Thursday, October 7, 2010

Currently Accepting Motivational Deposits!

Well, here we are again... At work. My nose is currently running a marathon all over the precious landscape of my face. I haven't blown my nose like this in ages. Tonight, I am making books. I just got over one hell of a paper craft craze and stored all my paper items away in an effort to focus on other crafts. I am highly allergic to dust, so I assume that all the particles I have released into this small office are responsible for the sneezing fits and runny nose. No worries. I have a Huge roll of super soft toilet tissue at my side and a rather remarkable growing pile of snotty rags right beside of it. Luckily, I work alone. Otherwise, someone might see the true side of a "crazy artist" who is too absorbed with work to even bother throwing out dirty tissues until the task is completed.

Ha! If only that were true! I am not that serious. The truth is I am freezing in this office, and I don't want to leave my cozy seat in front of the space heater to walk over to the garbage. This week has been a whirl wind. I planned on blogging nearly everyday, but that didn't happen. It's weeks like this that remind me of the importance and value of never having plans. And that would be my life motto: Go with the Flow. This weekend, I was busy. My husband picked up some extra shifts at work, which translates into less time/sleep for me because I am up all day and part of the night chasing my monster 3 year old.

Saturday, a good friend stopped by. The original plan was to get all dolled up and wreak havoc on the local clubs and bars. First, I have too much else on my mind to want to pay that sort of attention to partying at the moment. Second, my husband went to work, which left me with no sleep for the entire night and day. I realized that am pretty sure that I make my friend cry every time we meet up. I am a very honest person, which is why I simply don't bother even speaking with most people. If I do, then I tend not to be my usual, cynical, bitchy self until people have built up a sort of "immunity" to me. I wish I could just inject some sort of vaccine to my occasional abrasive personality. That way, when I met someone new, I could just politely inquire, "Would you like your vaccine in the arm or the buttocks?" My innate ability to bring the overly sensitive to tears with mere words wasn't my only realization. I also realized that I am way too old to be in the clubs! Granted, I am just 27, but there is some sort of an imaginary age limit to the night clubs for women. Now, men, on the other hand, can hit the club scene until their are 50 as they prey on young victims, happy to please these old pervos with a one night stand. But I am married. I work full time. I am definitely closer to the indie/artsy/eccentric type than the diva/sex kitten/high-heeled drunkard dancing queen. My friend falls into my category, whether she is willing to face the facts of getting older and more responsible or not! Needless to say, she found someone who is as clueless and careless as she is with far more energy than I with whom to party the night away. I, on the other hand, made some Ah-mazing bruschetta and french bread with brie.

This was my first experience with brie. Let me tell you, it is soooooo good! I am in love. So in love, as a matter of fact, that I completely ate the Entire container almost alone. I think I allowed my husband a spoon taste of it, and the rest went into my belly! I do realize that I am in the process of losing a lot of weight... and that brie is made of some "double cream" concoction or whatever. But, dammit! I lost my composure. Yum! And as for the bruschetta. Another guilty pleasure, although significantly healthier than the brie. I created the recipe after spending an hour looking through about 70 different recipes on the internet. I had a dream about what I wanted mine to taste and look like. I totally hit the mark!

Sunday, I went to the St. James Art fair. Earlier this year, I got it in my head that I would apply to this fair. I don't know what I was thinking!!! First, it is hundreds of dollars for the application fee alone. As of yet, I am still not an established craft business owner, which means I don't have some magical storage unit loaded with items for sale. I planned to craft enough items to sell in mere weeks... They don't give you any tools for display. I would have had to find my own tent, tables, and chairs. Crazy! Lastly, I found out that St. James Art Show is 90% returning artists. I spoke to someone some time ago. He mentioned that he & his partners missed a deadline for a fee, didn't get to participate, and were never chosen as part of the show again!

So that didn't happen for me at all. But I did find out something important. I really need to crank up the fearlessness! There were so many creative items at the fair. It really reminded me what art/crafts is really all about-- Being/Expressing yourself and LOVING IT! Art = Love! Even the things I would never allow into my apartment if someone paid me to bring it home, I still had this sense of love, care, and excitement in regards to the creations in the show. I was so happy! I also realized something for the first time-- clearly, people must save up to attend the show so they can afford the items. Ha! It never occurred to me. I just figured art/craft shows were for the privileged.

Sunday, I went to work early. Monday, I recovered from my sleep deprivation and made Chicken thighs Braised in White wine & Garlic. Yum! The dish had hot cherry peppers in it. I found out what "brine" was for the first time. I liked the dish overall. It had some great subtle flavors in it, but what I was hoping for was something that would make my mouth water. An oral surprise. I will make the dish again one day and make it spicier with more of an emphasis on those delicious peppers. The recipe is an old one I got from Real Simple magazine a few years ago. They did a special on ways to cook chicken. And I love me some chicken!

Speaking of chicken.... I had it again on Tuesday night. I went hiking with my little brother & sister. We have this site, Bernheim Forest, that is full of trails, animals, lakes, ponds, and art. I Love this place! We hiked two new trails. My husband and I decided officially that we will hike the Millennium trail! It is a 13.75 mile 6-7 hour hike. I bet we could do it in less than 6 hours. I know I can! Ha! I am very competitive!!! The plan for when that will happen is still in the works, but I know it will be before the weather becomes intolerable. Although an amazing challenge (after we have completed it in simple weather) would be to try the hike during the freezing cold.

Tuesday night, we bought chicken on the way home. It did a serious number on my stomach. Lesson. Learned! I should stick to cooking my own food because I barely made it off the toilet long enough to get to a training at work! Lucky for me, there weren't any attractive co-workers available. I would have hated to experience some stomach issues in front of them! Hell No to that chicken place from now on!

This brings us to Wednesday... For all of you who don't do shift work, I think most people consider it the day they went into work until they get home the next day. For example, I come to work at midnight daily... Right now, for you is Thursday, but Thursday doesn't come around for me until about noon! So right now, I am still in Wednesday. And I am on track with my plan of doing book binding. I have to admit that I am completely losing focus and thrill over crafts right now. I really am bummed about this loss of motivation. I need all the inspiration and energy I can get!

So here's the secret of secrets.... I am planning to apply (for serious, for once in my life!) to the Renegade Arts & Crafts show in Chicago... The application is due October 15th. Less than 10 days from now!!! I have NO photos on my Flickr/website. I have only completed 4 crocheted items in the past 2 weeks. Let's face it, that's not worthy of a slot in the show! So I am hoping to kick it into high gear and make... 25 books by the end of this week. Then I will spend all next week sewing and making jewelry. WISH.ME.LUCK! I will need every prayer, positive thought, and if you have any 4 leaf clovers, please request my address because I will need those as well. It can totally be done. But I have to get on task! Tonight, I should have had 15 books cut and pasted... I have 5 almost cut, but not sanded and not covered with papers yet. The paste takes 24 hours to completely dry. What is wrong with me!!!

As proof of my distractions... I bought this amazing new mascara. I like the way it feels, but my lashes were Not 60% longer by any means.

I also got some flowers! I had a dream that I was making book covers out of flower petals and leaves. Of course, I don't want to pay... or be arrested for picking flowers off the road. So I went to a local florist and asked for their trash. Now, I will dry the flowers and leaves... Martha Steward, my biggest lesbian crush & craft/hobby soul mate, has an easy, cheap method.

OK, enough time wasted unfortunately. I have just an hour to cover books, finish laundry and get breakfast cooked. I also feel like I am forgetting some important work to finish as well. Oh well.

Tomorrow-- 1: post pictures for this entry. 2: Complete the 25 book boards. 3: Dry the flowers. 4: Cook a new recipe. 5: Pledge NOT to eat an entire container of brie and 6:SLEEEEEEEP!

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