Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tacky Tacky Tacky!

The other night, I was reading up on one of my favorite blogs, and I was going through pictures of Lucy's work. I was also checking out nearly every link in her blog to see where inspiration is derived. Suddenly, I got this wild, but not entirely surprising realization: I am too afraid of color! Every project I make is pre-designed/ pre-meditated. I have to draw a diagram, after several weeks of thought, and several swatches to test color combinations. No wonder I never finish anything! It's completely boring just planning it out, so when I actually start the creation part, I have had enough of the project already! So a few nights after this realization, I grab all this yarn And I take my entire stash of 100% cotton yarn that I have been collecting for various projects over the course of 2 years. I'll be perfectly honest, I have never ever ever made anything from any of this yarn. Ever. I think my plan was to just build a collection of each color available! And I just started to make all these random squares. I wasn't planning anything out. The only "Plan" I made was to see how many squares I could make before I would have to repeat a color combination. As of right now, I have about 30 squares completed and NONE of them are the same :) A small sort of accomplishment! I will admit that this blanket is TACKY!!!!! Goodness gracious! Who would ever be proud of such a thing? Ha! Well, I decided that I wanted to make it for my Little Darling who needs something to sleep with during nap time at daycare. I'd seen 2-3 hand-crafted blankies in the cubbies of her classmates, and thought to myself, "Tacky has a home!" I am looking forward to completing this tacky assortment of squares and assembling them. I am hoping to be finished near the end of the week! And working on this blanket made my mind drift back to a project I started back in November, when I was first learning to make African Flowers. I think this was to be a pillow or something. Who knows?! But I am glad I never throw away projects in which I lose interest. As long as I can remember the color of yarn, the pattern/design, and the hook used, I can always pick up the pieces and keep going later. So when I am done with my Tacky Blanket, I will work on this one. This will be equally as colorful, but just with a tad more of a plan in mind! I can't wait!!! I have also been working on my table cloth. Since I was having allergic reactions to the acrylic yarn, I decided to use 100% cotton yarn to make a table cloth, and I started all over. I finished this in one night at work. Can you believe this is FOUR balls of yarn?! I will need to buy more yarn to continue the project, but I am getting really excited about this as well. I can literally see my dining room area coming to life. And check out the difference between the acrylic yarn... ... and the 100% cotton. I drapes nicer and it look more... Almost lustrous, I guess. Once I have this table cloth finished, I will move on to some cushions, pot holders, a table runner, some place mats, a center piece (for which I am already REALLY excited to hunting down supplies) and, of course, let's not forget... my *Dream* of a large painting that has eggplants and pears. Sounds crazy? You just wait! It will be glorious! ' Til Next Time! Too-da-loooooo!


  1. Hi, this alle looks yummie to my eyes! The African flowers worked out really well, you should indeed be happy you kept them!
    Joining as I go is something I learned from dear Lucy, you already know her and her blog. This is the link to the pattern I used
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Hi glad you like the newly decorated craft room..need your sunglasses hey? lol
    Don't think the squares are tacky at all subtle and dark may be..try picking one really bright colour and join them all as you go with a final bright funky round..l'm sure they would look fabulous
    Hugs Suz x