Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hunting For A Bunting

This week has felt really busy.  I think I forgot how involved blogging can be.  I also forgot about the notion that, when you have a craft blog, you are also expected to work on projects and complete them on a regular basis. HA! Well, lucky for me, I have about 20 projects that I have worked on for the past year or so that are near completion.  I just need to get hookin'!

I also discovered that the light in my apartment is horrible!  I may as well be living in the Bat Cave.  With that said, please excuse whatever terrible quality the pictures have for the moment.  It would be great if I could find some photo equipment with the holiday deals that will be coming up.  I am hoping to get some lights for sure!

So, let me get into what I have been working on this week:  Buntings!

I made my first one a few weeks ago.  I made it as part of a package for a snail mail pal.  I will show it to you some other day, as I have just found out that the photo is really terrible.  I really loved making that bunting. It was easy and fun to make.  Of course, I decided to make more "trial runs" and see what I could do.

This is the second bunting I made.  The other day, I mentioned going completely mad over details and trying to incorporate light blues into this color combo. Clearly, I was unable to make that happen, but what I did end up with is much better than what I dreamed possible. Lesson Learned:  Just go with it, and let creativity guide you, rather than being too much of a control freak.

I was really happy with the oranges, pinks, and greens. 
This is for Baby R's package for another snail mail friend.  I Love to write letters and to give gifts this way.  It's such an amazing way to share and connect with people.  To exchange something hand-written and handmade can really make someone's day.  It says, "I thought about you and I chose to give you something more valuable than anything:  My time!  I care about you!"  Or at least, that is the feeling I get whenever I get a letter or package from a pen friend in the mail. 
After feeling happy with these results, I had so many triangles and little things out. Remember, I had this perfectionist melt down, and I made 70-something triangles and bows and found all these little notions... 
So, I figured, why not make one more. I had fun making the other two once I remembered the real purpose behind being creative.  So I took the left over patterned papers and got to work on another.
I have another pen friend, M, who also just recently had a baby girl.  I think there is something in the water because there are precious baby girls being born all over.  Let me just say this:  I seriously Adore making things for little girls.  This is a little simpler than the previous bunting, but I wanted to try different things.  These are all trials for me, as I learn to perfect the skill. Don't get me wrong.  I try to make my trial runs as perfectly close to how things would look after I've gotten a grasp on the skill.

The buntings are made from paper, like most of the ones I've seen.  Just regular scrapbooking papers.  I have this huge box of bows, buttons, flowers, ribbons, and sparklies.  Those were the main source of my embellishments.  I made all the mini bows on the buntings by myself.  I am a tall woman, with big man-hands, so that was a lot of fun. LOL!  No, really, I had a blast making tiny bows.  I made the tops of this particular bunting sparkle with a little pixie dust that I have had in my stash for ages.

I am hoping to get even more creative with the buntings I make.  I have so many more ideas on ways to embellish them and different styles.  To me, these are some big accomplishments because I love learning to make something new.  I hope I can max out on the creativity here.  More importantly, I hope that both Mama S and Mama M enjoy these buntings for their babies. 

Have a great week!

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