Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Little Birthday

It's been years since I have made a big deal about turning another year older. I used to enjoy making the cakes, drinks...the guest lists, the hassle. I think that as I get older, it becomes less about what I do on my special day and more about who I am fortunate enough to spend time with.

Today, I got Several messages and birthday wishes from all my friends and family :) I couldn't be happier or more thankful. I wish I could knock on each one's door and give them a hug in person and maybe take a short stroll with them, while we catch up. Unfortunately, the digital gratitude will have to suffice for the time being.

I was able to do something today that I have wanted to do for some time now. By some time, I mean about a year! I love being outside, walking around, just enjoying the environment and air. My severe allergies (to all trees & grass) and my hectic work/school schedules haven't allowed me the time to just enjoy my surroundings the way I have desired. Today, around brunch time, I had an interview for a new job. Afterwards, rather than waiting for my ride home, I went for a walk.

A load of these little yellow flowers were waiting for me outside the door of my interview. I know they weren't there the day before, because I was just at this building the other day for an interview that was rescheduled. In my little mind, these flowers showed up for my birthday! Dandelions used to be in stiff competition with Daisies for my favorite flower. I went with Daisies, but I still love Dandelions too.

I love this part of town. I miss living there, although it's really not suitable for a family. My Little Darling wouldn't have very many children to play with or any parks to go to. But the sight of it.... Well, it just reminds me of good times.

A mural on a wall as I walked underneath the interstate.

These flowers weren't here Monday, and then Tuesday, they are on all the trees everywhere!

I think they are so beautiful. From a distance, I thought "Drats! These puffy flowers are the sole reason for my allergy attacks everyday". As I got closer, I wanted to pull one off a tree and wear it in my hair all day. Funny how perspective can change things.

I have no idea where this store is, but when I saw it...It just made me smile. A great, sunny, perfect day....and sight of this random, happy grocery store!

PIE! I love PIE! Specifically speaking, I love PIE from Homemade PIE & Ice Cream Kitchen. I prefer this particular Kitchen. I always get the Dutch Caramel Apple PIE with a scoop of Cinnamon Ice Cream. YUMMA YUMMA YUMMA-LICIOUS! This was birthday slice #1, and slice #2 for the week. I will be having yet another slice here shortly, when The Hubs returns from work.

Just know that I am Very Happy and Even More Thankful!

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