Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Field of Lavender

Why HELLO!!!  It's be a long time... No, a Long Time!!

I have my reasons for having taken such a long leave of absence.  Excuses are like assholes, so I will show you mine.  Why not get all close and personal on my first post back?

1-  I worked too much. No time to be creative killed a part of my soul.  Now, I am staying home full time.

2- My laptop BROKE in every way possible, from the hinge to the outlet; from the mother board to being hacked with viruses.  I'm making (this) my first post on my new Baby!  It feels great to be reunited with the tech world!

3-  My art room was a colossal disaster:
 Clearly, I've solved that little problem.  Now, I have Time, a Computer, and a Creative Space!   Who knew there was a recipe for blogging perfection? Now, I know this!  And yea buddy, I just rose up out my chair and did a Happy Dance!  Ha ha ha :-)

So what have I been up to?  This summer was loaded with travels and writing letters to pen pals.  I love snail mail!  My family returned from our last little vacay at Disney World in late September.  I quit my job shortly before we left.  Since then, it's been about developing a new routine and finding all these projects that I have started and not finished over the past three years that I was working too much.

I chose to start with something adorable...

I started this project for a friend back in April. She's a special friend whom I've actually never met in person.  She and I started writing to one another about four years ago.   She has had a sweet, precious baby girl.   My friend loves this color, so I was pretty happy she had a girl. It would have been a little difficult to incorporate lavender into a blanket meant for a boy!  Not impossible, however.  I've got some design skills!

I absolutely love making African Hexies.  They are so beautiful to me.  It's prettier than stripes and, to me, more interesting to look at than granny squares.  The only thing I can't handle is the weird edges!  It makes the end result look like it's unfinished.  A long time ago, I searched for a pattern to fill this in.

I found a pattern online somewhere about three years ago.  As you can see, I haven't added these parts yet, and I don't know what to expect once they are added to the edges. I have never made them before, even though I've had the pattern this whole time. I'm hoping for some magic!
I am not finished with the blanket yet. I have one  full row to add and then all the half hexies.  That's tonight's goal.  I hope within the next few days, I will have a finished blanket with a hat and maybe even a cardigan.  This will be a Christmas gift for sweet Baby R's first Christmas.  I hope she & Mama S like it!

I will post details about supplies and patterns on my next post, when the project is complete.  I'll also give you a small sneak peak into my next project.  It's gift-giving season, so I'm going to be busy, cranking them out!
Have the most lovely of Sundays!  

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