Monday, November 10, 2014

Introducing Mommy Mondays & Tummy Tuesdays

Welllll....  It's been a very long time.  Months.  I didn't actually mean for that to happen, but it did.  Hopefully, all the wonderful people who take time to read this tiny blog will forgive me and come back my way for future reads.  But that's how it goes, right?  Sometimes people step away and then come back refreshed.

My hiatus was due to getting some HUGE news!  I am PREGNANT!  I found out in mid-July.  I am still a little shocked about it on some days, but I am actually 20 weeks now, so I am definitely getting used to the idea that I am growing a Little Someone inside of me.

In light of this Big Change in my life, I wanted to find a way to incorporate this into my blog.  This is where I share and document.  If there's a better place for a Belly Diary, please tell me now! So from this week onward, I will be having Mommy Mondays and Tummy Tuesdays.  That's the plan, at least.  On Mondays, I'll talk about milestones, favorites, parenting, etc and on Tuesdays, I will do something I usually don't do: Post pictures of myself.  I especially never post full-body pictures of myself!  I don't have the most thrilling body shape and I have a really boring wardrobe as well.  LOL.  But I am sucking it up, getting dressed, and going to post weekly pictures.  Why not?  Maybe I will look back on this, when it is all over and be grateful.  Lately, I have been going through pictures and my Belly Book from when I was preggers with my Little Darling.  I took FOUR belly pictures.  One at 4 months, one at 6, one at 8, and one at 9.  And they were done poorly.  I wish I had started taking photos sooner this time around so I could compare, but I never thought I would be pregnant again.

We are half way done, but I love the idea of thinking back over the weeks and reflecting on... well, whatever comes to mind.  For this week, I just have so much catching up to do.  What have I been doing?  How has the pregnancy gone?  What have I been crafting?  So much to talk about!

Long story short, the pregnancy is going well.  I am starting my Belly Diary at 18 weeks on the blog.  But here is a super quick recap of everything that's been missed:

I found out I was pregnant literally the day after going to the zoo with a bunch of friends, all of whom were planning to get pregnant again.  I knew I couldn't get pregnant, but I was happy for them just the same.  Then, I took the test.  I have never prayed over anything as much as I have this little Blessing inside of me!  That first week or two gave me Monster Energy!  I finished a gift for a friend (which I will blog about tomorrow) and I created a Filofax (which I've lost) and I deep cleaned my apartment and made all these checklists. Basically, I went bat shit crazy with planning and organizing, barely getting any sleep at all.

Then, the mega exhaustion hit.  I slept for three months. Period.  I did the bare minimum so that I did not seem like a hoarder and so that I would not be reported for maintaining a biohazard of an apartment.  That is all.

Fiiiiiinally, I came out of the hibernation period and spent about a month cleaning and getting my shit back on track.  By then, I was about 15 weeks.  Why has it taken me an additional 5 weeks to come back to Blogger Land?  Because blogging is a habit, and once you fall out of your routine, it's the hardest thing ever to return.  Aside from that, our entire family routine changed, as our Little Darling started school for the first time.  Coming out of a coma for three months and going directly into a routine change was the biggest challenge this family has ever endured, but we made it.  We are all together, united, and happy as a unit, working to get everything done together each day and night.

Now, I am here and the dust has fully settled.  These are the first belly photos I have taken.  I think they are all right.  I meant to take some at 17 weeks.  That was the first time I could feel our baby kick.  And this two Sundays ago (Nov 2) was the first time The Hubs could feel the baby kick!  I went from baby flutters to full on soccer player in about 5 days!  I was so happy about feeling the baby move that I made this little sketch to remember it.

At 18 weeks, I went on a "Fit Mom" rampage, eating healthier, working out, etc.  I don't know why.  It just sort of happened.  The Hubs signed us up for a 5k for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  That's actually not unusual.  We are usually a pretty active family.  We enjoy doing 5k races/walks, hiking, bike rides, and just about anything physical. 

This 5k was, however, the first time I had gotten off my pregnant ass to walk more than 2 miles!  So I made another sketch to go with this moment... and now, I am thinking it will become a weekly thing.  I enjoy sketching, and this is easy practice.

I was pretty surprised that I went out and did the 5k. I am not the lazy type, but I am a creature of habit and I am no longer in the routine of working out and walking daily.  But I went for it just to see how it would go.  Talk about round ligament pains!  And the bladder sitch?!  WOW!  I went to the bathroom a whopping FIVE times during the walk.  I didn't even drink any water while walking!

The next few days, I walked and hiked with friends and family.  The goal was to work out those muscles so that I can stop being in agony every time I decided to be active.  While my hip joints are still sore, I am not having the cramps from ligament pains anymore, so that's a major win!  I stopped working out so much because I lost 3 lbs that week.  Usually, I would be pumped about that progress, but losing weight while preggers is a No-Go.

I am thinking of some alternatives to create a healthy and safe workout routine in the next couple of weeks.  The benefits are plenty, but I want to be careful and put Little Someone first!  So we will see where this journey takes us.

I'm so happy to be sharing this experience with everyone...  I am hoping my posts will get better as I get back in the groove of sharing and documenting again.  It took me several attempts to remember how to work my camera and capture decent shots of myself and my projects too!  I've got so much more coming, with projects for Little Someone and my Little Darling.  I have belly shots to come.  I have drawings and sketches to come, something I don't think I have shared much on this blog.... And MORE!  Much more.

This week, I am skipping a separate post for Tummy Tuesday, as they are combined this week, and I will update you on some projects I have going...  because what crafty person is ever just working on one project at a time, right?

I am taking my leave for the evening, but I will be back tomorrow with some crafty goodness!

Happy Monday!


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  2. Im so happy for you! I have only just returned to blogland myself after having my daughter, I called her Holly Victoria. Please look after your self, enjoy your pregnancy. Lots of hugs to you from England x

    1. Thank you so much! And congratulations on sweet baby Holly!