Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I "HEART" Pinterest !

How is everyone this Happy Tuesday?  Everything is getting back to normal in this household.  This past weekend, The Hubs and our Little Darling went to a family reunion out of town.  Kiki is with her family on vacation for the next two weeks, leaving me all alone.  I wish I could complain, but it was the most terrific time!  I love getting an entire weekend to myself, after spending months and months drowning in domestic daily tasks.  I will share my weekend with you some other day.

Today is all about crochet hearts! I am so excited to announce that today is MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!  Yay!!!  I have been wanting to host a giveaway for....  Uhm.... Only about the past THREE YEARS!  I am so happy that the moment is finally here, where I have had the time to complete all the items and present them.

About a month ago, I was doing a small post and I showed this picture...

I shared this with the promise that I would come back and share more about the crochet hearts.

Today is that day!  I made those hearts quickly above to take a break from the hexagons....which were to take a break from sewing....which was to take a break from crochet....  Suddenly, I am beginning to finally understand exactly why it took me three years to finally make a Giveaway post!

How about this, Bri, maybe you should just Finish What You Start?  LOL!  I am happy that I was able to practice making more crochet hearts this past weekend, but what happened was I completely didn't know what to do with all of them when I was finished.

Mini Crochet Heart// Felt Cloud: my own pattern// Tags: from stationery booklet// Envelopes:  my own template

I practiced making three of each heart until I felt fairly confident with the end results.  And also until I memorized each pattern.  I started with a really simple, one round heart and then progressed into something more difficult.

Crochet Butterfly // Crochet Heart // Felt flower: my own pattern // Felt Cloud:  my own pattern
Crochet Heart // Crochet Rosette // Crochet Collar // Felt Cloud: my own pattern

 Things were actually going so well with the crochet hearts that I chose to try my luck with crochet butterflies, which were similar in pattern to the hearts and even a crochet collar.  I have been seeing them everywhere lately, and I thought to myself, "This can't be too hard to make".  When I zoomed in on several pictures, I could tell that it was extremely similar to the pattern used for making the rosettes.  I am always so intimidate to make new things from patterns.  I just never seem to understand how to read them, and it makes me completely crazy!  I got lucky to find a "new" pattern that uses an "old" favorite technique :-)  And so I made, not only this one, but THREE crochet collars.  I even sort of created my own pattern to make some the way *I* want them to look.  Again, that will get its own post later too.  I love the collars I made and I really can't wait to show them off.

All of the crochet items in this post are found on my Pinterest Board, which you can check out and/or follow.

Now, I have a pile of cute things that I have made, and in my extreme excitement over being able to read, understand, and Complete these patterns, I want to GIVE THIS ALL AWAY!

So, without further ado, here are all the giveaway items:

1- crochet collar (adult/teenager sized), 1- crochet rosette, 9- crochet hearts, 2- crochet butterflies, 3- felt flowers, 4- gift tags, 4- envelopes, 3- embellished felt cloud magnets.

The Rules:

1- You MUST comment on this initial blog post here, and tell me what you would do with any of the items you win... make a bunting? decorate clothing? create some hair pins?

2- You MUST follow my blog.

3- You MUST share this giveaway somewhere: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Your Blog... Pick your social media poison.  Please leave me a link to your share in the comments, so that I can count the entry. 

4- If you want extra entries......  You will get an additional entry per share on a social media. 
((Example: Sara comments here and shares a link to this post on her blog (1).  Then she also shares on her FB timeline, her IG page, and on Twitter--  That is 4 entries for Sara total.))

Please leave an email address so that I can contact you, in the event that you win.

The Winner will be chosen next Monday, June 23, 2014.

I look forward to this giveaway and I am super excited because I actually have many more giveaways to do before this year is over, so watch out!!!  I will be spoiling people, and I couldn't be happier! 

Good Luck !



  1. Wow my dear you have made some gorgeous things. If I won I would make bunting from the hearts, make little keyring out of the little clouds. The big flower I would use as a brooch and lasttly the butterflies would go on item of clothing.Well done you x

  2. Such cute items! I'd use the flowers in my hair as accessories :)

    1. I shared on Facebook for you!

    2. I got you, Shea! I saw the post and liked it :-)

  3. I didn't notice the little clouds. How cute!!! I would definitely make hair bows

    1. Glad you figured out the comments section :-) I am pretty excited As of right now, your odds seems pretty awesome. LOL. You have a 1 in 3 chance of winning!

  4. Great idea too!!
    Yes I do my own pattern for flowers...
    I love your hearts I will try to do it also.
    Miss xx

  5. Hi Bri! Your giveaway looks wonderful! Sorry I'm too late to join. Hope you got lots of entries. Can't wait to read the next post to find out who wins! x