Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Middle Finger to This Overcast

...Right here, Right now, my Little Darling has announced that the FBI arrived, riding on motorcycles.  Yeap. That's my world.  A never-ending story about random make-believe fantasies. I love it!  LOL!  I love that my daughter totally inherited my overactive imagination and amazing skills in story telling.

This week has been really busy. Lot's of running to and fro.  Lots of baby chasing, where Kiki is concerned.  Lots of cleaning, although I detest housework and I can almost ALWAYS find something better to do.

Today, however, I completely felt tired.  It might have been the busyness of the week. It might have been the mishap with the laxative tea...  Yea....  I could do a whole (hilarious) post on poop alone, but basically, it went bad.  I had a stomach ache until this morning. 

Rather than lying down, I decided to head out a walk around for a bit...  I ended up walking four miles. Not bad for someone with an upset stomach, toting around two kiddos.  But when I came in, I was (and still AM) drained.  I want to sleep!  This whole week has had a non-stop threat of rain.  There was a lot of overcast today.  And today, I am giving this weird ass weather The Middle Finger.

In order to cheer myself up and recharge my battery, so to speak, I flipped through some pictures I took on a spectacularly sunny day some weeks ago. Wanna see?

I love flowers, and this is the most interesting time of year because you can see all the bumblebees gathering nectar from all the beautiful flowers.

Then, I came across this AMAZING house!  The owner totally pulled up and caught me being a creep.  I just haaaad to take pictures of her garden!
It doesn't look like much from this photo, but *Oh Em Gee*, was it breathtaking!  I mean, so many different kinds of flowers and so many bugs.  I know bugs are "icky", but I love observing them in their natural habitats.

Apparently, Lavender plants = BEES!  I had no idea how attracted bees were to this plant, until I risked my life to get a few snapshots. LOL.  Yep.  Drama!  I know.
And seriously, there were so many plants I had never seen!  Ten bucks to the first person who can tell me what all these plants are!

Bunny in a cage!  So pretty!  I wish she had a woodland forest full of these little creatures, filled with vegetation.  I love it!

Even a plant of nothing but thorns is beautiful. I couldn't get a good enough quality close-up, but there was a trail of ants walking up and down these thorned branches.

The owner of the house also had an amazing backyard, filled with all sorts of metal work and glass art.
This was just one of the pieces she had in her backyard.  I wanted to take more photos, but I felt so terrible!  I mean, she was so incredibly cool about my being a complete creep and taking all these photos outside of her home...

She was wonderful and just smiled.  There were so many more flowers and bugs all over.  I could have spend hours just looking at each flower in detail and taking more and more wonderful photos. 

I didn't want this to be too, too photo-heavy, but I had to share this garden.  In hindsight, I wish I had taken just a brief moment to introduce myself, and let her know that I am not a creeper.  That way, maybe I could have taken a picture of her for everyone to see.

Taking care of plants takes patience and care.  And for her to have such an amazing spectacle to show off, despite the crazy weather we have been getting here, shows a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work.  I love seeing people take time to cultivate and grow nature!
I hope that, when faced with overcast ad crap-tastic weather, that someone feels inspired to give that shitty weather the MIDDLE FINGER.  Think of sunny days, blooming flowers, and bright green foliage!
Happy Thursday!


  1. Wow you took some amazing photos x

  2. Such an amazing post! I love each picture so much. Especially peonies!!! It is difficult find them in Turkey:(
    Thanks for sharing...

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I've just had a lovely time looking round yours. I like the photos of the beautiful flowers and I LOVE your crocheted hexies! The colours are amazing. It's given me the idea to crochet hexies to make a table mat. Thank you! Can't wait to see your finished pillow cover. Marion x

  4. i left a comment here the other day but i guess it didn't go through! i love all the pictures they are sooooo pretty!