Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I never get to the point where I am not surprised and EXTREMELY thankful for people reading my blog.  I will be honest... I totally forget to check for comments on a regular basis. I don't blog regularly, and I realize that I don't blog about any one topic consistently, so that may also deter people from reading or following... So, I basically just use my blog as a journal and a place to share thoughts and ideas for passersby.

I used to be hung up on whether anyone was reading and it became an unhealthy obsession.  Then, I thought "Well, I guess I won't post unless I have something special to report....or unless I am starting a new project and then again when I finish".  If I continued to operate on that thought process, you wouldn't ever hear from me again.  So I took some time away from blogging and eventually, I also stopped coming on the site all together.  Well, a couple of months ago, I started checking in once a week...and then a few times per week...and well,

So, I just want to thank all the sweethearts who read my blog and all the Awesome new people who have started to read it.  And to all the blogs I follow (you know who you are), I just want to say I'M SORRY that I haven't been leaving comments, like I usually do. I am slowly working back into my routine the time to read, comment, and post regularly!

Right now, I am currently working REALLY hard on my first give away.  I tried really hard about 6 months ago, and I got 80% finished...and I hit a brick wall.  I couldn't figure out the last few parts of the project to complete it.  I am sure that this time, I won't give up and I won't get distracted!  I hope in either a few days or a week, I will have something to GIVE AWAY :D *Happy Dance*

Again, THANK YOU for being fucking Awesome, and paying me & my little world some attention. 


  1. You're welcome - thanks for dropping by my blog too. Have a great day. :)

  2. It's good to have you back, BumbleBri :) we've missed you!