Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hanmade Holidays: Play Your Cards Right

Weeelllll...  It is the end of Black Friday.  I have to admit that I did all my shopping from 8pm until 2:30 in the morning like some sort of psycho path.  You would think I was really out to get some awesome electronics and whatnot.  Nope!  I am all about TOYS!  Ha ha ha!  I get all of My Little Darling's gifts on Black Friday in addition to about 5-10 other gifts for the other awesome Little Ones in my life.  It's the easiest and cheapest way to get everything taken care of.

This year was a whole new experience, let me tell ya!  I was at work...with some children.  I knew it was a risk to try to do something like face a Black Friday Wal-Mart MOB with them.  I knew the risk of a kid running off with some random weirdo who wears his hunting gear full time was high.  I knew the risk of a kid inciting a riot, only due to the uncontrollable urge to innocently start a flash mob, was high.  I knew the risk of getting attacked by one of the kids due to the stress of the mania was high.  But the deals were too good to resist!  And we played our cards right, strategically stationing ourselves all over the store. I got everything I wanted.  But I can't say what any of it is......  Not until the 25th of December, that is!

I went to bed at 3am, and I woke up feeling hung over...  This past summer, I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia, which basically means that sugar is now my mortal enemy and I must do what I can to avoid it at all costs.  I just don't really give too much a shit about my health when it comes to THANKSGIVING YUMMYNESS!!!!  So I had about 5 too many slices of pies and about 4 too many sodas...and countless carbs!  Unfortunately, the effect it has on me is that my body shuts down and I am completely exhausted and incoherent after my body crashes from the sugar high. 

With that said, I went for a bagel this morning, rather than the slices of chess pie I planned on eating.  I had tea instead of the large coffee with pumpkin spice flavoring and 1/4 cup of eggnog latte creamer.  I was depressed and didn't really finish my food... I was still craving pure sugar.

I spent the day running around like a mad person between stores, wrapping gifts and hiding them in my small apartment, driving to pick up my daughter and back home and rushing to work.  I meant to have all my cards done by last Sunday ...

But that didn't happen.  I had to put everything to the side so I could plan out my Black Friday shopping!  I have almost finished about half of them.  I started with some very simple cards, just cutting out rectangles from festive paper and mounting it onto the card.

Like these two.  Very simple.  In hindsight, I should have just made them all this way. Faster. Easier.  Cleaner.  But where's the fun in that???

So then I made some Christmas trees.  I figured, "If you are going through the trouble to even bother with hand making all your cards, you should at least get some fun out of it.  Try something new!"  So I did.  I love working with paper a lot, but I am not very good with making cards.  I browsed all my magazines and books on the topic.  But, as I find so often, it's best if I just let my imagination take over and do what works well for me.

I am almost done with about half of them.  I had to throw away about 20 embellishments.  I used some fabric paint....  It didn't do what I was hoping it would and I have to go back re-make all of those cards again.  I'm SO NOT HAPPY about that, but hey-- Isn't that what art is about?  Trying the unconventional?  Taking chances?  Realizing that you fucked up royally?  And starting from ground zero again and again and again?  Until you find something like contentment with what you've fought so hard to create?  Well, that's what it's like for me!  Ha ha ha!  I assume that, for aspiring crafty/artsy peoples, this is not encouraging, but let me just put this out there:  There is NO greater feeling that trying 127 kabillion times to make something, anything, which invokes a sense of pride within you.  Nothing makes you happier and feel more accomplished.

The name of the game for the next few days is to get 100% done with ALL designs, including a re-do of the wreaths & ornaments I had, snowflakes, snowman, gift boxes, gingerbread men, and even Rudolf!  Wish me luck!  I sketch everything by hand on cardstock and use it as a stencil.  I am not sure if Rudolf will look like a reindeer or an Water Buffalo! I don't have that many cards left to make, but I am totally determined to have me some FUN while I get to it! 

--Happy Crafting!


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