Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project Rundown

I am SO excited! I have, well had at this point, 3 full days and 2 full nights off from work! Since it is the end of my first day off from work, I now have 2 days and nights, but I am thrilled either way.

Normally, when I have days off, I just sleep. For example, The Hubs and my Little Darling were out of town this past weekend. I slept about 15 hours per day! But these next days will be different. I have so many things that I have started to work on, but I can't come close to finishing them because I need things I can't have at work... like my toddler for fittings, my sewing machine, my dress form, etc. Being home these next few days will give me the perfect opportunity to really put a hurt on some of these little projects!

Project #1: Circles to Squares Afghan for My Little Darling I have been working on this for about 2 weeks now. I recently discovered that I am seriously allergic to this yarn, so I am not working on projects made from this yarn as diligently as I was before. What happens? My face breaks out right along with my chest and back. Gross, high school-like acne! The only thing that clears it up is using some anti-bacterial body wash...which also dries out my skin, therefore causing even more break-outs! Part of me is thinking: just finish the damn project and then be done with it; worry about the acne later! Another, louder part of me is screaming: you hated high school and most of it was due to your crazy skin issues; no way will we willingly relive those years over a damn blanket! But the allergy is worse than just a skin issue. The fibers that naturally come off the yarn make my nose bleed, when inhaled. Inhaling microscopic fibers is inevitable unfortunately. The Hubs suggested I wear a full on mask to prevent any exposure to the yarn fibers. Ha! Could you imagine!? The yarn also gives me not one sty on my eye.... nope. It's more like 5-7 irritating, painful, scratchy bumps across both eyelids, making it nearly impossible to function.

This is what the blanket will look like when finished. It also does not include the border of colorful squares... Or the fleece (which gives me hives because I am also allergic to this fiber as well) that will be on the bottom of it. I want this blanket to be soft and cuddly for my daughter, yet playful and interesting on the other side. While at the craft store today, I found the perfect, most adorable polka-dotted fleece fabric that will be a perfect match for this finished project. I need to see exactly how big the end result is before I buy the fabric. Fleece is expensive, so I don't want to buy too much and have some odd shaped piece of it left over that I can't use. I also don't want to have to attach more pieces because I didn't buy enough to begin with. Either way, the circles into squares does not take very long at all, so I am hoping to finish another 3rd of the blanket in the next few days, while I am at home. Having serious allergic reactions is always better to endure while in the comfort of my own four walls, with Benadryl and a pillow right on hand!

Project #2: Granny Square Cardigan for My Little Darling
I was doing one of my usual browsing through pictures, blogs, and so on for inspiration and ideas. I revisited this pattern and decided to give it a go! Unfortunately, like many patterns, I am having to revise this one to fit a little person. I am not a mathematician, so we will see if all of my calculations work out! If not, I am sure my Little Darling will enjoy dressing up one of her animals with the end result. Ha!

Project #3: Asymmetrical Cardigan for My Little Darling
This is based on the same pattern I used to make infant cardigans. Again, I am using my "artistic math abilities" to modify this pattern to fit a pre schooler. So I am not sure what the end result will be as of yet, but I know that if it is a disaster, my Little Darling will be more than happy to play with it in some imaginary fairytale theme that she conjures up. Might I add that this yarn does not cause any allergic reactions and is SUPER DUPER SOFT because it is 100% cotton! My new safe haven-- all natural fibers! No more acrylic, polyester, nylon, viscose or whatever else is used. I'm going all natural, baby!

Project #4: Easy One to Two Hour Sewing Projects
I have these cute patterned fabrics. All of them are 100% cotton, so I need not fret about allergic reactions. As mentioned in previous posts, I am terribly afraid of my sewing machine. However, if I see another blog where someone has sewn something, embroidered something, or in any other way, shape, or form used a sewing machine to create something ah-mazing, I am going to SCREAM! I have to learn how to sew! The original plan was to take a 10 week sewing class. I didn't have the money to spare for that, thanks to too many trips to the craft store, but I do have all the materials and machinery needed. I am going to start with some super-simple one hour sewing-for-dummies-type of patterns. Nothing that requires too much fabric, skills, or knowledge. If you never read another post from me...it will be due to the somber fact that my sewing machine has eaten me whole.

Project #5: Teaching Myself to Knit
For the past 3 months or so, I have been seriously interested in knowing how to knit. I have seen some seriously adorable patterns, not that I will be ready for patterns for another year or so. I have also realized that you can do more with knitting than crochet, which is really exciting! I have been having different people teach me a few things every here and there, but I still don't get it. So I went out and bought my very first knitting needles and some how-to literature. Something tells me I will need more than the books... I might need a DVD, a personal tutor, and a small miracle to grant me the gift of coordination! I am thrilled to learn just the basics for now, and I have two more days to try!

I have absolutely no intention of finishing so many projects. I am just glad to be able to have the time, space, and supplies I need in order to work on these things. I hope to have some very interesting results before I go back to work Thursday night!

Also.......... tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY (woo-hoo-hoo!!!!) And tomorrow, I will reveal a very special project that I am to begin. But you have to wait until then -- Wink*

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