Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Method? Or Just Madness?

Good early afternoon to ya!  I am shocked that I am up and functioning so well this morning and I haven't had any coffee. Very shocking!!

I usually do my "work" late at night.  That's how this blog came about actually.  I was working third shift and cranking out projects all night...  I figured I could chronicle those late night creative adventures.  I haven't worked third shift in years, but I guess old habits die hard.  I still feel most alive and creative between the hours of midnight and 3am. 

Last night was no different.  The Hubs was being helpful and grading our Little Darling's school work for the past 6 weeks.  He gave me a chance to... well, essentially, all I did was make myself a little crazy under the premise of "working".

The blanket I showed you in my last post here is actually part of a collection of items for my friend's baby girl.  Another part of it is a bunting.  I am new to making buntings and I really, really, like it!  The hard part for me is coming up with the right color combos.  Baby R has light green walls, so I needed something that would either coordinate with or pop out against that wall color.

For some reason, I was obsessed with greens, blues, and oranges.  Then, I thought I should add some pinks in for good measure.  In the end, I had about 70 little triangles cut out that I kept arranging and rearranging into patterns.  Let me just say that there is nothing more frustrating than wanting something to look a certain way and not being able to accomplish it no matter what..... and so my madness begins!
Eventually, I settled for these colors.  They are, more or less, what I was looking for:  the greens, oranges, pinks.... No light, bright blues though.  Don't even ask me what my obsession with the blue is about!  I couldn't tell you.  At any rate, I found happiness in this pattern.
Then comes the fun part:  choosing the embellishments.  Yes, I know a bunting is essentially a string with some triangle fabrics or papers hanging from it, but that just seems so boring when I make them that way.  Much like the woman who can't imagine making a crochet blanket that doesn't have 20-30 different colors in her granny squares, I just need more.

My problem, the madness, is figuring out how much more.... or even what kind of "more".  I made about 10 mini bows last night, trying to figure out a ribbon color combo and a ribbon style.  I also rummaged through all my random piles, buckets, drawers of odd ends to find little flowers, bows, buttons and other things that could be used for the embellishment of this bunting.

Where does your inspiration come from?  For me, it's almost always my dreams, physical activity, and music.  Mainly my dreams.  I had a dream that I made this adorable bunting with polka dots, blues, oranges, greens, and pinks.  It was embellished perfectly and it was a focal piece in the nursery.  Ok, maybe I am flattering myself a bit.  The maddening part came from having to face the reality that I don't always have the supplies I need to make my dreams come true, so to speak.  I also get annoyed at my skill level.  This will be my second attempt at a bunting ever and I am already contemplating ways to seriously up the ante!

Fortunately for me, my husband beckoned me to bed and I got live to go insane over minute details another day :-)

I will admit that I drove myself a little mad trying to be perfect.  That is when I noticed what was happening.  I was becoming irritable and disappointed, which should never be a symptom of creativity. I had to stop right there and appreciate the true purpose of the project:  To put a smile on Mama S's face and to provide a heartfelt gift for Baby R.  I also needed to really think about WHY I create.  It isn't about outdoing myself, upping the ante, or even to be perfect. It's because I love the feeling of working on making my dreams come true.  I may not have the supplies or skills at this moment, but I love the process, the growth, and the heart that I put in.  I love seeing my efforts grow into a tangible manifestation of my dreams!

Happy HUMP DAY!!!!  Hahahahahaaa!!! 😉

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