Sunday, March 4, 2012

I Put a HEX on Youuuu!

Hello!  Hello!  How's life in the cyberverse these days?

I have made some posts that haven't had much to do with creativity.....although in my first post in a long time, I mentioned the importance of CREATIVE EXPRESSION.

Well, I have been steadfast in my payment of debts, which doesn't leave me with extra money for supplies.  Normally, if I am just thinking of starting a project, I hit up the craft stores to make sure I have everything I need.  That way, somewhere part ways through the project, I don't have to find the time to buy more supplies if I run out of them.  Well, I needed to get creating again.  So I worked on my Baby Rainbows blanket, knowing that I may run out of yarn....and that is what happened!  I ran out of my rainbow colored yarn.

The good news is I have had the time and money to buy some last weekend, so now I can continue with the project.

The GREAT news is that, while I was waiting on the money and time to come together for me to make it to the store for baby rainbow yarn, I decided to make due with what I already had in my stash.  I decided to start a project for my couch.  I really need a throw of some sort.  It gets chilly in my living room because my balcony window is huge.

I love hexagons.  First, I thought about making lots of little granny squares, but then I re-thought about it.  At this point, I have started several hexagon blankets, but I have never finished any of them.   I hate that edges are all wonky.  I want them to be perfectly straight.  It's almost like the hexagons have put a hex (curse) on me, and I will never be totally satisfied with the end result.  Well, I am fighting back!!  I have nothing to worry about... I can let go of all my tendencies for perfection with this project.  It's MINE! 

Goodness!  My camera does not do these colors any justice.  Anyway, at the moment, I don't have any plans as far as design and combination of the colors/motifs, but I am not worried about that.  I know that I will need about 120 hexagons.  I know I like thos colors and I want it to be darker than lighter, with  more browns than anything else because that would look good on my couch...... other than that... I am just taking this day by day, hexie by hexie until it comes together on its own.  I like to just "be in the moment" with this project. 

I'm going to start connecting them in a few days....  So stay tuned to see what it starts to become as the hexies take on their shape into a nice little throw for my sofa!  Also, if you have  a blog and you like to make things for your home, I am totally interested, so share your info with me and, if you dare, share some ideas!


  1. The colors you've chosen look really nice together. :)

  2. I really wanna learn how to crochet! I am going to try to start going to this hookers group. The name cracks me up. :-D