Monday, December 9, 2013

Just One Moment

Today, I have been super busy.  Things have slowed down for the day, and I am finally having a small, late lunch and getting lessons for homeschool started with my Little Darling.  While she is studying, I figured I would write as I snack on this delicious apple cake I baked the other day.  It's so yummy and so easy to bake that sometimes I will make one every week!

Today, I had to rush from place to place, getting things for later in the week.  My husband and I have our eighth anniversary Thursday and we are going out.  I have no clothes for "fun nights out", so I needed to buy top.  I am hand making something for him, but I ran out of yarn and had to run to get more.  Don't you hate it when you get so close to being done, and you run out of what you need to finish?  With my superior planning skills, it happens to me aaaallll the time!

After this, I went to check out a gym.  I am signing up, taking the plunge.  I am ready to whip my body back into shape.... a shape it hasn't been in seven years!  I am so guilty of making excuses about not having money for a gym, not having time to get to the gym.

My last stop landed me at the Post Office, which is where I really began to ponder TIME in general.  It's that time of year again, and I need postage for packages, cards, and letters.  Standing in line, while an older woman talked about every bit of irrelevant Christmas-related topic of her life she could conjure up into conversation as the clerk patiently and attentively played into this old lady's ploy for attention seeking, watching my precious time dwindle really got me to thinking about time and the way it's spent.

Every  year, I write Christmas cards.  Yes, I go to the Post Office, wait in the longest line in the world for stamps and then I go to a store, pick out a set of cards or two, ask everyone for their updated contact information, and hand write a personal message into each card before returning to the post office to mail them.  Every. Single. Year.

Each year, someone makes the comment about how they forget about giving cards or how they don't have time.  Well, I see it this way:  Christmas is the same day at the same time each year.  Each year, you have your hand out, expecting cards & gifts from someone.  Around that same time, each year, you have about 350 days to find a card, write something inside or sign it, and drop it off.  No one ever complains about the time they don't have when it comes to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vine, or Instagram.  Everyone has plenty of time to check ALL of those social media networks several times per day.  I do it myself, but I don't confuse that interaction with meaningful ones.

I guess what I am saying is that, for Christmas, I wish more people would re-evaluate their time.  Think about what really counts.  If you have time to scroll through 750 friends' status updates, then surely you can write your loved one a hand written message.  It's not about the card.  It's about the fact that time is worth more than anything in the world.  We have more of it than we realize, but we have convinced ourselves that we do not.  We have lied to ourselves and said that we are too busy to take care of ourselves, too busy to chase our aspirations, and too busy to take a moment to genuinely interact and think of someone else.  Each year is filled with 74,880 minutes, chances, to offer up your time to put a smile one someone else's face.  Think about that!  That's a lot of time.  Life is Long!  Life is Sweet. 

Don't fall for the trick that it is so short that you have no time to make meaningful memories or take time for others.  When your life comes to an end, you will only think about each moment missed because you told yourself you were too busy to notice how much it mattered!

My challenge to you is to write a Christmas card to someone who isn't expecting it.  Brighten their day.  Take a moment to be IN the moment and be compassionate towards another human.  I know that, as life bustles on, you will forget this moment, but this moment, this time that you are gifting...  it's for the heart of another.

Season Greetings on this fine, chilly Monday afternoon!


  1. Hi,
    Intend sending some cards to some fellow bloggers who I have partnered in swaps as Inow have their address and they may not be expecting it. I agree with your whole post and the samec an be for taking the time to write a thank you card too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I agree with you. There is something really special about just taking a moment of your time to dedicate it to another person. I love swapping snail mail and crafts. It makes me feel special, so I can only imagine how great the recipient feels :-)