Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Crazy Mind and Magnolias

Did anyone else BINGE WATCH this show???  I know I did!  I watched all 13 eps in less than 48 hours.  I LOVE THE SHOW! Please pardon the row of children's shows underneath.  LOL!  As you can tell, my Little Darling and Kiki have a monopoly on Netflix.  I was granted a small moment to watch a grown up show this past weekend.....

Today was a great day... So much over cast though.  I loved the break from the excessive and oppressive heat.  Apparently, I'd gotten sunburn on my shoulders.  I didn't know what it was!  As you can imagine, someone with my skin color doesn't get burned easily or often.  When I realized that I was burned, I figured it was time to start applying sunscreen, not just to my Little Darling and Kiki, but to myself as well.  Unfortunately, I was allergic to the sunscreen.  I can't win on some days!

While I was walking for what felt like For.Ev.Er, I had several random thoughts, most associated with walking my miles.  Because I love you, I will let you into my crazy mind, for a moment...

My Little Darling finds some coins she’d put inside the pocket of a purse a few months ago.  Today, I pulled out the purse, wondering why it was so heavy.  It turned out, there was a little money inside.  My Little Darling got to experience the thrill of randomly finding money in a purse she hadn’t used in months.  With her excitement, she yelled, “YAAAAAAAAS!  I’M RICH AGAIN!!!”  She found $3.  It really is the small things.

.  That awkward moment with the creepy maintenance man stares at you for too long because your athletic shorts are shorter than most pairs of panties you own.  I’m a tall drink of water!  What else can I say?  Long Legs, Don’t Care!

Ten thousand steps is supposed to be 5 miles.  Well, I walked that, and it was just 8100 steps  Tall Girl Probs.

That frustrating moment when walking ONE mile feels like 5 because I have to stop for 5 minutes on each lap to give the girls my undivided attention.

I am about 25% sure that I control the weather.  I come out during gloom and doom, and inevitably the sun comes out and bakes my skin off about half way through my walk.  While I am flattered that God holds me in his favor enough to ensure that I am able to walk miles in nice weather, I am currently thinking of ways to better use this to my benefit Like, head out on a rainy day, as though I am walking miles, but continue onto the park instead.  Smart thinking, I think!

It just started raining.  You win, Jesus.  You win. 

Congratulations.  You now know what a crazy person I can be, as I am walking.  I have crazy random thoughts all the time, but I usually reserve them for Facebook posts.  Someone mentioned that I am doing social media all wrong.  That I should be doing my artwork in a Tumblr account (which I have, but don't use), my pretty pictures of food in an Instagram account (which I have, but don't use), and my witty stat updates should be in a Twitter account (which I have, but don't use).  I have all the accounts so I can stalk my favorite celebrities and to look for inspiration.  I can't imagine running so many accounts Effectively!  I do well to make a quick blog post every here and there!

I typically save my winning, snide remarks and random, jumbled, inappropriate thoughts for Facebook, which is also where I post too many pictures of food and the occasional personal photo of kiddos.  I like to blog and post pretty things here.

Today, I was walking and I was literally stopped in my tracks because of this Magnolia Tree!

I think I have established that I love nature, trees, leaves, bugs, and flowers. At least here, in BlogSpot world, that's what I have established.  If you came to my FB page, you would think I am all about food.  LOL.  There's a place for all of my obsessions. I am very organized!
I am actually very allergic to magnolia trees, but these flowers!  I was completely enticed by the smell and seduced by their sensual petals.  So much beauty!

Yes, I was so absorbed and fascinated that I risked anaphylactic shock to get closer looks at the buds and the leaves and whatever that puffy thing in the center is called... Flower Power Folks, help a girl out here.  I apologize for not being more versed in the anatomy of flowers. LOL!

Even the flowers that were turning brown and starting to wilt were beautiful!
I am so grateful for this moment of exploration of nature and appreciation of something truly beautiful on such a gloomy, humid day. 

So....  we all know that I have been working and working away on this giveaway thing.... But where is it, right?
Let me tell you the short version.  Somehow, there were Flying Ants coming out of the ceiling in my closet.  Gross.  I  know. I ended up having to throw away THREE large trash bags of yarn and WIPs that I had going.... I wish someone would have explained that when you spray a flying ant on the cieling, their corpse just falls.  So anything that wasn't in a closed container was thrown away.  I love bugs, but I am not picking them out of yarn.  Fortunately for me, I store MOST of my yarn in another room and in closed containers.  I just had my WIPS organized in open bins inside of my closet.  This is the first time my organization skills have worked against me.  I should have thrown those projects in with the rest of my yarn, safely stored in a closed container.
Well, the ants were in my clothes, the clothes that were out in the open on shelves, and I didn't know.  So I wore my clothes and I was bitten a few times by ants.  I am allergic to (everything!) bug venom and the bites quickly turned into raging dermatitis.  I was taking ridiculous amounts of Benadryl and using serious steroid creams to get rid of it.  I was pretty unconscious for about a week.
Because of this incident, I didn't get to make the items for my giveaway that I had planned.  This was several weeks ago.  There are now NO ANTS in my apartment. Yaaaay!  *Happy Dance* and I have recovered from my allergic reaction.  Unfortunately, in that time, I was on Instagram in the past few weeks, and I saw soooooo many giveaways!  I will admit that I am now officially completely and totally intimidated!  I had a great plan that I was going to do, and I have changed it and steered from it several times.  Now that I am overwhelmed, I am at a point where I will just finish the items and someone will win them (I hope!) and now, I will know for next time.
So here is a small sneak peak of a couple things I have been working on. 

I am not sure when I will finish everything, but it will have a mix of items...crochet, felt, sewing.... just different things that are part of a larger project that I have wanted to do for a few years.  I am thinking I will do the series in a week or two...  That should give me enough time to (find some confidence!) finish all the items I want to give away.  I am about 90% done!  And this little sneak peak is just the tip of the iceberg.

Hope you're having a Happy Hump Day (Wednesday!)

I am off to bed!  G'Night!


  1. Bless fancy being allergic to magnolia trees! Glad your all better now, they smell divine too dont they?loving the little things your making♡

  2. pretty magnolias!!! coola makes an organic sunscreen that is 50 spf and it works great! i am so proud of you for walking everyday! keep going girl! we will be milfs again soon