Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spring Fling

I wish that I had an unlimited budget to completely devote to fashion.  And then I wish that I would be able to squeeeeeeeze into the size zeroes and twos that you have to wear in order to pull off most of the looks.

But, hey, a girl can dream!  So here are just a few of my favorite spring/summer 2012 looks.  Just a few!

L: Alberta Ferretti; R: Clements Ribiero  Spring/Summer 2012 Ready to Wear Collections
Green is my favorite color and I love dresses.  I will admit that I have never worn a fitted dress like this with any confidence.  Most of my life, I was ashamed because I was bone-thin.  Now, I gots me some meat on these bones, and I am too ashamed of cleavage and booty-meat.

Christian Siriano Spring/Summer 2012 Ready to Wear
Obviously, these aren't  clothes you just throw on before you head out to grab a few things from the grocery store...but if I lived the life of some super-rich housewife who only sat around eating bon-bons, while being fabulous as someone else did all my dirty work....this is what I would eat my bon-bons in. This is what I would wear around my mansion, while learning exotic languages because I had nothing better to do than look marvelous and sound smart!

Emanuel Ungaro Spring/Summer 2012 Ready to Wear

These are more amazing looking clothes.  You know...something that would look good with a bon-bon in hand.  Hahahaha!  I am obsessed with truffles and bon-bons tonight, I guess!  Really, these are power clothes. These are my outfits to my important business meetings and the boring ridiculous business evenings out with stuffy old men and their terrible white-collar humor.  I would pretend that everything is funny and all is well so that I could get my promotion while I wore this white gown...

I wish I knew how to sew.  I would create the most beautiful looking things for people to wear.  I will be honest, I think I would have to price my clothing more fairly.  I want everyone to have access to something this magnificent.  You know, the idea of "Fake It til You Make It" totally came from playing dress up!  Pretending to be high quality, high maintenance, well groomed and special in clothes and make up...  You can be anything, depending on your mood and the outfit you have as your accessory!

One day!  One day, I will bring some affordable outstanding fashion to a neighborhood near you!

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  1. The long blue one, off the shoulder...beautiful. I would totally wear that one. I wonder if it would be hard to make....hmmmmm