Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blankets and Hot Chocolate... Minus the Hot Chocolate

Today is going by so quickly!  Well, I feel that way about every school day.  Before, my Little Darling and I would sleep in until 9-10:30am on most days.  We would have breakfast together, watch a little TV, go for a morning walk, and then start homeschool lessons.  We would then go back outside for another walk and play.  Somehow, it felt like there were twice as many hours in the day over the summer.

Now, I am awake at 6am.  Honestly, I am not a fan!  Every morning, I want to break my phone, the alarm clock, and my iPod touch.  Yes, I need *that* many alarms to wake me up every morning and somehow, I still barely manage to get out of bed.  After I am up, however, the marathon of morning tasks begins.  I am making breakfasts, ironing clothes, waking people up, packing lunches, brushing hair, getting things together, and dashing out the door.  By the time I get home, it is around 9am, and I am ready for a NAP!

Unfortunately, I usually snack and then nap from 11-1pm and I have so little time to do anything in between waking up and going to pick up my Little Darling. Then she has to get her homework, chores, dinner, and bedtime routine done in a matter of hours... and this getting dark early?  Uh, NO THANK YOU!  As soon as the sun sets, I am ready to put on some pajamas and sleep!  LOL.  Yes, I am getting old and this is the primary indicator.

Today is a rainy day, here in my city.  That contributed to my already existing exhaustion.  I took a nap and my bedroom is literally 5-7 degrees colder than the rest of my apartment.  When I awaked from my nap, I had only two things I wanted:  A cozy blanket and a mug of hot chocolate!  The funny thing is that today is actually the last "warmish" day that we will see in my city for a while, as the Polar Vortex creeps upon us, starting tomorrow.  Let me tell you, I am SO NOT READY to begin freezing my ass off from now until the end of March again.  Please, Mother Nature, No repeats of last year!

While, I didn't find that glorious mug of hot choc, I did go through my pictures of projects that I had finished, but not documented.  I found a nice, cozy baby blanket I finished over the summer.  I started to blog about the progress here.

Over the summer, my friend *A* had a sweet baby boy.  Baby N came a little early, which was a surprise.  I love to spoil my friends, especially when it is their first baby!

I made Baby N this blanket as part of a set.  I think I remember complaining about this project and all the things I had to take apart to redo over and over until it was finally finished!  Ha!  Well, guess what? I spoke waaaaaaay too soon!  I'll have to share with you my TRUE "most difficult project ever" on a another day.  Looking at this sweet baby blanket now, I feel foolish for ever getting frustrated in the first place.  I love the way it turned out!

I used a mint green, baby blue, blue, two browns, an off white, and a light beige color.  This is actually the first "Little Boy" blanket that I have made that I actually completely love!  It was so much fun to use a variety of colors and explore that.  For me, my mind only thinks in "Little Girl".  I can think of patterns and colors and projects all directed at little girls with no end in sight.  When I have to think of boys, my mind says "Blue and white. A teddy bear."  LOL!  That's really it!  I am really so very exited for *A* and her little family. I really tried to be a little more creative.  Hopefully that showed a bit.

I actually made a little set for Baby N.  He was born a little early and I know it is hard for babies to maintain their body heat, so I wanted to make sure he had a little jacket and hat to go with his set.

I have a Horrible confession, however....  My Little Darling totally stole the jacket!  I wasn't sure if I would mail it because it wasn't "perfect" enough for me.  Do you ever have those problems?  When you just don't trust your judgment and you are never satisfied with what you have created?  I have that problem all the time!  I am sure the jacket was fine, but it doesn't matter now.  As I was deciding whether to include it in the package, it mysteriously disappeared!

Unfortunately, I realized I was pregnant and started feeling tired and sick every day.  I knew it was better to mail what I had than to wait any longer, otherwise, Baby N wouldn't have gotten any package at all!  I did find the jacket on the teddy bear I used for this shoot a couple of months after I mailed the package.  My Little Darling told me it just fit him so perfectly that she wanted him to keep the jacket for the winter.  Ha!  I can't argue with that logic one bit!

I was happy to mail everything out, even though I didn't get around to mailing the rest of the projects I had done. Slacker, I know.  Somehow, pregnancy kicks my butt in ways I will never understand.  I do think that *A* and Baby N were happy with their package.  My friend was so very kind enough to feature my blanket in her newborn photos of Baby N.  Ok, I am just going to do it  and toot my own horn here, which I very, very rarely ever do.... 

Baby N looked absolutely 100% perfect snuggled in the blanket I made for him!  Thank you, *A*, for sharing those first moments with me and using something I'd made to do so.  It means so much and looking at these photos warms my heart better than any mug of hot chocolate could every manage!

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