Monday, December 2, 2013

It's December!!!

I just can't believe that it is already December.  It's gotten here so quickly again.  Remember being younger, during summer breaks from school, wishing time would go faster?  Remember not being able to wait until you were older?  I do.  And now, I keep begging for time to slow down and give me just moments longer in each phase of my life.  Funny how things like this change as we get older.

Well, today, you can find me on the floor of my living room, sipping gingerale out of a tea cup and snacking on saltines.  I think I might be the only person alive who gets terribly sick during the feasting time of the year.  Yes, Friday afternoon, The Hubs and I went out to eat.  Nothing fancy.  But hours later, I was violently sick.  Food poisoning.  So!  Here I am, 10 pounds lighter (yea, true food poisoning is no joke!) with a continually upset stomach, and no energy.  But, seriously, it's DECEMBER!!!  Who has time to be sick?  Not this (Super)Woman right here!

My house is a wreck because I have been out of commission all weekend.  I only began to recover yesterday morning. I have a HUGE pile of paper and notions on my dining room table for Christmas projects that were supposed to be completed over the weekend.  I gotta get our tree up.  It's a home school day.  There's laundry... meals... errands... tasks...  Uhm yea.  It's going to be interesting here in the next coming days.

Fortunately for me, I have already finished a few projects in the past week, so this week will basically be one Reveal after another.  Of that, I am proud!  I rarely finish anything, and I definitely rarely do it in a timely manner. So, allow me a moment to do a small Happy Dance *WOOT WOOT*

Remember this little cutie that I showed a little while back?  Well, I have a pattern on half African hexies that I used to make some of the edges a little less odd-shaped.

The finished blanket looks like this:


My apologies for the poor lighting.  I'm still hoping to find a good deal on some photography lights.  Of course, not just for blogging, but the lights would definitely come in handy for this too :-)

I had to go around the blanket with a few rounds of a boarder because the half hexies stick out a bit.  I also had to modify the pattern just a tad, so I will need to practice with this modified pattern a little more and then I will happy share!  If anyone is interested in the pattern without it being perfected, let me know!  Trust me, I am not a crochet guru at all. Ha!  So if you think you can whip this half hexie into submission, the pattern is all yours!

I had some extra African Flowers left over, so I decided to turn one into a hat.  I had done this before, just to try it out.  So I tried it out again.  And again, in typical ME fashion, I didn't write down how I did it at all!  Everything is trial & error with me.  Ha!  Sometimes it works, and sometimes, I just have to chuck it up to a learning experience.  But I think this hat it really cute.  I hope Mama S & Baby R like it as well!

I also made a little bow.  I love bows on baby girls.  They are always so adorable in photos.  This is attached to a headband, but the bow is removable and can be attached to the hat as well.

It's a little sad to end this project.  Can you believe that I started it back in April?  Seems crazy!  But these items are ready to be boxed up and shipped overseas to their new, warm and loving home.
This project was a lot of fun.  It was also very easy to finish, as soon as I had the time.  I just hope that both Mama & Baby are satisfied with my work :-)  It makes me truly happy to see others happy because of the work that I have done for them.
Throughout this month, I suspect you might be hearing from me quite a bit as I knock out gifts, decorations, and other things. I don't typically feel as motivated as I do during the holidays!  Something about the month of December that brings out my creative side in every way imaginable!
Have a great Monday! 

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