Sunday, December 8, 2013

Walking In My Winter Wonderland

I cannot believe that it has already been about a week since I have last posted.  That is what happens when I decide that I will post more often...  I somehow end up not posting anything at all.  I have issues with follow-through, commitment, and authority. Even when, in all of those situations, I am answering only to myself.  Something to work on:  Hold Self More Accountable.  No avoiding eye contact.

I do have a good excuse, however.  I have been BIZZAY!  Being sick for 5-6 days right after Thanksgiving was so much more than I bargained for.  I was completely out of it, and my apartment went to hell.  Growing up, I remember seeing how hard the women in my life worked.  They always warned me that a Woman's Work Is NEVER Done.  Back then, I thought, "Yea right!  I will design my own life, and I won't get sucked into the terrible, unpredictable, upsetting bowels of domestic life like you all!"  How clever I thought I was back then.  And then, just like that, I was right where they knew I would be.  I was stuck in the throws of domesticity, running around like a mad woman, doing everything in my power to make sure that my little world I worked so hard to create stayed functioning smoothly.

I started to feel better very late Wednesday, so I pulled a practical all-nighter to finish all my laundry.  I then spent all day and most of each night on Thursday & Friday completely consumed with errands and housework.  No sleep for the wicked, I guess.

But even with all this, I still managed to spend time with The Family.  Friday, we got our first snow of the season!  I don't know why, but I have always been excited about the season's first snow each year.  I can't drive worth a damn in bad weather, and I seriously hate being cold, but there's something magical about it.

I love looking at nature, as it is literally frozen in time.  We walked around the neighborhood, playing in the snow and taking pictures.  It was a great time. 
Ok, call me crazy, but I really love to eat ice cream in the winter.  I prefer fresh fruits and salads and warm tea all summer long, but, Baby, when it's cold outside, I only scream for ice cream!  So when we came back in from our little winter excursion, we all had some ice creams.  I am pretty plain.  Just vanilla with a little caramel and some pecans.  The Hubs and our Little Darling had much more extravagant sundaes.
Luckily, I finished some additional projects before I became sick.  I definitely didn't have the energy to work on things while I was under the weather, and no time for it when I was feeling better in these past few days.  I meant to post this little ta-dah moment earlier in the week.
I made these precious items for my friend, Mama M in Finland.  She has recently had her second baby.  I am really happy for her.  And, you know how much I love-love little, baby girls.  It's so much fun to make things for little girls.  I hope that sweet Baby M and Mama M love her little hat and headband bow. 
I am still getting used to making hats.  I somehow have only managed to make just a few, less than 10, in all my years of crocheting.  I made these hats quickly and I am happy with both of them!

I made this for her sweet son *G*.  I remember, when I was little, being jealous whenever one of my siblings got a gift.  My parents didn't have a lot of money, so we were always encouraged to share with one another, but my parents didn't always have the money to buy additional gifts for everyone each time one of us had a birthday.  I hope *G* likes his little hat.

This is the first time that I have made a hat with ears.  I think it's absolutely Adorable!  It's so precious that I have already made some plans to recreate this same style of hat in other colors just to experiment with what I can create.

I hope that both Mommy and the kiddos are happy with these gifts.  Mama M actually knits herself.  I am always nervous about giving someone who is crafty things that are handmade.  I don't doubt my skills, but I am worried someone will think, "I could do this myself and much better than this!"  But then again, it's the thought that counts.  I had Mama M and the kiddos on my heart this holiday season, especially since we have reconnected as pen pals in the past few months.

For me, I am going to call it a night, as far as the Cyberverse is concerned.  I have so many things I have to take care of ... preparing for the week and such.

Have a great week!

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