Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring Fling in a Baby Blanket

With so many new babies being born, I am finding myself more and more motivated to crank out projects.  I have to be honest, part of this drive comes from the fact that I am also limited in terms of activities that I can do for the moment.

But what's not to love about a colorful new project on the hook?

Unfortunately for me, I am allergic to almost everything on the planet.  It gets really frustrating at times because I can never truly pinpoint the reason for the allergic reaction.  I bought a lot of really nice, soft yarn from Hobby Lobby and I started using it in several projects.  I thought it was all going well until I fell sick.  Next thing I know, my skin breaks out and I start having some problems with breathing.  I started to crochet, wearing a face mask, but that was really difficult and distracting.  Finally, I just bagged up the yarn and went with other options that didn't cause such reactions.

Then, I was scrolling through all my favorite crochet pages on Instagram and I saw a blanket that I just loved!  Immediately, I decided that I would make blankets to donate or gift to others from the yarn that caused me to have allergic reactions.  Most people I know do not have hyper sensitive skin the way I do, and they would be happy to get a little something hand made.

I won't post the picture that inspired me here because, although I was inspired by this blanket, mine looks NOTHING like it at all.  LOL!  That is how inspiration works for me.  I get a "feeling" from the ideas I see online and in books, but what I end up doing is always completely different from my inspiration.

When I got notification that my friend "D" had delivered sweet baby "H", a precious new little girl, I was immediately driven to make this blanket.  The blanket that inspired me was full of soft greens, mints, soft blues, and a rose color.  They were done in granny squares.  Well, Baby H was born in a random and unexpected snow storm!  I felt compelled to make a blanket that had a Spring-feeling to it, hence the African flowers.

I would like to take the time to brag for just a moment!  I taught myself how to make these African Flower Squares!!  YAY ME!  Lol.  I have seen them everywhere and it is so much easier to piece together a blanket from squares than the hexagons. My problem was I couldn't find a pattern for these squares anywhere, and I saw so many variations in pictures.

So I found a picture of one on Instagram and screen shot it.  I zoomed in and basically just kept making flowers over and over until I figured it out.  I am incredibly proud of myself for getting it right and I am in love with the result.

Yes, I will admit, I just HAD to see how a blanket in our baby crib would look.  I am still in the process of finishing up items for my Little Someone.  I am so close.  So Very Close to being able to do a full reveal of the space I've created for her.  Just some last minute projects in the works and we'll be fully ready.

I decided to make a little matching headband to go with the blanket.  I learned that I really am no good at making headbands!  Ha!  Too many design options and colors and little things that go into creating one.  But this one was fairly simple.  I also learned that I am a mess of nerves when I am making something as a gift.  I am so concerned with whether the person will enjoy what I have made that I usually talk myself out of giving the items away and then I rush to the store and just buy something.  I guess in this case, it's a good thing I am pregnant and short on energy.  After I finished this project in just a week or so, I didn't make any plans for an alternate gift.  It was do or die, so to speak. 

I am pleased to report that Mama D and Baby H both really liked the blanket and headband.  A HUGE relief to me.  LOL.  I think that gratitude is oftentimes the best gift that I can ever get from another person.  Just hearing someone be pleased with my efforts and seeing a smile on their face makes me feel happier and better than just about anything in the world.  Yep--  Pay me in SMILES!  Now, if only that philosophy worked for bills and debt collectors!

I would like to congratulate Mama D and Co. on their new addition to their family.  Holding Baby H was such a sweet experience.  It makes me so ready to meet my Little Someone.  Here's hoping she's as calm and loving as Baby H!  I also am so excited to have a friend whom I dearly appreciate have a baby just weeks before I am due. Nothing would make me happier than to see our girls grow up close to one another and encourage each other the way Mama D and I do.

Speaking of encouragement, now that I am (labeling myself as) somewhat of an expert on the African Flower squares, if anyone ever wants a pattern/tutorial of how I did it, just let me know and I will make the post happily!


  1. I really love this blanket is lovely, clever girl xxx

  2. Well done for making this blanket your own way! It looks beautiful- you should be very proud! X

  3. Oh my.. this is just precious! I love the flower pattern!

  4. What a lovely blanket! Isn't it a horror having to tuck in all the bits and ends? It's my least favorite part.

  5. your blanket is beautiful and I love the headband you matched with .
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