Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tummy Tuesday :: 35 Weeks

Time is moving by slowly again.  I remember when I was in my first trimester, waiting on the weeks to pass so I could let everyone know I am pregnant.  Time never moved slower.  And now, in the end, I am feeling the same way about time again.

This week is actually Week 38, and this past week, I have been spending so much time working out little kinks and finishing up whatever last minute plans I can.  Almost.  Ha!  As of right now, I am sitting here typing this post in some underwear that are SO uncomfortable.  I have this horrible tendency to get hyper-focused on some things and not others.  Sometimes, I feel like a rock star, when I am knocking out my to do list...  Today, my booty is chomping on these tiny panties, and I am reminded that I forgot to get a load of undies, towels, and such into the wash.  I had to put on my "sexy panties".  By "sexy", I mean cute Brazilian cut bikini panties.  I am hoping I don't  need surgery to get these suckers off!  Hurry, laundry!  Wash so I can save my bum!!!

Everyone keeps saying how good I look and that I am "All Baby".  I am not even sure what that means!  My hips and thighs are massive right now.  They have to be in order to hoist up and support this giant bump!

Nothing fits anymore.  So funny that this in this picture a dress that I wore on my birthday a couple of years ago.  It's long enough to be worn as a dress.  I am so shocked that this barely covers my belly!  And I am due the day after my birthday.  
I have been spending days running about, gathering items.  Who knew that preparing for a baby would be so time consuming and costly?!  The only problem is I haven't had enough time to get the nursery planned out and decorated.  Oh MY!  I am two weeks from delivery and I still don't have it sorted.  So I have been scavenging the internet for some ideas on nursery décor.  I am the worst when it comes to interior design.  I can come up with little projects and an overall color scheme, but I have no idea how to tie an entire room together.  And in the case of my Little Someone, her space will literally be a nook inside my master bedroom.  I have always dreamed of creating a wonderful space for a baby and/or toddler.  I didn't have the chance with my Little Darling, so this is a Huge Deal in terms of a do-over.... and I couldn't be more pumped!
So here are some of my pinned faves in terms of nursery décor.  You will just have to stay tuned to see what things I come up with myself for our personalized baby space.
I have been in love with the pinks and gold color scheme for nursery since I saw my friend use similar colors for her daughter a few years ago.  I loved it so much, I almost did a pink and gold bathroom just to see the colors somewhere in my apartment, but since our Little Someone is sharing space with us in our bedroom, this Gorgeous color scheme likely won't be happening.  This frilly, ultra feminine room is so regal looking!
I love walls decorated with frames!  I have thought about this for a long time, but what would I put in the frames? I also love the trend of chandeliers in nurseries.  That definitely isn't happening.  We have one source of light and in our bedroom and it currently covered by one monstrosity of a light fixture.  LOL.  But I will see if I can find a cute lamp!
This is a simple, elegant nursery I found on accident.  It didn't fit my search criteria at all, but it is 100% my personality!  I love the neutral color scheme and how clean and minimal everything is.  I also love-LOVE nature!
This is actually from a baby boy's room, but I love it!  I wish I knew how to choose a color palette and have everything fall into place from the custom bedding to the wall art on the focal wall.  And those plush letters spelling "Happy"-- YES!!!  Love that!

For some reason, I am completely drawn to the colors aqua/mint and grey this year.  I saw a piece of fabric and my creative wheels went cray-cray!  Suddenly, every color scheme I envisioned had pops of grey and aqua or mint.  My main colors are lavender and white... I think....  Oh no! Information overload in the design department!
Source-- But you need an invitation to read the blog!!
Here, I love the bedding, the small space, and the personalized touches to make the space special.  I also LOVE the antiqued/rustic frame with the photos in it.  So beautiful and elegant.  I would love a level of elegance in my Little Someone's space.

I have so many choices to make and seeing THIS many rooms is totally not helping!  LOL. It's literally information overload, but when I close my eyes, I can see her space clearly and it is perfect.  Now, for me to decide if I am going to spend the time and energy just days before delivery rushing about to get it finished in time.........Or should I just rest up for D-Day?  My body is telling me to rest, my hormones are telling me to nest, and my brain is telling me I am a complete fool for waiting until this late to begin the decorating process.  Ha!  Live and Learn, right?  But mainly, LIVE!

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