Thursday, March 8, 2012

'Ugh..You caught me while monologuing!"

I am not sure that I have had time to elaborate on this, but I am a movie-buff.  I like so many sorts of movies that it is a waste of time to even bother with listing.  I am just going to be making more posts about books and movies because those are more of my favorite things! 

My top loves (in regards to hobbies, of course!!)
1- art/craft/creation
2- music
3- books/ movies (these are the same since no one in the film industry is creative enough to be original)
4- dance/singing (these are the same because I am equally TERRIBLE at both! Terry-boool!!!)

So... it's late and I was craving coffee.  By late, I mean 1am, now.  If I drink coffee at 1am, I will sleep tomorrow afternoon at 1pm, and then miss my shift at work.  I  just had this damn fluffy, delicious donut that I wanted to eat and it could only be paired with coffee.  I have a Kuerig, so I brewed a K-cup, poured half of it out, brewed nothing but water, poured half of that out and drowned it all with some creamer.......did I create decaf?  Or will I be falling asleep around 10am, rather than 1pm???

Anyway, as I tried to sort out the whole decaf thing, I thought about films with the most difficult monologues.  I have not seen EVERY film since the dawn of the industry, but I can think of some of my favorites...  Imagine if you had to learn these monologues for an audition!

***  I didn't want to include videos in the post, but you can click on the scene and it will take you to a clip of the monologue!***

#1 - The Matrix: Reloaded.  The Architect Scene. 
 (Because it is unexpected and delivered in such a 'matter-of-fact' tone although it's a HUGE turning point in the film)

#2 - V for Vendetta.  V's Introduction to Evey.
(Because it is hilarious and so complicated.  How can someone be so creative in introduction, however rather than be amused and interested in him, the nature of the delivery only verifies your concern that he is INSANE!)

(because I have seen this movie zillions of times and I still get confused about what she is saying.  Only an actress of great talent can breesze through something this confusing!)

I have seen all of these films 100s of times.  I LOVE them all, but I have to say that my absolute favorite monologue of them all is Down With Love.  The most complex and difficult to remember is in V for Vendetta.  I would get completely tongue-tied with all the words that start with 'V', and I have no idea what most of them even mean! 

Here is a small fact about me that I haven't shared: I think of amazing monologues all the time because my sister works in the theatre industry and I am always thinking of great monologues for her to practice for auditions.

Do you have any favorite lines from movies?  It's always so much fun to laugh and act out your favorite scenes with someone who shares the same interest in genres as you.  I am curious if there is anyone else who has a favorite monologue!

All righty.  Coffee's all done, and so is this post! But before I go, you should know that the title of my post is actually also from a movie!  The Incredibles!  yes, I love animated films!!!

  Good night......... I hope ^_^

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  1. ahhh I absolutely love the one from V for Vendetta, sooooo clever!! & I'd never heard of "down with love" but after watching the clip, I think I'm a fan!! :-P go girrrl haha