Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oooh La La -- TA DAH!

I am soooooo happy to show what I have finished. I am so excited that I plan to include whatever "revealing of completed projects" in their own little blog posts from here on out!

Some weeks ago, when I last blogged, I showed a series of baby items that I am working to complete. With the exception of one baby who is already here, I have just a few more weeks to finish everything else!

I ended up missing the baby shower of a friend, which under normal circumstances, would give me "permission" to drop the project. I am happy that I didn't.

I finished her little baby gift basket!

You can't see all the contents in this picture, but there are plenty more to come!

First, I want to confess that my plan did originally include items that were sewn. I had this uber-cute Hello Kitty baby pink fabric that I was going to use to make a bib... and there as something else that was going to be sewn, but after struggling with my fear of being eaten alive by my sewing machine, I didn't even bother pursuing "mystery sewing project #2".

There was also supposed to be a crochet hat in the mix. I said "NO" to that as well. The baby will be born in warmer months and...well, I know when I am getting eager to be finished. When I get that "Just be done already" itch, I have learned, with the completion of this project, to just go with it! Finish what I can so that it seems complete, and then move on to the next thing! My problem lies in that I get bored and try to force myself to finish things. Then it becomes a chore. Boring, time-consuming, annoying chore. But not if I listen to that little, easily distracted voice telling me what it's time to call it quits, wrap it up!

And that is what I did with this project. I had finished the larger blanket some weeks ago first.

I then started and finished this smaller blanket. It's to be thrown over the carrier. I hope it's the right size. I never had a carrier for my Little Darling. We bought our stroller in Germany and it came with some sort of .... something else!

I am always dreaming of these projects I start. In my dream, this one had some colorful flowers on it. These were some of the first flowers I have crocheted!

These flowers, I just made up out of my head. I was tired of trying the complicated flower patterns and failing!

But, you what they say... "When you stop trying, it happens for you!" I was on the brink of leaving the blankie out of the whole project, when I gave it one more try! I was able to make a flower (***HAPPY DANCE***). I got this pattern from this book. This book is great because it has a diagram, AND words, AND pictures of the completed motifs. Yes, I need THAT much help in order to follow a pattern. But it was worth it. I think the flower is precious!

I actually just finished and stitched all the flowers to the blanket last night at work! I am happy. I had to fight myself to complete my vision. Good thing I won.... against... myself- HA!

In the mean time, in order to distract myself from my struggles of deciding on colors for flowers and dealing with my terrible lack of competence in the department of following patterns, I worked on this little cardigan.

I found the pattern for this on this blog. Ok, this is the basic pattern in the blog. I made the bottom part shell stitches instead. I thought it was cuter. You can tweak it to make any stitch you like. I will be playing around with this basic design and coming up with some cute little baby cardis in the coming weeks as I complete the other baby projects!

I also made these little booties.

Well, these are actually just some ballet flats... maybe some ankle socks, depending on how you view it! I got the basic pattern from this blog. This is one of my favorite blogs. Lisa is so creative and always has some inspiration pictures on her Flckr site. If you are bored and looking for some creative motivation, check Lisa out! If you are a Knitter, she has lots of knitting projects too!

This is the little set, finished. I guess a hat wouldn't have been too terrible to make--- but NO! I'm done with this! One more thing, and I will explode! Hahaha!

Well..... there are two more things actually, which is why the hat never happened.

I wanted to embellish some onesies! I got some "easy" sewing patterns for baby stuff, but my sewing machine grew these angry red eyes and started drooling.... so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some onesies to embellish.

In hindsight, it would have been cheaper to grab a pack of onesies from Target or Wal-Mart, but I am happy that I picked these up and gave it a go! I have embroidered things before. I am not terrific at it, but I am working to grow my skills! Let me just say, if you are new to the needlework/ embroidery game: DO NOT EMBROIDER JERSEY KNIT FABRICS ON YOUR FIRST PROJECT!!! I found this out the hard way. It kept stretching and I couldn't get a picture on there....

BUT! I am very happy with how cute they turned out!

My little sister got me hooked on to all this Kawaii things. Everything has to be **CUTE ^.^** My favorite, when it comes to the **CUTE ^.^** are all the foods and sweets! Ha! Can you tell I'm a foodie?! All the fruits and veggies, the toast and sweets, the dumplings and sushi. They're so funny and adorable. And what's sweeter than a baby girl? Uh, NOTHING!

Well, when it was all said and done, I was happy that I tried new things-- the onesies and the flowers. I was happy that I used some well-known techniques to finish the project faster -- granny squares and basic double crochet for the blankets. I will most definitely be trying several new items as I finish the other 2 baby baskets I have left. And go figure! I have THREE more pregnant friends after I am done with those baskets! Lucky for me, I love to make things for little ones!

Until next time! HUGS :)

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