Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Leibster Award -- Part Two (finally!)

I am so very sorry about the delay with this Award. I think this is why I never get awarded anything!  LOL.  Well, I couldn't find 11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers.  And when I found some, I couldn't think of 11 questions to ask them!  I know.  Why am I making this so hard?

Well, I have my blogs now, and I have my questions, so I am now 100% officially ready to ROCK!

Here are the rules:

3..... FIND 11 BLOGS WITH FEWER THAN 200 FOLLOWERS AND ASK THEM 11 NEW QUESTIONS.....if you don't have 11 blogs to nominate, it's totally OK!

Time for Questions!

And here are the blogs that I found.  Clearly, I need to expand my reading list to some newer bloggers, so I can support them.  Having followers and comments is so important for morale.  It encourages people to keep sharing and keep connecting, and that is what I want to do!

Jen at Broke Girl Makeup

Daniela at Curly Made

Janine at Eat. Pray. Smile.

Faith76 at Faiths Craftbox

Tracy-Ann at Erdbeerdiamant

Marianne at Lady Bird Diaries

Marion at My Two Girls

......As you can see, I follow a variety of blogs, but usually, I find new blogs in the comments section on the posts I enjoy.  Basically, really popular blogs get more popular, and such.  I am really happy for successfully blogs!  I can learn so much from them and I gain so much inspiration.  But what about us little guys, right?  We need readers too, right?  I really enjoy these blogs, and I am looking forward to hopefully making some new friends.  Except for Jen.  I think I have her bagged as a friend, already!  LOL!  You know I love you, Baby!

And, as always, a BIG, Heartfelt THANK YOU to My Wool Valley for nominating me.  I am sending a cyber HUG to France for you, sweetie!



  1. Hi Bri! Thanks so much for nominating my blog for the Liebster Award. You are so sweet and kind. Having readers and comments do inspire me to share more and I think this is a great way to get to know other new blogs, make connections and meet new friends. Thanks again and I hope you're having a wonderful week. Marion x

  2. Thank you Bri for the award you have made my evening xx:-) Leah x

  3. Many thanks for the nomination...very kind of you. Hope you are having a good weekend!
    Marianne x