Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Handmade Christmas: The Cards Are On the Table

DONE DONE DONE!!!!  I am finished with my Christmas cards.  I have no idea how it happened.  I also didn't even realize that it DID happen!  I was bored and decided that I would write my little message inside of each card and start loading the envelopes and checking off my mailing list.  Next thing I know, I run out of people and cards at the same time.  YAY! 

So here are the final cards I made.

I made some simple wreaths.  I traced the circle using a little kiddie cup and then I cut it out with craft scissors-- saved money by not buying an expensive punch!  Then, I used a smaller circular punch I already had to cut out the center of the wreath, but if you don't have one, gently fold the circle in half and use craft scissors again.  That's what I would have tried.

I made some snowflake cards.  These are layered stickers.  I always bulk up on winter stickers and rub-ons.... and it seems like, for the most part, winter lasts for so little time here.  Between all the Fall harvest decor and beautiful colors and Spring... I just don't ever use any of my winter embellishments.  So!  Yeap!  Another *FREE* set of cards made with more things I had lying around.

These are just a few gingerbread men that I drew on some cardstock and cut out.  Then, since I don't have one of those fancy dye things for the edges, I just layered the gingerbread men on some black cardstock and cut the whole thing out.  I think these are my favorite ones of all.
The cardstock that I used to make the gingerbread men says "chocolate".  Cute!

I also made some ornaments. They are drying in this picture. I used the same circle stencil I made for the wreaths and just cut out some circles from pretty paper and embellished the paper with flowers, glitter glue, and ribbon.
I wasn't expecting to finish the cards so soon.  I was just getting discouraged last night, thinking I had about 25 more to make.  I was about to give up because if I spent any more time making cards, I would not have time to get on with the hand made gifts.
Problem solved!  The cards are signed, put away into their addressed envelopes.  I am just waiting another week or so to mail them out. 
I also have to admit that I was a little bummed out because I am trying for perfection.  I keep having to stop and tell myself that THAT IS WHAT HANDMADE IS ALL ABOUT! 
Those tiny imperfections that signify that THIS was HAND-CRAFTED by a HUMAN with a CARING HEART and all the wonderful IMPERFECTIONS that make her UNIQUE
Do you ever have to pep talk yourself into believing that you are worth all that you are?  Man!  I have to do it all the time.  Without realizing it, I can really be hard on myself.  It's no fun when you are your worst, and sometimes only, critic.  But I am learning to change this, day by day, and project, by project.
As for tonight, even thought it is really late, I am going to start on my next project.  I am making some things for a girl  that is on the cheerleading squad with My Little Darling.  She is having a birthday party, and after spending $1500 on Black Friday and another $400 on Cyber Monday, I am going to have to make something phenomenal out of whatever supplies I have on deck!  And, trust me!  I am sooooo Up for the Challenge!  ...  T minus Two Weeks until the birthday party.  Wish me luck, patience and perseverance!
Happy Holidays!



  1. You have been busy! You wrote a lot on the blog, you made all the Christmas cards AND you shopped...congrats! Now, get some sleep! ;-) Also, what did you buy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

  2. Your cards are beautiful, I really like the wreath ones.

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