blink, and I refuse to grow old and be filled with regret, rather than Beautiful Memories.

Have a wonderful Thursday.


  1. love all the pics! i feel ya on the only talking to children all day. thats probably why i call my momma and talk her head off every night lol

  2. Looks lovely where you visited. I love getting away with family, and spending quality time together. Hope you get to do it again soon xx

  3. This is a lovely post--I love all the flowers,such wonderful shapes and colours! Hope you get to have another great outing like this with your family soon. Family time is so precious. I spend most of my days at home with the girls and it's great but I do miss adult conversations too. I start . chatting away as soon as my husband gets home which is probably not what he needs after a long tiring day at work poor guy...Hope you're having a fun weekend! x

  4. Good morning!

    I think I understand you quite a bit. I think that's because it's summer and time to spent online feels kind of wasted, meeting friends, going outside, doing stuff, it's so good, it makes me feel 'alive', but like you I miss time spent with my husband, he too it's been working so much...
    I love your pictures, it seems you and your family had a great time, and this is priceless.

    Take care

  5. Your pictures are all so beautiful. Glad you and your family enjoyed a nice day together.