Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rock, PAPER, scissors

Hello, Hello!  I hope everyone is having a great day today.  I am :-)

Today, I am ready to mail a package to my dear friend *M* in Holland.  As you know, I love exchanging handwritten letters.  I have had many of my snail mail friends for about four years now.  *M* is one of those friends.  She is so much fun and I wanted to send her something special.

I am all about PAPER!  I love making things out of paper:  envelopes, cards, journals, stationery.  I am not good at making most of those things, but I really enjoy trying to be.  And I am a PAPER HOARDER!  I have soooooo much paper!  Whenever Hobby Lobby has a 50% off sale, I grab at least 4 packs of scrapbooking papers.  I also go to my local art stores and buy lots of Japanese papers.  I'm obsessed!..  Or maybe, I am just a creepy paper hoarder. Ha!  No doubt, I have more paper than I could use in about 3 years' time, if I were working on paper arts constantly and never bought a single sheet of paper during that time.

So in my paper adventures, I decided to try something new.  I decided to try making paper dolls.  I used to make paper dolls for my sister and me, when I was younger and we wanted new dolls. My parents didn't always have money for new toys.  I would use paper that had old school assignments on the back.  I made the girls into bunnies and I created all sorts of wardrobe items for the paper dolls.  I think doing this for my sister and myself all those years is what inspired my love for arts and fashion.  It also taught me to re resourceful and make something out of nothing.

Sorry about that tangent!  For my dear friend *M*, I made some paper dolls.  These are the first ones I have ever made like this.  Lots of adjustments need to be made.

I will give my best ones to *M*.  I will likely give away the others as well. 
I will definitely be making more dolls, so that I can discover the best way to go about making them. 

As for how I made the dolls, I used my Cricut.  My sister gave it to me 7 years ago, but I have only been learning to use it and all its features in the past year.  Each doll has about 90 kabillion small parts to her and I then have to assemble them and embellish them.  Even though I have lots to learn, I love the way these first ones came out.  There are 4-5 more patterns left that I didn't try yet.  I will soon, however.
And then, I made some envelopes.  I love envelopes.  I have made my own envelopes for years.  When I first began snail mailing, I wanted something more original than the envelopes I could find in stores.  I also knew that I had no intention on spending so much money on them.  That's when I started making my own.  I used cardstock and my Cricut to cut out the address labels.

This is the first bunting that I made a few weeks ago.

I made the bunting out of scrapbooking papers.  I made the mini bows by hand and I sewed little beads on to them.

Of course, all this comes with a cute, hand-written note inside of this handmade card that I threw together.  I love making cards, but I wouldn't say that I am very good at it.  I need much more practice!  Considering how much I love paper...and how much paper I've got stacked piles high, I think that some card-making might be in my near future for the holidays!
I felt really embarrassed about sending *M* a bunch of paper.  I love paper, but I am not sure how everyone else in the world feels about it.  LOL.  I decided that I would add in something special.
This summer, my family and I went to Mexico.  I found these adorable little handmade dolls.  I find toys from other countries to be so interesting.  These handmade dolls are so sweet.  I bought them so my Little Darling would have something to play with on the plane ride home.  They are so adorable, I just had to keep some for myself, and I chose to share them with my friend, *M*.  For just a few dollars, my Little Darling got about 15 dolls.   And I think the coin purse speaks for itself :-) 

All of this was so much fun to make.  I hope *M* enjoys everything in her little package.  In the next few weeks, I will be cranking out gifts for friends and their babies.  I look forward to completing some of these projects that I have had on my shelves! It feels so good to have time again to be creative.  It feels even better to have a computer to be able to share these adventures with someone!

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