Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tummy Tuesday: 19 Weeks

These past few days have been really interesting around here. I started several new projects, all of which I am excited about, but I don't entirely have time to execute them all in a timely manner.  By timely, I mean for the holidays.  Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?

This week has also been an emotional rollercoaster for me.  I have been in 900 arguments over petty misunderstandings and miscommunications.  While most of these squabbles have happened on social media (Facebook), I can't just chuck things up to context getting lost in written versus spoken word.  It's not that.  I think my hormones have it out for me.  There comes a point when you just have to stop and think about the common denominator in so many situations..... and, well, it was ME!  I am not happy about my lack of control when it comes to my emotions these days.  I am exhausted with apologies and overwhelmed with emotions, both positive and negative, and insecure about some friendships, as this pregnancy and my occasional bad attitude progress.  It's a lot to process. 

I did have a great day, today though!  Today, I am actually 22 weeks along, but as I have mentioned this blog is a little back dated so that I can have some peace of mind in knowing that I don't have to rush to take pictures and whatnot each week.  I have a three week cushion of time.  And I needs it!  This week, I have been a sinus/allergy hot mess, complete with migraines, constant nosebleeds, dermatitis, aches, pains, and exhaustion.  I ended up skipping my "Mommy Monday" post this week.  It's a good one, so I will have it ready for next week for sure!
Today was such a great and Productive Day!  I don't know about you, but my personal self-esteem is measured by how much I can accomplish.  I wish it were tied to past accolades, my beauty, or something that is a little more in my control, but what drives me from day to day is my TO DO List and getting tasks done.  So today, I powered through my headache and my nosebleeds to check things off my list.  I checked off everything but ONE thing.  Holllaaaaaa!!!!

Today, while out running errands, I had the wildest thought- I need to make a list of things I need to STOP doing while pregnant!  LOLOLOL!  I figured I would share these thoughts.

1- Stop Not Wearing Maternity Clothes
Yes, I can still fit into my regular clothes.  No, it's not very comfortable if I wear jeans or something that doesn't stretch.  My "uniform for life" is yoga pants with a t-shirt, but it is officially colder than a witch's nipple in January here. That means, I need sweatshirts.  I have them.  Just not for a growing belly.  I have TWO long sleeved maternity shirts.  Two.  I save them for when I have to get "jazzy" for a night on the town or some event.  Otherwise, you can find me smashed into a regular t-shirt and a sweatshirt that has all kinds of baby guts hanging out the bottom.  Most of my shirts are not at all meant for bellies of any sort.  I also refused to waste money on "maternity yoga pants" because they looked the same as the ones I had.  WRONG!  Maternity yoga pants have some sort of hidden skin coverage contraption or something because my current situation has me with baby guts and mama butts hanging out everywhere.  Today while out, I caught a huge chill from the icy wind.  That was my sign.  It's officially "Cover Dat Ass Season".

2- Stop Drinking Before Going Out
During this pregnancy, I have been REALLY dehydrated.  I feel like I am always chugging some sort of liquid.  I have developed this irrational fear that if I don't keep water in my car or drink 8ounces before leaving my home, I will shrivel up into a prune and die.  I have had vivid nightmares of my death by dehydration.  I always turn into an exotic dried fruit, never a prune actually.  Nowadays, this water chugging situation is making me a maniac.  Last week, when I picked up my Little Darling, I screamed at the attendant, "I'm DYING!  I need a potty!  Can I potty in the school?  Are the kids gone?"  She looked terrified.  I was mortified.  When I got out, my bladder was so full, it was throbbing.  I did a hobble/pee-pee dance across the parking lot and into the bathroom.  Without knowing it, I let out maaaaaaybe some moans.  The attendant asked me at least three times if I was all right.  Uhm, yea, lady!  Unless you wanna pee for me next time, I think I have it under control. I am pretty hell-bent on not embarrassing my Little Darling while pregnant.  I nearly failed.  A total fail would have been voicing those sentiments out loud to the attendant.  I smiled and was polite.  Mission Accomplished.

3- Stop Talking to People On Facebook
This should read: Stop Talking to Humans in General!  I am WAY too emotional.  I mean, I am a bitch.  I am mean.  I can't help it.  I keep trying to not yell at people and go off, but I am not able to make that happen.  I have prayed and prayed over this, let me just say.  For whatever reason, people and their arrogance and their unnecessary sensitivity to things I say or post on Facebook make me insane and... well, Evil.  I am usually quite opinionated, but never hateful.  I will argue something that is of importance to me.  Let me tell you, arguing about Kim Kardashian's naked titties is NOT a priority to me at all.  Yet, I argued vehemently about Kim Kardashian's bum, tits, and sex life.  I mean, for real?!  My hormones will be the death of my sanity as I know it.  I am to the point where maybe I should stay away from Facebook.  Or maybe I should find a way to disable the comments section on my page.  That way people will be forced to do what they should have in the first place:  Mind their business, Bite their tongue, Keep scrolling.  Unfortunately, in regards to the people who annoy me face-to-face, it's a whole different story.  They will all have to get hit with my handbag until my hormonal rage dies down long enough for me to see/think straight.  I'll smooth it all over with hugs and apologies later.
So for the next week or so, I am going to try three NEW things to improve my life as a Preggo:
1- Cover my guts and butts
2- Skip the 8oz drink before walking out the door, and have it an hour before I hit the road.
3- Be positive on Facebook or just stay away for a week.

Please wish me luck on not getting locked up for beating someone with my purse or for indecent exposure.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love you! you look so glowy and beautiful! sorry this week has been rough...always here for you day or night when you need me! please don't leave Facebook! i would be so bored. you are my daily entertainment lol

  2. You are so beautiful!

    Being pregnant suits you. You look great!